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    To a new land, a new home


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    To a new land, a new home Empty To a new land, a new home

    Post by Thatcywalker 30th March 2022, 8:05 am

    B-rank free form x3

    A soft snow was descending upon the land of Iserheim, iceberg, when the ship was pulling into port. The ship was a Iser model, a rustic wood fashion yet still carried enough modernities to deal better with sea travel. Its passengers were all Iser men and women, most coming back to their homeland as travel to different countries was steadily becoming harder and harder to achieve for those who could not travel with magic. Amongst them was a bard, one who tells stories and sings songs of valor into battle. He was the average height for the iser, 6 feet tall and not lacking any muscle. He took a deep breath with a smile as he was walking down the plank to shore. There he already spotted a friendly face.

    “Frode! How's the weather while I was gone?” Frode, a bald man with ginger facial hair smiled a toothy grin. “Cold enough to freeze a bear’s balls off!” He responded and gave him a big hug, which Grolaf was more then happy to repay in kind. 

    “So Grolaf, where’s the pile of Jotun ears you said you were going to bring back?”

    “Hah! Turns out there are not much Jotuns at the silent glaciers, the ones I found though…” Grolaf brought out the line of severed giant ears, each as big as a frying pan. Frode merely whistled at the bounty. 

    “I always knew you were going to be a thane! Tell me, were they as big as mountains?”

    “Oh no, mind you their still pretty fuckin huge. But we were able to deal with them.”


    “Oh right! I met a lass over there who apparently was hunting Jotuns herself. Frode get this, she’s a dragon slayer. Claims have been raised by a dragon itself!”

    “You lie! Every dragon that has been spotted always needed a blade in it! No way she was raised by one.”

    “I do not lie! Truly hear it from Reina herself. Reina?” Grolaf would have turned around to see no one nearby. He looked confused and glanced back at Frode. “Must be still on the boat I guess?” Grolaf would have begun to climb back on board to find the dragon slayer, Frode following behind.

    In the ship most of the cabin doors were open, being cleaned up after hosting guests. All save for one, which was still locked. Inside on its bed lay a red headed woman with hair as nearly long as her splayed out behind her. She hadn’t realized that they had docked already, but was in no condition to move. She was doubled over, holding her stomach as it felt like an ocean there. A sharp knock at her door made her flinch, a headache made worse by the noise. “Reina? Reina?! Come on out, we landed already!” Reina groaned as she tried moving in bed, a slow and torturous process. But as she moved herself to sit up in bed, she felt whatever had afflicted her lessened its grip,  and before long she was geared up and ready to face the day. 

    She opened up the door to see two men outside in the ship's hallway. One was Grolaf who despite being human was tolerable to be around. The other man was as big as Grolaf, though only had ginger facial hair. “Seasick I take it? I would have played a soothing tune if I knew.” “Not so loud!” She rubbed her head as she glared over at the stranger, “Who?” “Oh! That’s Frode, good friend of mine.” Frode would step up, an arm extended in greeting. “Dragon slayer eh? Not a water dragon slayer, I take it?” Reina responded by walking right past, with Frode looking curiously at Grolaf. “Ah, she’s a sweetie when ya don’t piss her off.” He responded with a laugh as Frode shook his head.

    Reina stepped outside into the frosty air, thankful that she had brought her bison pelt with her. She scanned the land in front of her, wooden huts with straw roofs were the first thing she saw, but more things began to show. Something akin to a car was slowly making its way down the middle of town, in its trunk a fresh kill of an elk if she had to guess. It was making its way towards a bigger hut…no, a stone structure? “Ah home, isn’t she beautiful?” Reina looked up at him with a distasteful look, “Yes the houses of stick and straw are very charming.” she said in a sarcastic tone before stepping off the ramp onto Iserheim’s land.

    The walk to the Jarl’s palace was a longer one than Reina expected. Which might have been because Grolaf seemed to stop and talk to every person he came across. Which frustrated Reina to no end, seeing all of them were taller than her! Even some of their young, teenagers they called them, were reaching her height and bound for more. She didn’t have to worry about them or anyone else bothering her, a glare was more than enough to stop their inquiries. Still though, even if their houses seemed fragile even for human standards, the people were far more sturdy than those in Fiore. That difference seemed to make them more tolerable, even with all their staring. 

