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    Good Evening

    t i t a n i a
    t i t a n i a

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    Important Good Evening

    Post by t i t a n i a on 8th March 2016, 3:34 pm

    heeheehee.  hello everyone! Diamon here, yes I know you're like where's the d at the end of you're name? but there isn't one so anyway... I'm 21, college student with to much free time on her hands and I'm currently living somewhere boring in the united states. [care to ask where? i might care to answer]

    I recently found this role-play today actually searching through random google fairy tail websites and stumbled upon this one. I am definitely not new to role-play but I haven't ever role-played as an anime character which is weird since I've been into anime since a very young age. Anyway let me stop rambling and state some things. Please look after me, I might have some hardships along the way but nothing i can't handle!  thanks a bunch let's get along  :face:  👅  ❤  


    I love Anime/Manga all types I don't mind any type of story line but there must be some sort of romance build in-between because I'm a sucker for that sort of stuff xD Inuyasha was one of the very first anime I ever watched growing up as a kid. Then Naruto came along and before long I was absolutely hooked on all different types. I fell off for awhile dealing with growing up which involved leaving some of my past behind me but I'm back in action and picking up right where I left off! no harm done. Ive known about Fairy Tail for a very long time but for some strange reason didn't watch any of it until now and it makes me angry at times because I could be so much farther ahead but not by much since It seems like I completely abandoned Naruto dealing with the mess that is my life. I have to go back and re-watch starting from the war with akatsuki . I recently started downloading music from Fairy Tail and I don't think I've ever done that before with any anime its just fairy tail has some sick songs and I found myself stopping to find out what they were.

    I used to be hugely into Japanese pop growing up and this was before I got into Kpop I still love it of course but find myself falling more towards Kpop these days. Of course Japanese Movies are way more interesting to me I feel like they have more depth and sensibility to me "hope that made sense" Anyway enough about that.

    I am such a sucker for reading it brings me absolute joy in life and I could never go back to a time where I admitted I didn't like to read at all. I used to love to write but I guess that switched around from writing to reading *sigh* what a shame, I probably could go back to writing if I truly put my mind to it but who knows for sure.

    Please leave a PM if you'd like to chat more c:
    Ardere Kasai
    Ardere Kasai

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    Important Re: Good Evening

    Post by Ardere Kasai on 8th March 2016, 4:38 pm

    Don't really think of it as rp'ing an anime character, and in many ways it's a bit different than anime universe, even if most of our elements are FT. I treat it like the FT verse, but some people just treat it like a magic rp. But I hope you enjoy your stay, if you need anything just feel free to ask. 

    I've been rp'ing FT as my main rp for 6 years, so I know my stuff. Should be a piece of cake! The guild lists and descriptions are in the character reg, just look for it above the forums. If you need anything else, there is a guide. 

    (Fyi you can use canon FC's, but your char should be an original. Don't know if that makes a difference to you or not I myself prefer OC's)


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    Important Re: Good Evening

    Post by Ninetails Derpfox on 8th March 2016, 6:53 pm

    Greetings and salutations my lady, a rare sight indeed to find such a rare flower.

    ^ this is how my character normally speaks to people he's just met. I'm Niyol one of the many members of this strange, and sometimes hilariously insane community and I welcome you to this little unadulterated box of prozac kitties. For a list of the current guilds and what the guild stands for:

    Good Guilds (Legal)
    Lamia Scale - Learning, Knowledge
    Infinity Hydra - Defeating dark guilds, and preventing their influence from spreading
    Sabertooth - Knighthood, chivalry, finding your true/inner strength
    Blue Pegasus - Being Heroic
    Fairy Tail - Friendship, comradery
    Black Rose - Bounty Hunters

    Neutral (Neither Good nor Evil)
    Pharoh's Call - uhhh.... All I know is you're not allowed to kill... anything at all.
    Sleeping Forest - Preserving the balance of Good and Evil through ANY means necessary
    Laughing Coffin - Mercenaries

    Dark (Illegal)
    Savage Skull - Anything you wanna do, go on and do it and cause mayhem
    Basilisk Fang - Destroy the existing world and rebirth it in an age of chaos and anarchy
    Tartarus - A guild thought to be destroyed but is slowly making a rise from its demise, one day it will make its return by exacting a grand plan. ((You must send a PM to "Gil" or "Voloptuous Venir" to join this guild))

    Rune Knights - Some type of pseudo army thing...
    Guildless - Just like me, got no guild and no cares in the world. We forge our own destinies!
    Magic Council - A member of the MC (must be A Rank; you start at D Rank)

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