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    The Great Adventurer

    Ray Jyx
    Ray Jyx

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    The Great Adventurer Empty The Great Adventurer

    Post by Ray Jyx 28th March 2022, 5:15 am

    The Great Adventurer XN7LxdQ

    The Great Adventurer

    Ray Jyx

    Proof of Acquisition:

    The world is such a vast and wonderful part of our existence, full of so many things that are yet to be discovered. In any great story, there is often a sense of adventure, an individual might take a walk down a windy road and unveil a series of wonderful discoveries. This individual hence becomes a great adventurer! And to be the real protagonist in any story, they must be equipped with the skills to do so. In need of another great story, one is chosen to lead the path of the great adventurer and to explore the wonders that the world has for them.


    Treasure Hunting
    An adventurer is sure to go on many adventures, and with such spirit, they are able to accumulate wealth on their journey. As such, the wielder of this lineage will receive 125% more Jewels from any jobs they complete. The adventurer will be in need of many skills, one of which will be haggling and earning a good fortune. As such, they also receive a 20% discount on anything they buy for themselves from NPC shops (this does not include the oddities, VIP items, IotM shops, etc.). Items acquired using this discount may not be traded to any other account and are locked to the account they were acquired on unless the full price is paid.

    The World of Magic
    The world that we reside in is abundant with magic, magic that can be pulled from all that surrounds them. A great adventurer knows how to make use of such magic, to pull from it, and to make it their own. As a result, the wielder's MP is buffed by 200%. Additionally, the bearer of the lineage gains a 50% increase to their base MP and base Spell range. They also are able to regenerate 5% of their MP once every post passively. This regeneration effect exists outside of the MP regen limits and can apply independently of said regen caps.

    The Power of Adventure!
    Adventures can be long and dangerous. To endure such a path requires one to be prepared. As such the user gains access to a new magic type called "Adventurer", which they will be able to use in the creation of magic. "Adventurer" type magic is fueled by the wielder's love to adventure and desire to journey on one. Providing them with the tools necessary and thus allowing the user to utilize "Caster" type spells in any magic using the "Adventurer" magic type. The increase to max spell durations applies only to the given magic in question and doesn't stack with other "Adventurer" magic type or "Lost" magic type benefits. The benefit levels for "Adventurer" type magic can be found below:

    Solitary: +5 posts to max spell durations. +100% to Spell Damage & Spell Range
    Primary: +4 posts to max spell durations. +50% to Spell Damage & Spell Range
    Auxiliary: +3 posts to max spell durations. +25% to Spell Damage & Spell Range

    Adventurer's Arsenal
    The wielder of this lineage will need great power to survive in the world of magic. As such, the user gains an additional user rank advanced spell per magic they possess, which is added to the same magic. This spell ranks up with the user up to H+ Rank. Further, the user also gains an additional user-rank advanced spell per "Adventurer" type magic they possess, which is added to the same magic. This spell ranks up with the user up to S+ Rank. Additionally, the user gains an extra user-rank Signature Spell for each of their Magics, which ranks with them up to S. Lastly, the user gains 5 additional user-rank spell slots for a single one of their "Adventurer" type magics, which will rank with the user up to S Rank. Using these 5 additional spells will cost double the regular base MP, and the spells are unaffected by decreases to spell cost.

    When in need
    Adventures can be very difficult and to take one can rarely be done without aid. Whether this aid comes in the form of a helpful companion or a trusty weapon. Having one of these is surely the best way to ease what lies in store for them. As such, the user gains a single advanced ability slot that must be made in conjunction with this lineage which will rank with them up to H+. This ability slot must either be used to create a Summon or a Requip, which is brought forth from another dimension, timeline, reality, et cetera. If a Summon is made, the Summon uses the values for Immaculate Summons. If a Requip is made, the Requip uses the values for Refined Requips. The Summon or Requip abilities, like those of regular Summons or Requips, will cost MP to use. Unlike regular Immaculate Summons or Refined Requips, this ability slot only grants the Summon / Requip two ability slots and cannot possess Linked Equipment like other Requips or Summons. The Summon / Requip created through this lineage does not contribute to the limits imposed to Summons or Requips that can be active at the same time when used.

    Summon or Requip:


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