    Eventually they would have made it to the pathway that led up the jarl’s palace. This was appropriate as unlike the other structures this one was actually constructed from stone, wooden archways greeted the three as they began to walk through. Cobblestone layered the ground they walked, though it hardly confused reina. “Well I’m glad to see Jarl dragon’s fang has the sense to not lay in the mud.” “Well of course he would get the first finished building of the village.” Reina looked at him expecting more, which he gladly gave. “See, the village of jordunstrand is a newer one with Jarl Sventer founding it. A lot of what you see is still being built, why I actually left to become a thane so I could help the Jarl run the land better.” “Grolaf left so he didn’t have to help with the construction.” Frode interjected, rolling a shoulder. “He’s always been like that though, anything that doesn’t involve drinking or fighting he starts wandering.” “A blade only becomes sharper if you strike it with other blades, not chopping wood with it.” “True if you are a dragon, but humans need that wood since they're so fragile. Including you.” Reina poked at Grolaf, which Frode laughed at. “Yeah Grolaf, you need to chop wood so you can be big and strong like me!” Grolaf only rolled his eyes and chuckled as they neared the front door. 

    Frode would have opened the door for the three of them, the large oak opened with a groan as it opened into the warm inside. Wooden panels stretched the inside up to a set of small stairs going up to what appeared to be some kind of long table. Walking up the stairs reveals empty dishes and empty bottles of alcohol, which Reina knew by a strong smell which prompted her to wrinkle her nose at. “Hahahaha!” A low gravelly voice rang out which caused the 3 to turn their heads to the source. At the head of the table was a man in similar outfit to the two with Reina. However he showed gray in his hair and beard, which stood out from the black he had. “You boys are late! All the drink…is gone!” he stated as he sat up in his chair. In his eyes there was recognition as he spotted Reina. He stood up at an impressive 6 foot 3 inches as he lumbered over to them.

    Reina could sense something from the two men with her. She couldn’t quite place it, but it felt like the same sensation when mercury approaches her; dread, fear. He stood looking down on Reina, the smell of alcohol and a foulness was plain on his person now. “Hey Stonewolf-ah sir stonewolf.” Frode would quickly correct himself, “Grolf is back with his Jotun ears, he’l be thane! Won’t that be a good feast?” But Frode was being ignored by all three. Reina and Stonewolf were caught in a staring match while Grolaf watched on. “Say little lass, enough travelin’ round with these boys. Come with me to see how a real man treats you.” he tried to say seductively as he went to grab Reina's arm. She responded by shoving it hard back. Grolaf and Frode stood a foot back as Stonewolf looked confused at first, then laughed. “I do like my girls with a little fight in them.” He went for another grab again, this time succeeding as he held Reina's arm in his big meaty hands. Reina wanted this though, the grab at least, as she suddenly pulled the arm forward and slammed her head on his face. The sound of breaking cartilage and a scream of pain could be heard as the man grabbed his face and backed away. 

    “Enough!” A fifth voice called out from further ahead. Frode, Reina, and Grolaf angled their heads to look for the source. They found it sitting on a chair with his head resting on his hand. He would then stand up and begin to walk forward. As he came into the light, there were a few things that became noticeable. The first was the clothing he wore, where she and others wore a mixture of armor, pelt, and tunic; he wore only a tunic. And it was opened to reveal his bare chest underneath, small flesh colored scales were open to all to see. That along with his one eye being more similar to a dragon’s told Reina who this was. “Jarl sventer!” Stonewolf began to speak, “Look what this wretch did! And in a place of peace no less! She should be thrown into the dungeon for this!” The jarl’s one eye seemed to pierce Reina’s scales, as if he were so much bigger than he actually was. “Go get your nose treated, I will pass judgment on them.” Stonewall looked a little incredulous of how justice wasn't carried out right that instance, but nodded as he left, glaring at the three. 

    After the door could be heard opening and closing, the jarl sighed as he then approached the three. Reina suddenly realized a third detail, he was actually quite shorter than most around here. Though he still had her by 4-5 inches as he faced the three. “Grolaf, I see you didn’t end up as a mess on some side of a glacier.” He joked, to which Grolaf responded with nervous laughter. “Ah yeah, though I got pretty close. My friend can attest to that.” “You mean the one who broke the wealthiest man in this village’s nose?” Sventer said as he looked down on Reina, examining her. Reina herself was also examining him as well, a curiosity on her face. “They call you dragon fang for you are a dragon slayer. Is that so?” she spoke out in grunts and hisses, the ancient tongue of dragons. Frode and Grolaf looked at each other confused as she spoke the words, to which the Jarl only tilted his head in response. Reina scoffed and shook her head, “Of course, what was I thinking of finding someone of my equal here in this frigid wasteland.” She spat out, and began to walk away. 

