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    Assasination: Plant lady

    Seth Zepreem
    Seth Zepreem

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    Assasination: Plant lady Empty Assasination: Plant lady

    Post by Seth Zepreem 29th August 2022, 1:48 pm

    Seth sighed as he sat perched above the roof tops of Oak Town. The sky was overcast and gray. A good sign for the job he was about to do.

          He watched as a middle-ages woman strutted through the small market below. Her brown hair had streaks of gray and her face had begun to sag under the weight of her age and she wore a plain blue commoners dress. Tailing her was a young woman, wearing a forest green dress with a leather corset on the outside her outfit complimented her fine tan skin, black hair, and the way she carried herself. In her hands she had an oak staff, at the top of which was a green stone.

          Seth watched as the old woman walked throughout the crowd, but his eyes observed the woman behind her more than the target themselves. Oaky, as he chose to nickname her for now since he didn’t know her name, had been muttering things under her breath the whole time. Seemingly talking to absolutely no one. Each time she ended a sentence her staff glowed only slightly.

          “A mage.” Seth thought to himself. He sensed that she was only a novice one at it, but it complicated things in his plan.

          A job had been posted for the death of the middle-aged woman. Assassination. He at first thought it was harsh that the employer wanted to kill the woman for winning a garden contest, but he did not care much to say anything. A job was a job. If it involved killing, it was easy.
    He started moving, following the two humans as they walked on the streets. Easily jumping from one roof top to another.

          Soon they stopped in front of a lone townhome, the windows were full of green from plants spilling out their pots. The top two balconies were also full of overgrowing vegetation. Almost like the whole building had been taken over by a forest.

          Sprouting his Wings of Fire, and checking to see if anyone would see, Seth jumped and gilded quickly over to the said balconies as the sun began to set. His wings turned to ash and flew off into the wind as soon as he touched ground, as he willed. He ducked under some plants and into the house. Seeing the amount of vegetation was tempting to him. As all he wanted to do was light it all on fire and watch it burn. But not now. If he were to light the fire now there was a chance the target would get out.

          “Focus Seth.” His eyes scanned the room and seeing the door out he silently trod over to it. He put his ear up on the door and heard talking as people came up what sounded like some noisy stairs.

          “I can assure you Milady, the home is secure. No one is here.” A soft voice came from the hallway. He assumed it was from Oaky.

          “Well then I will retire to my room to write before it becomes too late.” A raspy voice responded, coming from the target herself.

          “Good night milady.”


          He heard footsteps go down the hallway while another set of feet went back down the stairs.
    “Perfect” He thought.

          They were splitting up. He wondered if he should just stab the woman in the heart and light her room on fire, or go after the mage first. Thinking logically, the mage wouldn’t have left the woman without protection. Uneased by this thought, Seth slowly peaked out into the hallway. The door, thankfully silent, pulling towards him.

          As he inspected down the hall to the room he assumed was the targets, he saw movement in the beams of the door.

          Quickly but quietly he opened the door further and crept to the door. Reaching his hand out he stopped mere fingers away from it. There was a slight sheen to the air around the door. Something only trained eyes would have seen.

    A warding spell. Wards were used to keep unwanted things from passing certain areas. And it looks like the Mage had cast one around the Targets room.

          Cursing he made his way to the stairs. Creeping down them he listened carefully for any sign of people. Stopping just above where the bottom floor attached to the stairs he listened.

          “She’s so rude and a prick. Honestly this is the worst job I’ve ever been given. When we went out today she had me casting detection spells the whole time she was picking stuff up from the market.” Oaky’s voice rang from the back of the house. It seemed like she was standing in the small kitchen there.

          Creeping down the stairs, Seth ducked to where she couldn’t see him, just behind the wall with the door frame to the kitchen. In her hand she held an orb with the face of someone. It was a communication spell. He had to wait for her to end it if he wanted to make this look as unsuspicious as possible.

          It wasn’t long before she ended the call and started walking out of the kitchen.

          “Its now or never”

          Seth didn’t unsheathe his sword or ring blade and instead quickly summoned a quick fireball, aiming it right at her chest.

          It crashed into her chest, but didn’t actually hit her. Instead hitting a warp spell she had on her body and burning it. She almost looked to be engulfed in flames but really it was just Seths spell eating away all her protective wards. This stunned her for a second as she tried to maintain the wards at first before realizing it was futile, giving Seth enough time to unhook his black ring blade from his belt and slash at her neck.

