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    Operation: Plant Lady Protection


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    Operation: Plant Lady Protection Empty Operation: Plant Lady Protection

    Post by Myrrh 7th November 2021, 8:02 pm

    Sharp blue eyes narrowed thoughtfully as they followed the movements of a certain woman entering her house with a bag of groceries, a florist who had recently been the winner of a recent flower contest, much to the chagrin of one of her competitors. A "Jealous Old Crone" if the wording on the job description was to believed. Apparently, she had gotten so angry that she hired an assassin to try and kill the woman in question, figuring that she couldn't win if she was dead. It was...sound logic? To a certain degree at least. Of course, whether it made sense or not mattered little, it was illegal, and had to be dealt with.

    For the last couple of days, Myrrh had been shadowing this woman - or at least trying to. Turns out 26 years of learning from brutish demons tended to have a bad effect on her stealth skills. The black trenchcoat and sunglasses made her stand out particularly well, especially considering that she was wearing them during midday; and that wasn't even mentioning the giant set of horns situated on her head. Thankfully, as if by some miracle - the florist happened to be one of the most oblivious people in the world. It was almost comical, as on numerous occasions the woman had turned around and waved at her. It was...embarrassing? That's the word for excessive shame if she recalled correctly.

    Still, despite all of the setbacks the woman remained clueless as ever to the danger she was in; spending her days humming and skipping around town as if nothing was amiss. She had seen the assassin a few times, usually attempting to sneak in the woman's house when night fell. She had managed to stop him of course, but each time he had managed to slip away. It wouldn't happen again, come nightfall she would be ready.

    Stretching a bit as she continued to look out from her perch on the roof of a nearby house, the demoness suddenly go on full alert as she witnessed a familiar cloaked figure approaching the woman's house, from the alley in between buildings. It was...rather bold of him to be striking so early, although considering there was no one around at this time maybe it made sense. Even the old neighbor who gave the quest was napping in her home right now. Perhaps he expected Myrrh to only be around at nighttime? His mistake.

    "Draconic Soul: Wyvern." In an instant she shifted into her full take-over form, green reptilian scales coating her body while her limbs shifted appropriately, a long tail snaking from behind her coat, as the armor formed underneath. Tensing her legs slightly, she would take off at full speed from the roof - practically a green blur. Reaching her target, she would use one hand to grasp his head mid-flight - using her momentum to slam his skull against the brick wall of the alley, a loud smacking sound ringing through the area as a result.

    Letting him crumple to the ground, she would use her tail to wrap around the man's throat - lifting him up and slamming his head against the wall once more, before doing it again, and again, and again. Despite the obvious cranial damage, he was still struggling quite desperately and tried to reach for the knife at his hip. Hower, Myrrh decided to take initiative and quickly silenced him with a powerful punch to his gut. Eyes dimming, as he finally fell into unconsciousness.

    Releasing her hold on the man, she would let him flop to the ground; leaving the alley slightly to peek across the road at the florist's house. She was on her porch now, watering some plotted plants. Of course, she say Myrrh and quickly gave a friendly wave and a smile. Good. She was none the wiser. Flashing the woman a friendly smile in return, Myrrh would give a wave of her own before ducking back into the alley - grabbing her quarry and slinging him over her shoulder. All that was left was to take him to the authorities and grab her reward.

    Walking in the opposite direction, the demon couldn't help but let the smile persist. A strange warmth filling her chest at the prospect of doing a job well done. It felt...good. Really good. She'd definitely have to do these types of things more often.

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