    “You speak it improperly.” The sudden words froze Reina in her tracks. The words were similar enough to draconic to where she could understand, but it was spoken with such a low, gravelly tone that it felt like each syllable washed over her body. A real power was in it, much like how her father spoke to her. Reina turned around with confusion as the jarl began pouring a glass of wine for himself looking over the Jotun ears Grolf brought. He didn’t even turn to look when she came over and began incessantly asking questions. “So you're really a dragon slayer then?! What element are you? Who was your dragon? What were they like? How big were they? How do you speak in such deep tones?” Her line of questions was stopped by a sudden hand rise from the Jarl. 

    With silence, he picked up an ear and inspected it closely, eyeing every detail. After a while he began to speak. “So, these Jotuns were…27 feet tall?” “I, yes my jarl they were. Or about there, it was hard to tell up close.” Grolf responded. The jarl thought for a moment, then suddenly slammed the ear onto the table, causing the remaining three to jump from it. “Frode!” The jarl suddenly shouted aloud. “Go tell my people in the village that we have a new thane!” Frode didn’t react at first, but soon smiled and nodded. With that he was gone, and the Jarl disappeared for a bit, and quickly came back with a cup and a new bottle. This one was a steel color, though reina figured it would be a softer metal given it was for drinking. In either case, the jarl grabbed one of the empty goblets and filled it up for him. “Don’t chug this one Grolf, it will put you on your ass.” He said with a smile. Grolf tried to say something but was interrupted as the jarl began to walk away again.

    Reina, annoyed by this point, followed, stomping so hard that the floorboards creaked from the sudden pressure. “Listen! I did not go through a horrible trip just for you to waste time on the humans!” She would have then made a grab for the jarl’s arm, to only suddenly let go as she felt it. His aura soon became visible, a cool blue with green mixed in. He would turn, and his head suddenly became more dragon-like with his nose expanded and narrowed to a point, his brow ridges more pronounced with clearly thicker scales on them. She then could place a scent that she was not able to before. A salty taste of the ocean currents, a large movement unseen in the waters below, A poison to kill all. He took a step forward, she took a step back. They would continue this in silence, his glaring eyes never leaving Reina’s wide-eyed ones. 

    Suddenly she felt her back hit a wall, breaking the staring contest to confirm it. She turned back to look at Jarl sventer, still standing with his eye glared. They stood in a silence for what seemed to feel like forever, but then broke it. “I do not welcome the weak in my halls. You will leave now.” The words struck Reina as hard as any blow to her body, and watched as the jarl walked away, the aura dissipating as he walked away. Reina stood still for only a few seconds before following him a few feet away from him. “I am not weak. I am far stronger than most humans I have come across, the only ones are those older than me and-”

    “You are weak, sound like a high pitched mongrel, and are making excuses.”

    “I’m not! How can I match others when I haven’t had the time they have had to learn!”

    “And we should suddenly treat you differently? Who said you are owed such?”

    “Jarl Sventer, Dragon’s fang! I carry a far more potent strength than others and I can prove it! Shouldn’t my draconic heritage prove that?”

    “It is true you smell of a dragon, yet you have only shown me your fragility. What proof do you have to offer me that you are strong?”

    “Let me prove it to you then! How can I show you my strength?!”

    The jarl would turn from the table as he was writing down a list, Grolaf having not touched his drink watched in confusion. The two had been talking in draconic, with Reina’s tone being higher pitched then Jarl Sventer’s deep growl, understanding neither of them. The jarl, looking down on Reina, spoke in common. “There is a path that leads up to the mountains, a path known as ‘The Girdle of Midgard’. It twists and turns through the range leading up to the highest point of the mountain. Here snow falls so special that it never melts, even when exposed to fire. You will collect this snow, and bring it back here. Do so, and I will consider you strong enough to ask me questions.” “Then I will be back! And when I am you better be ready to answer all my questions!” Without hesitation Reina hurried out of the Jarl’s palace, leaving a confused Grolaf in her wake. “Isn’t the girdle dangerous this time of year my Jarl?” Jarl Sventer would have placed a hand on Grolaf’s shoulder. “Nah, not for a supposed dragon it shouldn’t.”

