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    Goddess' Guidance Part 1


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    Goddess' Guidance Part 1 Empty Goddess' Guidance Part 1

    Post by Seenter 11th February 2022, 1:28 pm

    Walking the streets of Oak Tow Chris noticed something odd up ahead. A gate sitting right in the middle of the street. It is very elegant-looking and is seemingly hovering over the ground just wide open. No one without magic can see, touch, or feel the portal. Upon entry of this gateway, Chris is met with a clear blue sky and a temple with a statue of what appears to be a woman in front of him. Then, as if on cue, the woman, who has long green hair and a beautiful white dress with a staff in her hands, as well as a seemingly teenage boy with angel wings and a toga on come forth to greet Chris.

    "Hello there, mage! And thanks for answering my call and totally not just choosing this job for its simple requirements and low word count! I am Completely Inconspicuous Goddess, and I am here with my assistant, The Shouta Angel."

    "Uh, what do you mean by 'word count?' And why are you calling us those weird names, Lady Paluten-AHHHHHHH"

    A beam of light blasts the angel away, and you're left with just the goddess there to talk to you.

    "Copyrights, Shouta Angel... duh. Anyways, mage, it would be great if you joined forces with us to stop a bunch of bad guys at a ton of planets far away. In order to do that, however, you must first fill out this job application! Simple enough, and free EXP for you!"

    Chris took a step back as the ‘goddess’ held out what looked to be an actual contract and a pen. Hesitantly he reached out and took the paper, glancing over to see the younger ‘angel’ getting up and dusting himself off. From the way he moved Chris guessed this wasn’t the first time he had taken a blast from the statue lady. Keeping the two within his field of vision he looked over the paper.

    “This contract is a legal binding between the holy goddess ‘I am Completely Inconspicuous Goddess’, henceforth known as CG, and the signed applicant. By signing this contract the applicant must be available to take on no less than two requests by CG or her subordinate The Shouta Angel, henceforth known as SA. Upon completion of each quest the applicant is to be rewarded a set number of jewels, experience points, and at least one item associated with the quest.

    Failure to complete the quest to the satisfaction of the CG and/or the SA will result in the failure of the quest and subsequent reward. This contract does not bind the applicant into doing something he/she does not want to do, and will allow the applicant to reject quests deemed too dangerous.

    Upon signing this application the applicant is to be given a set of clothing to symbolize the agreement. The applicant MUST wear the clothing when completing the requests.

    Signature: ”

    The contract seemed pretty straightforward to Chris. At least 2 requests in the future, and I can deny a quest if it’s too dangerous or I don’t like it. Usually contracts like this had fineprint at the bottoms, and he squinted his eyes to see if there was anything he might have missed. In the bottom right of the page written in print so fine it almost looked like a tiny streak of ink were the words “There is no fine print”. He smiled slightly at that and went back to re-reading the contract.

    It looked alright, so Chris took the pen and signed his name on the bottom. The paper glowed in a golden light, and when it faded there were two versions of the contract in his hand. The angel hurried over and plucked one of the copies from Chris’s hands and then stood to the side holding it.

    ”Now that that is out of the way I guess it’s time to send you back to your world.” With a wave of her hand the statue opened up what looked to be another gate leading back to the busy street Chris had left before. Chris turned as if to go, but hesitated a moment before turning back. ”The contract mentioned clothing?”

    The statue snapped her fingers, and the irritating sound of stone on stone assaulted Chris’s ears. ”Oh, that’s right.” The statue turned to glare at the angel, who let out a small squeak before tucking the contract within his toga. He then hurried into the temple, and a few moments later came back running with an armful of clothes.

    Stuffing them into Chris’s arms the angel went back to standing dutifully next to the goddess. Chris stood there dumbfounded for a moment until the goddess cleared her throat. ”Not to rush you, but you need to leave. We don’t have a quest ready for you just yet, and I have so many goddess things to do. Off you go.”

    Chris started and turned towards the gate. It looked like no one else could see this gate either, as several people passed by without a second glance. One even walked through as if it was simply an image. Shaking his head he walked through the gate. As soon as his foot cleared the gate it winked out of existence, and Chris looked back to just see the people walking the street. Was that really a goddess?

    Remembering the contract Chris looked down at the clothes in his arms. His hand still held the copy of the contract, which he stuffed into his pocket before unfurling the clothes. He held a toga similar to the one the angel wore, which at first glance looked to be tailor made for him. A small groan escaped his lips as he realized he would stand out like a glowing swan in a dark night if he wore this in public. Even now a few passerby were glancing at the unnaturally white garment as they continued on. ”Those rewards had better be worth it.” He mumbled before folding the toga and hurrying back to the room he rented.


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