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    Lacrima Scythe

    Mythal Ragnos
    Mythal Ragnos

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    Lacrima Scythe Empty Lacrima Scythe

    Post by Mythal Ragnos 3rd April 2022, 8:22 am

       Lacrima Scythe

       Integration Special


       Melee Damage:
       60 HP per hit

       Proof of Acquisition:
       Trade from Sanguine

       Integrated Slayer Lacrima:
       Natural Disaster Slayer Lacrima

       Log Entry #47 - February 18th, X884
       The team has been given the green light for the construction of a new prototype. There are still some details that elude our scientists, minute ones, certainly, but they add up. We cannot leave this kind of research up to chance and coincidence, which is why we must, and indeed, will strive to perfect this piece of technology, this truly fascinating discovery of arcane power we now wield. And of that means that we have to upset Bosco, well, that certainly is a price that I am willing to pay. It's not like they would ever leave their rotting garbage patch of heresy and vice, anyway. We are far superior to them in that regard. Considering the success of the last two models, there is no mistake that this one, too, shall be successful, so I swear by the glory of Arcanos!

       Log Entry #51 - March 4th, X884
       We have tried, and tried, and tried again, but it just won't stabilize. The frame is formidable, I would even go so far as to call it perfect, just like the two before them, despite its unconventional design, but that is not the issue. The chamber has accepted the Lacrima we provided readily enough. When we attempted to start the generator, however, the Lacrima at first provided no magical power at all, and when we tried increasing the energy reflection by supplying it with our own magic to catalyze the reaction, the Lacrima core went critical in an instant. It took all our combined effort, as well as a 48-hour submerge in cooling liquid to stabilize the core again. The Lacrima we used to test the first two prototypes had been the ones found in that lab, and this was the first one utilized independently from the old fool's research. Does it really make that much of a difference? What makes these other Lacrimas so special? If all else fails, we will have to send another team to Bosco for measures of direct reconnaissance.

       Log Entry #59 - May 24th, X884
       The team returned from Bosco this morning, reporting that they have completed their objective. They have indeed procured another Lacrima, the last one, I understand, but the mission was compromised. The Sergeant I questioned made it clear that they not only encountered enemy forces on-site, but he further reports 3 casualties, 1 of which they could not recover and had to leave behind in Bosco. Apparently, they had placed this last piece of the old fool's research under constant surveillance after the last incident, understandable, really, but most regrettable. Let's hope that this complication does not inhibit the progress of this project. Still, the fact remains that, with this Lacrima now in our possession, there is nothing that stops up from completing this third prototype. A success, no doubt, but further tests and extensive research will be required. I will have to ask the archbishop for an increase in funding...

       Lacrima Scythe ASNaRdQ


       Name: Lacrima Spirit
       Rank: User Rank Advanced (Up to H+)
       Category: Auxiliary
       Type: Passive
       Description: The weapon syphons magical power from the Lacrima used as the scythe's core, shrouding it in the might of the integrated Lacrima. This ability can be toggled on or off at the user's desire. Activating this ability will coat the scythe in one or more of the elements associated with the Slayer Lacrima, every strike made with the weapon, in addition to its melee damage, dealing User Rank Advanced Multi Target Damage. Both the weapon's melee damage and the MT damage are added together, being treated as the same ability, benefitting either from increases to Spell Damage or Strength. Strikes made with the weapon possess melee range and move at the user's own movement speed. Damage from this ability pierces any shield, even those with anti-piercing qualities, sacrificing only 25% of its base damage when doing so. The user of this weapon is further strengthened by the power of the lacrima, increasing their Spell Damage and Speed by 250% passively.

       Name: Lacrima Optimization
       Category: Auxiliary
       Type: Passive
       Description: The user draws power from the crystallized magical core embedded within this weapon, which acts as a constant supply of energy for both the scythe and its wielder. This grants the user a flat increase of 250 to their MP pool, which applies before any base buffs or buffs apply.

       Name: Lacrima Force
       Category: Auxiliary
       Type: Passive
       Description: The control over the Slayer Lacrima embedded in a weapon, in limits, gives this weapon and the user Slayer-like qualities. Like a Slayer, this scythe can absorb spells and abilities of the same element or elements as those a Slayer using the Lacrima could absorb. Much like a Slayer, the wielder of the scythe will regain MP when a spell or ability is absorbed, following the rules for Slayer consumption of the associated elements and Slayer type or types. The scythe, however, cannot absorb naturally occurring elements as Slayers can, and neither the user nor the scythe benefit from a Slayer's damage reductions. Further, the user also has access to a unique Force mechanic called Lacrima Force while wielding this scythe. Lacrima Force, in essence, functions like Third Gen Slayer Force for the associated Lacrima, enabling the user to enter force at will while wielding the Lacrima Scythe as well as enjoy the following benefits:
    • Increases the user's Strength, Speed, and Spell Damage by 100% while Lacrima Force is active.
    • While Lacrima Force is active, both the scythe and the user are surrounded by an aura of the Lacrima's associated element/s, increasing either their base spell damage or their base melee damage by 50%.
    • While Lacrima Force is active spells cost no MP to cast.
    • To Maintain Lacrima Force the user must spend 10% of their maximum total MP per post. MP cannot be regained or regenerated while Lacrima Force is active. Once the user of Lacrima Force hits 0 MP or once they choose to cancel it, Lacrima Force ends. If one hits 0 MP through the use of Force they suffer from the consequences of running out of MP as normal.

       Name: Lacrima Overcharge
       Rank: User Rank Advanced (Up to H+)
       Category: Auxiliary
       Type: Single Target
       Damage: N/a
       Range: Self
       Speed: Self
       Duration: 10 posts
       Downside: Can be used only once per thread
       Description: The user can temporarily draw immense amounts of power from the Lacrima contained within this weapon, flooding their magical system with arcane might and overcharging their Mana capacity. This grants the user a 5% regeneration to their MP every post this ability is active, which applies in addition to any other sources of MP regeneration applying to them, able to exceed the maximum limit imposed on MP regeneration.

       Name: Natural Disaster
       Rank: H+
       Category:  Offensive
       Type: Burst | Buff - Immobilization - Negation - Reflection
       Range: Advanced Burst Range
       Speed:   Advanced Burst Speed
       Duration: 25
       Description: The release of all the stored elements within the lacrima set in the scythe. The user activates this spell and every element erupts in a twisting and turning funnel of destruction and agony. Any caught in the spell's range are immobilized once every other post if they take damage from the attack. The user's spell damage is buffed by 115% and they can also use this spell to negate or reflect a spell of H+ or below, counting that they pay the original cast amount (Negation) or double the original cast amount (Reflection).



    Lacrima Scythe Empty Re: Lacrima Scythe

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