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    To a new land, a new home Darksteel


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    To a new land, a new home Empty Re: To a new land, a new home

    Post by Thatcywalker 30th March 2022, 8:09 am

    Reina had left the village behind an hour ago and was making the trek. The path of the Girdle of Midgard was marked easily enough to find, and the path appeared to be layered with cobblestone. She felt conflicted as she continued to walk on the path before her. Her reaction to the Jarl’s dragon force was appalling at best and shameful at worst. What would her father say if he had seen it? Then again though, it was extremely concerning that he was able to enter it so freely! Both times in Reina’s life she was only able to enter dragon force through ingesting mana. Unless he had something to eat? Or maybe it was something she would be able to do eventually, especially since she knew how much stronger he was than hers. While it wasn’t the strongest she had felt in her life, it still dwarfed hers by comparison. No matter, once she was done getting this stupid snow she could get her answers. Him calling her weak, as if she was human!

    She would then suddenly miss an above ground tree root, causing her to stumble with one leg before falling on her side. With a growl she ripped out the tree root of the ground viciously before continuing forward. The cobblestones soon gave away to snow as she continued her way up the mountain. By this point she had been traveling half a day, and her feet felt sore from each step she had taken. Grouchy by this point, she had spotted yet another set of rope hanging from the side of the mountain. She learned enough to know these were supposed to help humans scale the sides of the mountain, make an easier trip. But she scoffed at the idea, she had made it just fine with clawing up the sides and didn’t need those ropes. She rubbed and flexed her sore fingers as she passed by the ropes, heading into a light blizzard of snow and wind. 

    She recognized it to be evening by the darkening of the land around her, Reina still trudged on the path. By this point her legs were becoming numb from the winds, her eyebrows felt frosted over as she tried to clean them. The howls had become such background noise for so long that she didn’t notice the actual howl at first. By the time her mind registered it, she scarcely had enough time to turn around before the creature befell her. Huge long snow white arms made desperate grabs at her. Reina ducked and tried to run, but those arms held claws and snagged onto her bison pelt. She strained against the pull before ripping off her pelt, now only having bare arms in the frozen winds. A silver lining though was that the new creature at least made her blood run again, though looking at it she grimaced. Standing a full three feet above her, its white furry arms may as well have been tree trunks. It was bipedal and hunched over, arms long enough to reach the ground while its short legs kept it balanced. The face had two black eyes and overgrown teeth sticking out of its mouth. 

    The creature roared at Reina raising its arms above its head, easily adding another two feet to its imposing figure. Reina clenched her teeth before returning her roar as well, scales becoming coated with titanium. The creature charged, and Reina answered with her own charge, the two clashing in the middle of the pathway. Reina was surprised by how sturdy the damn thing was, now struggling trying to move it. The creature with its long arms grabbed by Reina vouched to bite into her exposed neck, Reina feeling its sharp teeth scratch her metal scales. With a roar, Reina drew up the strength to begin pushing against the thing, but as she did the creature suddenly slammed its head onto hers. The sound of the metal ringing out disoriented the two of them as both separated from the grapple.

    Reina felt her head and was genuinely worried that she had a dent in it, looking at the creature though, it’s clear it suffered worse from it. Having blood dripped from its chin, it was dazed from its own move. Reina took the chance and charged forward, her arm cased in metal before delivering a hit straight on the creature's chest. And there was nothing, it wasn’t flying back or even registering it. Confused, she tried a couple more times before the strange sense of deja vu struck her. Looking up, she was met with two balled up fists slamming into her face, these causing her to crumple to the floor. In a daze, she felt long gnarled claws grab her back and slowly began to lift her. Out of desperateness her hands grabbed for anything they could reach and found only a rock. With it in hand, she watched herself being brought face to face with the pitch black eyes of the large creature meeting hers, she watched as it opened its mouth to reveal yellowed crack teeth. With widened eyes, Reina watched as it was about to bite into her before bringing the rock to the side of its head. The rock smashed into millions of pieces as the thing dropped her with a thud, Reina on the ground watched it sway back and forth before taking a few steps back. And just as suddenly as it appeared, it vanished into the white winds. 

