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    An Inevitably Expensive Evening

    Rhace Tarrin
    Rhace Tarrin

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    An Inevitably Expensive Evening Empty An Inevitably Expensive Evening

    Post by Rhace Tarrin 2nd May 2022, 3:40 am

    Rhace Tarrin
    An Inevitably Expensive Evening

    Tonight, on the world stage: Spring had sprung. This is news to nobody.

    Instead, we find ourselves aboard a skyfaring vessel where three people in particular were having a rest at the end of an afternoon of long work. Rhace Tarrin, in particular, found himself sitting in his office surrounded by a mountain of documentation; the Meliora Vitae guildmaster was learning by way of reading reports. These were documents that had been submitted by various project leads that he was trying to read in order to brush up on the workings of the vessel and the people who served aboard it. The newly-minted Captain had been learning on the job, and fast - being thrust into being in command of a starship that required a lot of bodies constantly in motion was very different to swinging a sword at a guy and hoping he fell over first. For someone who was barely used to teaching, let alone being responsible for the lives of thousands, this was such a drastic change that Rhace couldn't help but need to rely on experts in the field who had been doing it for a considerable length of time. Especially when he'd barely been a member of the guild (which, as he consistently pointed out, was mostly a guild of mages, and he was decidedly not one of those) for only a short amount of time. To be in charge of operations was something he hadn't entirely anticipated. Therefore, the expert advice he had called on were the original aces and deputies of the fine SS Endeavor - Cassiti and Cordelia. They'd been doing this for quite some time, knew their way around management as a result, and the Elumish swordsman couldn't help but need their help. On one hand, they were already slowly growing closer before this particularly drastic change came into effect, but on the other it was already their job before he came along. Needless to say, while he wasn't trying to absolutely rely on every word they told him, he was definitely listening. It was probably really tough on them to effectively baby the newbie who had just turned into the guy in charge, too.

    Why was any of this important? Simple. They had an iLac group chat. It made work incredibly convenient if they needed things at a moment's notice, even if said group chat had existed long before Rhace's very sudden promotion to Captain. It was about half work and half not since the promotion, and Rhace knew that he needed to contribute something good after a hell of a day's work. He paused, put some thought into it, checked his system to find out what was going on in the world, cast a glance to the map of Fiore that was pinned to the wall, and pulled out his pocket device in order to message his two closest confidants from the comfort of his office chair.

    You two wanna go to one of the spring festivals? I think we all deserve a short break. We can head to the one at Rose Garden - it'll probably be prettiest to look at.

    A smile crossed his lips as he realised there was a second message he knew he was going to have to add to it, considering how much work Cass and Cord put in for him. They deserved what was going to come next, really, and the incentive for them to all get away for it all could always be sweeter.

    Bonus points: I'm paying for everything. Fair is fair and I definitely owe you both a million. Meet me in the hangar when you're ready and we'll go.

    Bribe them with as much food and drinks and buyable crap that they could possibly want and Rhace knew he was onto a winner already. If he could convince them sufficiently, at least they were going to have a good time for all of it. He knew he'd need a shower before they left, so with that in mind, that was exactly where he was going to head - no point going on what was probably the closest thing to a date they were going to have time for any time soon given their newly found workload smelling and feeling like crap. He wanted to be presentable, and wanted to be able to give them himself at his best rather than a tired, exhausted mess that was going cross-eyed from reading piles of paper bigger than his head. On the way down, he was already banging out a request via iLac to have one of the larger personnel shuttles prepared for their use, and knew that he could meet them whenever they were all ready.

    His wallet was not prepared for tonight, in hindsight.

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    Cordelia Beaumont
    Cordelia Beaumont

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    An Inevitably Expensive Evening Empty Re: An Inevitably Expensive Evening

    Post by Cordelia Beaumont 14th May 2022, 3:24 pm

    Once you find your light, I'm sure it will lead you back here.

    Perhaps the most rewarding part of Cordelia’s life was being able to help so many people and animals almost all the time. She’d never really gotten the opportunity to flex her empathic, sympathetic abilities in an official capacity in Ca-Elum. Sure, she had plenty of friends and family that understood how caring she was and she was always ready to provide a hand or help to whoever needed it. But never in her life did she think that she’d be in a position within a guild that focused on saving and protecting the natural, living world. Most guilds were focused on one’s own self goals or earning as much jewel as possible. But Meliora Vitae was different and it made her prouder each day that she was not only a member but also an Ace.

    And what incredible friends! She loved every single one of her fellow guildmates with all of her heart but somehow, through fate, luck or what-have-you, she had grown closest to her fellow Ace, Cassiti, and the man that had amazingly risen up to become the new Captain. Rhace was a lot of things but dedication was perhaps his strongest trait. He’d proven himself a worthy member of the guild and an amusing fellow that was somehow both stoic and animated all at once. His promotion had come quickly and, as such, he’d come to rely on both women for guidance and assistance in learning the ropes. The amount of time they already spent together had doubled, at the very least. It was nice and if Cordelia was honest with herself, as she usually was, she couldn’t deny that she enjoyed being in the proximity of both Rhace and Cassiti for long periods of time. The other Ace had been her friend longer and from that stemmed a different, romantic feeling that she acknowledged as a crush and nothing more. At the same time, there was little denying how handsome and charming Rhace was as well.

