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    Mobile Stealth and Information Acquisition R.A.3

    Leona Jarnefeldt
    Leona Jarnefeldt

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    Mobile Stealth and Information Acquisition R.A.3 Empty Mobile Stealth and Information Acquisition R.A.3

    Post by Leona Jarnefeldt 26th March 2022, 10:00 am

       Mobile Stealth and Information Acquisition R.A.3

       Summoning Key

       Unknown Key

       Summon Melee Damage:
       User Rank Unknown Summon Melee Damage (Up to H)

       Summon HP:
       User Rank Unknown Summon HP (Up to H)

       User Rank Burst Rank (Up to H)

       User Rank Burst Speed (Up to H)

       User Rank Max (Up to H)

       Proof of Acquisition: I requested it from Medeia in Med's Giveaway. Request (Page 2, Post Number 47), Approval (Page 2, Post Number 48).

    It was traded to me by Medeia in the Trading Hub. Request (Page 37, Post Number 924 ), Approval (Page 37, Post Number 925 ).

       Mobile Stealth and Information Acquisition Unit Model 88 R.A.3 or, as it’s known adoringly by its creators, “Rae”, is one of the top-of-the-line models of personal combat assistants in the modern world. A product out from Bosco, Rae has been utilized as a mobile comrade for those that work in small groups, often through a means of acquiring, storing, and transferring confidential information. Outfitted with some of the best codebreaking lacrimas in the world, the Rae models are used by both experts and criminals all over Earthland to crack into secure areas. But they also serve as back up, offering a vast quantity of other abilities beyond lockpicking. It can provide swift medical assistance in the midst of battle, bolster their user to increase their survivability chance, and even engage the enemy in minimal, but deadly capacity.

       Mobile Stealth and Information Acquisition R.A.3 6FZJHNB


    Plot Ability:

       Name: Baymax Mode
       Rank: User Rank (Up to H)
       Category: Supportive
       Type: Multi Target, HoT, Buff, Counter
       Damage: User Rank Multi Target Healing
       Range: User Rank Multi Target Range
       Speed: User Rank Multi Target Speed
       Duration: 5
       Description: Rae’s sensors are capable of detecting when the user and their allies have sustained damage, and it is programmed to automatically respond with healing measures. Healing measures, in this case, meaning that little panels open up in its body for it to shoot little darts at the user and their allies that are filled with a regenerative substance. Don’t worry, you’ll just feel a little prick before your pain starts to melt away! The healing agent works over time, restoring HP at a rate of 50% of user rank Multi Target healing per post for the ability's duration. Anyone who receives the healing agent also benefits from a 75% buff to Spell Healing. Additionally, the healing agent boosts the recipients’ defensive capabilities temporarily, countering debuffs by giving them a 50% reduction to debuff effects for the duration of the spell.

       Name: Energy Dome
       Rank: User Rank Advanced (Up to H+)
       Category: Offensive, Defensive
       Type: AoE, Debuff, Immobilization, Drain, Piercing
       Damage: User Rank Advanced AoE Damage
       Range: User Rank Advanced AoE Range
       Speed: User Rank Advanced AoE Speed
       Duration: User Rank Advanced Max
       Description: Upon sensing that its humanoid companions are in danger, Rae erects a dome that can be up to the user rank advanced AoE range in size. This dome is filled with bolts of electricity that shoot at any hostile targets trapped inside of it for advanced user rank AoE damage. These electric currents also fuel the exterior of the dome, creating a defensive barrier that protects the user, Rae, and any of their allies inside from any attacks generated from outside the dome. This shield can withstand up to 2x user rank advanced AoE Damage before it breaks. Targets caught by the dome are subject to a 115% debuff to their speed as lightning courses through their veins and causes their bodies to seize. This also triggers immobilization effects for up to one post, once every other round for as long as they continue to be affected by the lightning strikes inside the dome. Similarly, any enemies within the dome receive a 5% drain to their HP at a max of once per turn if unable to avoid or escape the dome’s electric strikes. The Energy Dome benefits from piercing effects, allowing it to cut through shielding and defensive magic at the cost of its base damage output being reduced by 50% should the piercing effect apply.


    Mobile Stealth and Information Acquisition R.A.3 KjmbioC

    Golden Lacrima is valid until 10/10/2024. The General Store: Page 10, Post Number 244 (Request), Page 10, Post Number 245 (Approval)

    Mobile Stealth and Information Acquisition R.A.3 Empty Re: Mobile Stealth and Information Acquisition R.A.3

    Post by Guest 26th March 2022, 10:44 am


    Mobile Stealth and Information Acquisition R.A.3 QlhAT3Z

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