    Reina, after seeing it wasn’t coming back, took the time to lay still and rest, her head and body aching from the sudden drop of at least five feet. After the ground proved too cold, she slowly stood up to where she at least was on her two feet, hunched over. She carefully made her way to where the creature was, interested in trying to figure out its fate. It was clear when she inched a foot towards an unseen ledge, snow suddenly crumbling off into the part below. Spitting down in disgust of where the creature had to had met its demise, she continued forward on her path. We should turn back the voice spoke in her head, which reina spat in response to it, “This is hardly a challenge for a dragon. We must continue.” Are we truly such a creature? The voice replied. She didn't respond and trudged on.

    Reina had now traveled for an hour, night had begun to settle in. The adrenaline once flowing from her body earlier was now gone, leaving her moving even more slowly. 

    Why didn’t she pack some things for the trip? Because this task was fit for a dragon, and dragons didn’t need supplies. They didn’t need rest, and they certainly didn’t need to prove themselves to anyone! Reina then stopped as the last thought entered her head. That’s right, they didn’t. Why was she out here? Why had she rushed so quickly without thinking?! Even if the Jarl was a dragon slayer, there were others around. She didn’t need to so half hazardously go off into the wilderness just to prove a point. She just…

    Reina leaned against the cold frozen ice of the mountain, feeling hot tears spilling down her cheeks. The frustrations of the day now finally caught up to her, and all she could do was let it out slowly as the winds howled around her. All she wanted, all she wished for…What she wished for right now was just a place to get out of the cold. She took a shaky breath to try to get herself moving again, taking a few steps before she spotted it. Green lights were dancing further ahead of her. Confused, she struggled forward, aiming to find their source. She would have turned the corner before finding it, a small flashing of lights. Looking first into the winds, she began following the rays until seeing it was coming from a crack in the mountain. The crack was so well hidden that if the light wasn’t shining, she probably wouldn’t have been able to track it down. With great effort, she bent even more to squeeze into the crack, covering her eyes from the light. 

    Once inside she could see the source of it, a blue crystal ball. From it shined aurora lights that painted the ceiling above her. She marveled briefly at the display above before kneeling down, gently scooping the orb up. With her pale blue fingers, she felt a small measure of warmth coming from the orb. She held it close to her as she sunk to the ground, before gently moving onto her side. She sighed contently, the orb seeming to bring her a small comfort. Not to mention she was now shielded from the freezing winds outside. Her eyes began to grow heavy, and before she slipped into blackness, she wished for a blanket to cover her.

    The ray of light pierced her eyes as she squinted from the sudden irritation. She slowly opened her eyes to the rays of the morning sun. She grumbled and pulled on the cloak to shield her from its rays. After a few minutes she sighed, and sat up. It was a slow and stiff process however, as her body reminded her of yesterday’s troubles. Finally after a few minutes of half stretches she finally was able to sit up. Sighing, she began to examine herself. Bringing the hands out of the cloak she could see that they were dried and peeling, but they still were able to flex, and she could still feel most of her hands. Content with her examination, she then suddenly realized the strange cloak wrapped around her. Unwrapping it, she examined it closely. The cloak was a deep crimson red, simple but held an unmistakable power within it. She sniffed it, before placing what had drawn her attention. Golden brooches near where the cloak would clasp together had a weird design etched on them. Her mouth inadvertently watered as she began to taste the gold, noting a powerful magic in them.

    She sighed in satisfaction as she opened her eyes to the right, to spot the hollowed smile aimed at her. She suddenly panicked, drawing the cloak up as she began to stand. After a few seconds she could see what it was though, a skeleton. Specifically one that seemed to have fallen into pieces due to age. She bundled up the cloak and orb together before examining the human remains. Yellowed bones with ice of what appeared to once be flesh or skin clung to it, a lot of its clothes and armor were now decayed into nothing. Besides an ax, everything had rotted away due to time. And maybe the cloak too, she wasn’t sure where that came from yet. Musing through the pile, she eventually came across an ancient looking book. Leather bound with yellowed dog eared pages, she was careful in opening it up slowly. A lot of the language she couldn’t read as it looked to be in a different form. It wasn’t until the last page that she could make out some words.

    “To the one who finds me, if I fail my quest, I wish for you to return me to my father. He’s a gentle soul who already misses me as it is.”

    She paused at the reading of the note before looking at the pile of bones on the ground.