          The mage leaned backward just in time to get a nick to her neck before she tried to fight back, which was futile as her staff was meant for long hand combat, not short hand. Seth was right up against her. Quickly punching with his free hand to her head, she used her staff to knock his fist away, bad mistake.

          One of the protruding blades on his ring blade found home to her right side stomach. Slashing right through like knife to butter, Seth pushed the mage back and she stumbled to the ground holding her open wound so deep you could see her insides. She attempted to lift her staff to make a counter attack but Seth kicked it out of her hand. He leaned down where she laid and put the blade to her neck.

          “Make one move or attempt to call for help, you and everyone else that hears is dead.” He threatened, pushing the blade far enough into her neck to cause a scratch and bleed lightly.
    She attempted to nod but winced as the blade was right there.

          “Such a pity you got stuck at this job…” With his free hand he caressed her cheek, admiring her pretty face. He glanced down to see her hands resting on her stomach, which was moving, slowly trying to piece itself back together. “You do realize that even if you heal that, you won’t have the energy to fight back… Right?” Seth smirked as realization crossed her face, “Yes… Some stupid job is going to cost you your life. And all over some garden dispute.” He tsked. “See what our world has come to?” His fingers lit on fire and he held them up so she could see them. “You see this here? This fire? Beautiful isn't it?” He made the fire bend and move to create miniature dragons and fae folk. “Yet with one touch, it’ll eat anything and everything it can.” He moved it close to her face so she could feel the hot burning heat just enough to be uncomfortable but not burn her. “Oh how I would love to watch it eat up your beautiful face, but I myself have a job to do. Now, what kind of ward did you put on the Ladies room?”

          “I'm not telling you!” She attempted to spit in his face, failing and instead just drooling on herself.

          He looked at her with disgust. “Here I’ll cut you a deal. You tell me the name of the spell, I’ll bind you and throw you in the alleyway, then if you can escape, you can notify the authorities I am here, and hopefully, save your ‘precious milady’” He smirked again, “do we have a deal?”

          She thought about it then nodded. “Its the Captus Vita spell.”

          “Ah I see. Very intricate even for you. Designed to withstand even the strongest of forces, the Captus Vita warding spell requires a constant supply of energy. Of which, lies in an object or mortal being. When that energy is taken away,” The flames on his hand go out, “Poof, gone.” He pressed the blade deeper in her neck. “But it can’t be you, you are too weak to support this spell. To bad, I still have to kill you.”

          “That wasn’t our deal!” She cried out.

          “Oh pour missy. You think that I, an assassin, would keep my word and let you go after you have seen my face?” He tsked again. “So naïve.” He stroked her cheek, making her flinch. “Very well. Enjoy the darkness pretty thing.” With a final push he severed her main vein in her neck and watched as she flopped to the ground choking on her blood before finally growing limp.
    He attached his ring blade to his hip again and sighed. Somewhat annoyed that he would have to clean it later.

          Shrugging he bounded upstairs, slightly hoping she was actually the main source of energy. But sadly, his hopes were in vain. Sighing he put his hand on the ward, normally it would have burned his hand right through but thanks to his immunity to anything hot, it did nothing. Closing his eyes he imagined fire transferring from his fingertips to the ward. Doing this he quickly found a thread, a thread of magical energy leading…

          He opened his eyes and looked down the hall. There in a tank of water was a rainbow fish about the size of his middle and pointer finger together.

          “You got to be joking me.” He rolled his eyes.

          Going over to the first tank he punched it hard, making it shatter. His lips curled as the water splashed all over his pants, feet and hands. It vaporized quickly as he directed heat to where the water touched him. The fish flopped on the ground. “So pathetic” He stomped on it with the heal of his boot and it stopped moving. At the same time the sheen of the ward disappeared.
    He burst into the room, hands blazing. The old lady screamed at the sight of him.

          “Oh just shut up. You were too much work for the amount of gold I am getting for this.” Frustrated he let his fire balls loose, one hitting her square in the chest and the other following suit. Soon she fell over, engulfed in flames screaming for a split minute and a half before she finally died from the flame. The flames soon caught hold of the furniture and Seth watched as they licked the wood walls, and ate the carpets. With only a slight push of breath the flames instantly grew bigger, hotter, eating everything. Seth watched with satisfaction. Satisfied with the way the room burned around him he walked out into the hallway, each step lighting a new fire on the carpet and wood until he was back into the room with the balcony. He was satisfied to watch the green plants in the room shrivel at the heat around him. Instantly dying from the intensity.

          “Finally I can go home” In mere seconds he Summoned his Wings of Fire and was soaring above the clouds, all while the fire bells rang in the town.


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