    But the complicated, conflicted feelings within Cordelia were boxed away and marked to be dealt with in the future. She wasn’t one to shy away from honest and open conversations, both internally or externally, but she recognized it wasn’t as important as her and other’s responsibilities. She actively chose to focus her attention on the matters at hand and deal with whatever strange attractions she harbored later. It wasn’t like Cassi or Rhace were going anywhere anytime soon. It helped that a lot of their days were so filled with activities and responsibilities that she wasn’t given a free moment to daydream, at least until she was back home. Flopping down and laying back against the warm and soft side of Bowzer, she sighed as she looked up at the sky in exhausted bliss. A hard day’s work always helped to brighten her spirits, which was saying a lot considering her spirit was rarely anything but bright.

    Her iLac gave a small buzz and she reached over to pick it up. There was a message in the group chat between herself, Cassi and Rhace. Looks like their new Captain wanted to treat them for all their help lately and asked if they wanted to go to the spring festival. It was like he read her mind! She’d heard all about the festivities taking place all around the globe and wanted nothing more than to go and see what they were all about. She barely had time to get her fingers on the device before another message popped up, with Rhace insisting that he was going to pay for everything and to meet him in the hangar when they were ready. She fought back a wide grin by biting her lip, even as she responded.

    Wow, what a gentleman. How can a girl say no to a date like that? Guess we’ll have to find some way to pay him back proper, Cassi. I’d love to go! I’ll be ready in a bit!

    While she planned on protesting his paying for anything, she could easily do that when they arrived there. At the moment, she needed to take a quick rinse in the nearby pond and get herself ready. It would take her near an hour to get her hair, make up and outfit all perfect but once she had finished, she was bounding down to the hanger. She emerged from the stairwell with a bounce in her step, smiling from ear to ear as she came racing over.

    “Well don’t you look sharp and handsome?” she complimented Rhace with a grin.
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    Cassiti Calixte
    Cassiti Calixte

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    An Inevitably Expensive Evening Empty Re: An Inevitably Expensive Evening

    Post by Cassiti Calixte 15th May 2022, 9:33 am


    It was interesting to note how quickly she had fallen into a routine. Cassiti was used to routines, of course. Her entire life up until now had been full of them. The vast majority of her time on Earthland, however, had been spent merely wandering and traveling and going where the wind would take her. Being a member of Meliora Vitae certainly didn’t keep her stagnant in that regard, of course. The guild loved to travel and send people out on various missions all over the continent. Still, her position as the head of the research and rehabilitation department meant that she was spending quite a bit more time on the ship working with the various plants and animals that needed her help, as well as guiding and assisting the members of her branch that required such aid. And while she was happy with the work she was doing and grateful for the opportunity, she had been focusing on her duties for such a long spell that she was starting to feel restless; a sensation she wasn’t altogether accustomed to.

    Thankfully, the universe always had a way of balancing itself out. The Oracle was resting in the quaint treehouse that she had taken for her living quarters within the Arborium of the ship. The space was much smaller than what she was used to in Avalon, where she’d had an entire temple – practically a palace – to call her own, but in truth Cassi liked her modest quarters upon the Endeavor more. The temple was breathtakingly beautiful, of course, but for all its space it had always felt a bit cold and isolating. Or maybe that was just because of her station and the etiquette it required from those around her. Either way, the treehouse was perhaps a bit on the cramped side but warm and soothing, a place she could go to at the end of the day to restore her chakra and unwind.

    It was thus where she found herself, relaxing on the low seated sofa on the second floor loft, reading a religious text from one of the many faiths that were current to Earthland’s time. Her attention was drawn from the tome’s pages by the gentle sound of a brief musical tone, causing the woman to lift her head. She blinked for a moment in confusion before she heard the noise again, more clearly this time, and realized it was the device that Cordelia had gotten her that allowed them to speak to one another from a distance. Gently shutting the book and setting it down, Cassiti eased herself onto her feet and climbed the ladder down to the small kitchenette where she’d had the iLac plugged in to charge, the device going off a third time even as she approached it.

    She picked it up and pressed her thumb to the screen to unlock it. Or at least, to attempt to unlock it. Giving the device a gentle frown as it refused to recognize her fingerprint, she tried again, and then one more time before giving up and trying the alternate option of putting in her password. These electronic devices were so strange. Everyone seemed attached to them and Cassiti certainly recognized their usefulness, but she simply had not been able to adapt to the device as quickly as she had hoped. It was a finicky thing that didn’t always work the way it should, which didn’t help with her learning curve. Very slowly, she typed in the combination of symbols to release the lock on the device and the screen finally opened to grant her access. With only a brief second or two to remember which image to click on to open up the program she needed, the group conversation between herself, Cordelia, and Rhace had new messages waiting for her.

    It seemed that Rhace wanted to take them to the spring festival in Rose Garden, which he claimed would be the most aesthetically pleasing place to visit. He was also offering to cover the charges for everything, as thanks for the help the two women had been in getting him settled as captain. Honestly, there was very little that Cassiti felt she had helped with in that regard outside of merely guiding him through how she had things set up with her own division and giving him her thoughts and feedback when he asked for it. Rhace was an exceptionally capable man, one that Cassi had come to respect a great deal in a rather short period of time. He and Cordelia were much more outgoing and animated than she was, but there was no denying that she appreciated and enjoyed their company. Her fellow ace had already replied to let them know that she would be ready to meet them in the hangar soon, remarking that the two of them would have to find a way to return the favor to him.


    Despite the shortness of her reply, the pair would likely know well enough by now to not read into messages. Cassit’s text were almost always brief due to how awkward it was for her to use the phone.

    Rhace and Cordelia would only have to wait a couple minutes more before Cassiti arrived, her gait and mannerisms much more subdued than the other woman’s, as per usual. “I ahm soory for de wait. Kismet needed a queek grooming.”
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