    The morning of the thane party was a brutal one for Grolaf. It wasn’t the fact that he was hungover from the several drinks he had the night before, the wound on his head from wrestling Frode, or even from the dancing. He was sore because of the treatment he had been given from sven the night before, the bastard was lucky he was good looking and had a tongue as sweet as mead. Grolaf slowly climbed out from under the covers away from Sven’s embrace, and began to search around for clothes so his valuables no longer had to be caught in the frigid morning air. Finding a pair of pants a little too big and a right sized shirt, he tied a rope around his waist as a makeshift belt.

    He stepped out into the bright morning sun, the clouds from yesterday seeming to recede for the time. As he gazed out to the horizon he spotted something odd. It wasn’t the fact that it was a large raven flying down to the town, but the fact it was carrying…an ax? As it got closer, he realized that it was carrying a wrapped up bundle too. With curiosity along with the looks of a few others, they watched the raven slowly descend until it landed out of sight behind one of the huts. A few minutes later to Grolaf’s surprise, the darksteel lady walked out from behind the hut. He was surprised to see her so suddenly, wondering if she was the raven from before. Had to be since she was now carrying the ax, no, battle ax, and a large one at that. Along with what seemed to be a crimson red bundle tied up with it. 

    As she got closer he realized how rough she looked. Despite only being gone for a near day she looked like she had gotten into something nasty. Cuts on her exposed arms and face, frostbite evident on her finger, her lips cracked and blue as she still had frost on her eyebrows, her hair despite being in a ponytail looked ready to come apart. Before Grolaf could say anything, she filled the silence “I have a body.”

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    To a new land, a new home Darksteel


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    To a new land, a new home Empty Re: To a new land, a new home

    Post by Thatcywalker 30th March 2022, 8:14 am

    “I see, and you found her corpse in the cave of the mountain?”

    “Yeah, I didn’t notice the bones until I awoke…her?”

    Reina sat near the fire with a hot cup of tea in her hands with a great thick pelt covering her shoulders. Grolaf in his normal attire sat at the table as both watched Jarl Sventr looking through the book. 

    “Yes, her. Specifically Drekka Ormr.” The Jarl responded to Reina’s question.

    Reina’s confused face was resolved by Grolaf responding. “She was going to be a thane from our old village. Then though she had to hunt a mage eating troll up in the midgard girdle mountains. Did you come across it?”

    “Does it have white fur, long arms, and a ugly face with beady eyes?” Reina felt a bad taste in her mouth remembering the encounter. It was odd that the damn thing was so challenging for her, but she watched Grolaf grimmly nod.

    “Vile thing it is, use to come down the mountains and eat the children of the warriors around before a group of us chased it up the mountains. The old jarl of Neverwinter sent Drekka out to finish the job to become thane their. I’m sad she didn’t make it.”

    Reina scoffed, “Well the damn thing fell off the mountain, so we won’t have to worry about it now. Where’s her father though? He ought to know what happened.”

    “Dead of heartbreak, after a couple weeks of her being gone with no sign we found him hanging in their home.” The jarl answered, him coming back to join the three. “Well Darksteel, thank you for recovering her body. It will bring great comfort to the Ormr clan to know she has been found.”

    Reina gave a simple nod before beginning to stand, a slow process but the warmth of both drink and the fire had revitalized her enough to stand up straight. “Well, with that I will be leaving here.”

    “Wha? Didn’t you want to ask the Jarl questions?”

    “There are more than two dragon slayers in the world. Besides, I didn't bring any of this snow back, and don’t feel like climbing the mountain again.”

    “Well, actually you did.” Reina watched with confusion as Jarl Sventer unraveled the crimson cloak. Where once the rotting old bones laid was now snow. It was a small pile, but unmistakable there it was. He took it and placed it in a metal cup before holding it over one of the many torches in the hall. After five minute he drew back his arm and walked on over to show Reina, Grolaf getting back up to examine the contents. Despite it being heated up it still stayed in its cold form. 

    “Besides, even if this snow wasn’t here, it speaks volumes how you decided to come back down the mountain just to make sure we received her remains.”

    “Well I had to make sure her father knew, even though he’s gone now.” 

    “Ah well I’m sure he’s looking down happily, knowing soon his daughter will be laid to rest soon. With that said I have to ask you, how do you enjoy our home of Iserheim so far?”

    “Well it reminds me a lot of my home. A lot less bison around but otherwise it’s nice enough. Why?”

