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    Arkadi Azarov

    Arkadi Azarov
    Arkadi Azarov

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    Arkadi Azarov Empty Arkadi Azarov

    Post by Arkadi Azarov 30th April 2022, 5:39 pm

    ⌖ Arkadi Azarov ⌖

    Name: Arkadi
    Gender: Male
    Age: 25
    Birthday: 4/30
    Sexuality: Straight
    Special Characteristics: When sleep deprived, he gets noticeable dark circles under his eyes.

    Arkadi's public personality is pretty mild. He's more or less just an average guy who reacts like a general human. He laughs when things are funny, though sometimes his sense of humor is dark or a bit weird. When he's slept, he's pleasant and seems kind enough. He's a hard worker and full of ambition, though he does seem a bit secretive. Ark doesn't talk about himself much. At times he can be rather quiet, but these moments are often interrupted by intrusive thoughts, for better or for worse. He loves to train and spar, though he does have a vibe that he is a man not to be truly crossed. He plays nice, but were he to ever get serious, he doesn't seem the type to hold back. He has his goals that he will achieve no matter what, though it is his job to keep those goals to himself.

    When he hasn't slept and is suffering migraines, it's quite another story. Everything mild, bright, and pleasant is sucked out of him and he's nothing more than a grouchy shell. Irritability oozes off of him and he's quick to snap at people. Overly serious and humorless, all of his patience for silliness and high-effort tasks disappears and his first impulse is to resort to violence. He's rather horrible until he has had a nap.

    For all his greatness as an esper, he keeps much of his potential hidden outside of his glorious home country, the Empire of Pergrande. Arkadi excelled in his Paladin training from a young age, relishing his prestigious family legacy and the chances to flex his muscles and abilities. His feelings are more complicated when it comes to the 'complications' in his family, though he prefers not to dwell on that. His loyalty to Pergrande is nigh unshakable and he takes pride in his mission. Unlike his brother, Arkadi works well with others and possesses the qualities of a leader, though most of the time he's quiet about it to fly under the radar.


    Fighting: Most of his life has consisted of violence and training, so Arkadi finds it quite comforting and fun.
    Sleep: Though sometimes it eludes him, he loves sleeping. Plus it keeps him efficient.
    Food: It takes a lot of food to sustain a well oiled machine like him. Lots of protein!


    Magic: The programming received from birth has made magic disdainful in his eyes, and those who rely on it are simply inferior.
    Sweets: Sugar makes him jittery, plus he just doesn't like the taste.
    Headaches: Though it hardly interferes with his work, it makes his work a lot less fun when his brain feels like it's about to rocket out of his skull.


    Espionage: Sending home helpful information to his motherland is his primary goal, at least until he's directed or otherwise mobilized.
    Glory: He wants to return home as a hero and household name.
    Superiority: Hail Pergrande. They are just better.


    Exile: It would literally unravel his whole life and all of his hopes and dreams if his home country banished him.
    Failure: Should his mission to gather intel outside of Pergrande fail, the shame he'd feel would be crushing.
    Family: More specifically, he does fear running into Irina out in the world, if only because that's the one scenario he's unprepared to handle. He favored his little sister until the 'incident', and frighteningly, he still thinks of her warmly.

    General Appearance:

    Height: 6ft | 183cm
    Weight: 180lbs
    Hair: Black
    Eyes: Grayish Blue
    Skin Tone: Light

    Guild: Fairy Tail
    Tattoo: Right pectoral
    Tattoo Color: Black

    Faction: Luminous Covenant
    Faction Chapter: Bellum

    He is part of the Luminous Covenant with his alter ego Joseph (Joe) Johnston, for the time being infiltrating the Bellum chapter of this Faction.

    Alter Ego appearance:


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    Post by Shen Kadokawa 30th April 2022, 5:45 pm

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