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    For the Passport


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    For the Passport Empty For the Passport

    Post by Believer 27th October 2022, 11:25 am

    Tad wasn't one for bureaucracy, but he was on his way into town to get a passport for the freedom that it would give him. While borders were, clearly, man made constructions just like countries and kingdoms, the guards they posted along those borders were real. And while Tad had confidence in bypassing a few guards here and there, invading another kingdom didn't seem like the wisest of decisions. That was why Tad intended to get a passport, so he could legally travel between kingdoms without the need to sneak past guards. Fiore had a wide array of places to visit, but that didn't mean Tad was content to remain in the kingdom forever. Some day, he wanted to see more of the world and this passport would allow him to do that.

    "Excuse me," Tad asked, leaning over at the waist as he turned his head to his left, peering around the woman's shoulder. "Is this long line to get a passport?" While the borders opening was a huge deal and Tad had expected a few people to slow down his passport acquisition, this was just way too many people.

    "Yeah... no cutting bud." She followed her remark by looking him up and down, as if taking in his odd posture. Tad just presumed she was impressed with his impeccable fashion and moved to the back of the line, it was only a couple people anyways. Tad looked down the line, noting fashion forward individuals and those who clearly could use some advice in that department. Tad noticed as more people filed into line behind him. He peered around, the breeze from the sea only slightly shifting his green hair. Every minute or so, the line would move forward.

    At least the line is moving pretty quickly.

    "Hey, let me in front of you, my kid's sick at home." Came a voice behind Tad. He turned to look at the woman, who was probably late thirties, but who's visage had likely seen better days. He wondered what she'd done to haggard her face as much as she had.

    "And you need a passport to get home?" Tad dryly remarked, trying to poke a hole in the woman's arguments. He was no fool and he didn't intend to be taken advantage of by some ugly, scheming old lady.

    "No," was her only response after she gave him a look suggesting she wasn't impressed though she also didn't seem to be willing to elaborate on why she needed a passport before going home to take care of her sick kid.

    "Then I'll have to decline allowing you to pass me in this line, madam." While Tad had been respectful in both tone and word choice, inwardly he wanted to call the lady a wicked hag.

    "Jerk." The woman responded under her breath as she turned away from Tad, clearly done with this conversation.

    After 25 to 30 minutes, the lanky, young mage successfully acquired his passport and turned to the woman behind him and remarked "I wish you and your child the best." Though he then proceeded to skip off, elated to have completed his task.

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