    “Well we have a tradition here, least, in our little part of Iserheim. See, if a warrior should perish out in the wilds and another comes across their remains and brings them back, they may claim their equipment that they held if no others claim it. This way they have a chance to live on to see battle once more where their name will lend strength to the current bearer. And given Drekka Ormr has no more living clansmen…we would like you to carry her name.”

    Reina crossed her arms, “I am Reina Darksteel, daughter of chalybe. I shall not remove either of my names even if for this woman.”

    “You don’t have to replace your name per say, just carry it like a nickname? At least here in Iserheim.”

    Reina was thoughtful about it, and looked at the cape. She finally sighed after a few minutes. “If you insist, but I want my questions answered. Including whatever this orb is!” She pulled out the orb from her pocket to show the other two men. Grolaf looked on with curiosity, but Jarl sventer recognized it instantly. “Keep it safe with you and don’t let it out of your sight. I'll answer any questions you want after I have someone get Dreka’s remains prepared.” With that, the Jarl left to go outside, leaving Grolaf and Reina alone.

    “You know, that was awfully kind of you, especially being a stranger and all.” He began, drinking a bit of the water in his cup.

    “Well it seemed like a big deal. Why was the Jarl so insistent about it?”

    “Probably because he doesn’t want Dreka’s soul to stay with Hel.”


    “Oh, Hel, ruler of Niflheim where the sick and unchosen go when they die. Usually by passing on one's name to another living person, it’s hoped that when they die, then the name they carried with them also goes with them to valhalla.”

    “I don’t plan on dying you know.”

    “Heh-heh, well on the off chance you do…Dreka.” He smiled with a wink. She glared at him and threw her empty cup at him, Grolaf ducking his head to avoid it with a smile. Again, Reina would find herself with her own little smile after seeing his. 


    “So Darksteel, now I can answer your questions.”

    Jarl Sventer sat down in a wooden chair across from Reina, sitting with anticipation. It had been a few days since recovering Dreka’s remains, and had to wait while he tended to the burial rites. Apparently Dreka was a favorite amongst mainy, who migrated from Neverwinter, and many were happy to know her fate. It also meant Reina received a lot of attention for her good deed. Which was awkward for her, it wasn’t that she didn’t like the attention, on the contrary it was nice. It’s just that many called her Dreka, even despite her protests. But now that the Jarl was done dealing with the dead woman, it was time to get her questions answered. 

    “So, an honest dragon slayer?”

    “As true as I am Jarl.”

    “Ooo! What element, water, poison?”

    “Actually water, poison, wind, and scales themselves.”

    “A dragon slayer of four elements? How does that even work?!”

    “Regrettably I have no clue, truth is you're the first dragon slayer I have met other than myself. I take it dragons only carry one element to them?”

    “The ones I know, yes. So then, who was the dragon that raised you? What type were they to teach you so many types?”

    “I wasn’t raised by a dragon Dreka.”

    “Darksteel please, and what do you mean?”

    The jarl shifted in his chair, adjusting his position before continuing. “I was raised by a regular mom and mother darksteel. As for the dragon, I don’t know for sure, really I only saw their head.”

    “I don’t get it, I thought you could only become a dragon slayer by being raised by one. How did you get it then?”

    “Well, back when I was a wee lad I had a lot of free time. Was born without a eye see, so didn’t have a lot of friends. So here I am playing round the sea shore when I find a scale.”

    “Scale of a dragon?!”

    “Yep, picked it up and took it back home. Every few weeks their was another one on that shore and I kept that one too. This would keep going until I had a small chest full of these scales. And that was when he showed up.” 

    “The dragon!”

    “Yes yes, when he rose his head out of the water I won’t lie to you. I pissed myself, I was so damn scared. I was glad I took a dip in the waters beforehand, let me tell you. Anyways, the dragon rose its serpent head out of the water and looked down on me. He then spoke, queried about why I was collecting his scales. I was too stunned to speak, but I managed to stumble out that I liked them and wanted to collect them. He then asked if we could make a deal, that if I kept the scales a secret, then he’d let me get a scale a week.”

    The Jarl seemed to reminiscent for a moment before continuing. “Let me tell you, I’m not afraid to say that he was my first friend. And over time as my collection grew so did I began to show signs of magic. The dragon seeing this decided to guide me, one thing led to another and I became a dragon slayer. Though even to this day I do not know his name. Even though I have my theories, I merely call him Wyrm.”

    “Oh wow…did he show you how to enter dragon force then at will? I’ve never seen someone do that before.”

    “Oh, it’s what happens when your a third generation slayer.”


    “You’ve never heard? Third generation slayers are those who not only were taught by a dragon, but also given a special lacrima from them. This not only boosts their power, but also means they can enter force at will.”

    “Amazing! I must ask my father if...” She began to trail off, her gaze shifting toward the fire. The jarl though young, had been through enough to understand her face.

    “While I'm sure he certainly knows a great many things, their is a alternative side to a third generation slayer.” Reina looked confused.

    “See, there is also another type of slayer. Known as hybrid slayers, they’re the same as third generation slayers save for that they have different elements. And it just so happens you have a dragon slayer lacrima.”

    “You mean the orb.” Reina grew tense.

    “Yes, I’m sure that’s what it is. The fact that Dreka was there must have been something. Maybe she was going to bring it back before she died. Well, in any case it’s yours now.”

    “Can…you make me a hybrid slayer?” Reina asked with a hush tone, anticipation for an answer all but clear.

    Sventer smiled, “Actually yes. But it will come with a price. If you do, you have to serve me, and therefore the ting.”

    "What do you mean serve."

    "Simple, while you are here in Iserheim you will be in service of me. Doing things like patrols and being involved in our little...skirmishes. You would be free to leave anytime of course, but if a matter is serious enough we expect you to heed our call."

    “And what about this 'ting'? Is he a dragon slayer like us?”

    “Couldn’t tell ya, but let me say this. I challenged his old ass to the right of ting. And even in my dragon force, he put me right out on my ass…So what do you say?”

    Reina only looked to the fire for a moment in consideration. She didn't like to be ordered around, but it was for kin. And the chance to improve her prowess ten-fold! She instantly stood up with her fist balled up. “Yes!”

    “Well then! To the once and future dragon slayers!” and offered out his hand. Reina shook it with both hands and Sventer laughed. Reina joined him in it as the two continued their conversation throughout the night.


    Reina left her little cave that she had begun to call home here in Iserheim. Despite it looking primitive on the outside, inside was beginning to turn out wonderfully. She had begun to carve out some decorations into the floor with all of the other basic furniture already inside it. Sure, it could get cold but if she was honest with herself, the cold doesn’t really bother her anymore. She said with a smile as she took a breath, the flow of new mana in her system tingled her fingers and feet. But she couldn’t stand around any longer, Jarl Sventer had called a meeting for all vikings in town to meet up. She actually laughed at the idea, her, a dragon, being called a human title.

    But as she entered town joining the gathering group of warriors to the Jarl’s hall, she decided it wasn’t the worst thing to be called. Most, no, all the warriors around her were sturdy as far as humans go, and most held the ambition to continue to push themselves further. She even had begun to blend in with them, her scalemail from Joya had been changed immensely. The gaps in the armor had been filled in with Iser steel and runes carved into it, granting her power. Along with the wolf she killed and skinned part of her armor, she blended in well now with everyone. Along with Dreka’s cape and ax, the only thing setting them apart from her now was her height. Then again, she had already proven how unwise of a mistake that was.

    Flowing into the main hall, Reina would look to find a place to sit, which Grolaf just so happened to have his feet resting on one of them. She kicked them off and sat down next to him, Grolaf faking an injury. “You're so cruel to me Dreka! Even after I saved you a seat!” “Darksteel Grolaf. Tell me, do you know why the Jarl has called us here?” He shook his head, “No clue, rumor is though that it has something to do with pergrande, a nation near ours. Something’s happening with them and we're probably gonna be involved. What that entails? I have no clue.” Reina looked as if she was going to say something when the doors opened. His scent was the first thing that she picked up on, and the room grew quiet as he walked in.

    Jarl Sventer, the Dragon’s Fang, walked out in full scale armor. A finely crafted set by the looks of it, with linen finely crafted into it. He even boasted two hand axes at his sides as he took his seat at the center back of the room. Reina was confused, she had never seen the Jarl so armed and dressed before. And judging by everyone else’s reactions, it was not a common sight to see. The Jarl began a roll call, which save for one, all were accounted for including reina. After it was done he cleared his throat and stood up addressing the room. 

    “Today my brothers and sisters! Iserheim will honor our ancient vow many a century ago with the eagle winged emperor! Starting today, we Iser stand with Pergrande as we go to war! The ancient sagas will be revived once more!!!”



    To a new land, a new home Darksteel

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