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    Geomancy's Not My Fancy

    Kyra Velkhomme
    Kyra Velkhomme

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    Geomancy's Not My Fancy Empty Geomancy's Not My Fancy

    Post by Kyra Velkhomme 10th January 2022, 3:28 pm

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    Kairi led the way for Kyra as the two walked the streets of Talonia. Even if it had not been for the notoriety of the Velkhomme family, it was easily possible that people would assume their relationship. Kyra the younger, more fragile, and more reserved sister, while Kairi stepped ahead like a shining beacon of confidence, glistening in the erratic weather of the once beautiful and calm town. Now, the place had been wracked by storms and gales from some ancient being in the caves near the city. Kyra sighed, looking up to her sister and looking for whatever the much more competent ace of Goldheart could do. The two sisters soon enough entered into a small tavern, shielding themselves from the massive thunderstorm that boomed throughout the area. Kyra looked around to see many travelers huddled in here as well, hiding themselves from the raging tempests that swirled outside.

    "Was the journey fine?" Kairi's calm, caring voice asked as Kyra lowered her umbrella.

    "Y-yes, i-it was fine," the young Velkhomme muttered.

    A concerned look grew on Kairi's face as she examined her sister. Soon enough, Kairi was brushing Kyra's hair aside. "You can be honest with me, Kyra. If you're uncomfortable, just tell me."

    Kyra felt a weak smile cross her face. "T-thanks. It's been a while since we've done anything together."

    A brighter smile popped onto Kairi's face. "That's true! You really need to talk to us more, Kyra. All of us are willing to do things with you, you just need to ask!"

    Kyra nodded. "Y-yeah. It's just-"

    Kairi patted the top of Kyra's head. "I know. You don't want us to be involved with Errings Rising." She remained silent for a moment, before her voice went to a hush. "Or your magic. Tegan told me. I'll do my best to protect you."

    Kyra felt herself freeze for a moment, but that soon passed. Maybe Kyra could at least trust her family, finally. As long as Father didn't know about the nature of her magic, then she would be fine, right? Her siblings always supported her, so if they knew, they could help, right? She sighed as Kairi ordered a table for the two of them and their assistance from Sabertooth, though perhaps it was more apt to say they were the assistants for Sabertooth. Kairi took her hat off, wringing her hair out, and somehow Kyra thought she still looked more beautiful than Kyra ever would. Kairi looked up at Kyra for a moment. "Are you sure you'll be able to fight in that? It looks a little... constraining?"

    Kyra looked down at her own outfit, one that was fittingly plain for how plain she was. "I-I'll be fine. I-I'm just here to support you and the person from Sabertooth."

    Kairi smiled. "You'll do wonderfully, no matter how you're helping. You're a B Rank Wizard now, Kyra! You're so strong!"

    Kyra blushed, denying the assurance as the two waited for their person from Sabertooth to arrive.

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    Geomancy's Not My Fancy Empty Re: Geomancy's Not My Fancy

    Post by Imai-chi 22nd January 2022, 10:53 am

    The thunderclouds and storms weren’t stopping him. Not when a request like this was put on the board back at the inn.

    He remembered the name Velkhomme. A sweet one had visited them prior to this quest, and her puffy, fluffy hair was floating in his mind a couple times. Imai, frankly, had a lot of women to think about to make time pass; his thoughts were solely his fantasies where no one could judge him for what he was thinking about. All those… all those tags, man! His mind had grown to the point where thinking felt like entering an isolated building on the physical plane! Sadly, though, sensations were also just mere thoughts, so he was this close from being able to create his own pocket dimensions…

    But all those tags came to life, man! All of them! P##z#r#! I#pl#ed! S#m#ta! B##b V##c#no! C###m#i#! P#bl## S##! Tr##n M###s#a####! Bl##km##l! R#v##s# R###! M##ds! O#se#! S#ew##d#s##! So many tags came to life, and he imagined just the right sequence of women he’d love to partake in carnal joining with!

    … *Cough* B-But today was a work day. And he remembered the Velkhomme.

    Seemingly, the harsh weather began to die down outside, but it was mainly due to the fact that Imai was running at mach irrational speed towards the meeting place. The speed from his stampede pushed the wind away, which in return pushed the clouds and the other winds away from him. Soon enough, he was in front of the door to the tavern, and a strong gust leaked through the edges of the door and into the lounge where the others were sitting.

    And slowly, he opened the cranky door and stepped in. He had been impatient to meet up with that beauty again, but he made sure to bring his high-tech Crossbow with him. It was tightly strapped to his back, while a wide bulge was forming in the front of his shirt where Sei was sleeping underneath. He was ready to deal some damage to… w-well, depending if this quest was about damage at all.

    “S-Shit, don’t say I’m too early… uhhh… o-oh, there you are! What’s cracking, ladies~?” he switched his slick mode on and approached the table with a sparkle in his eye and smile, “Damn fine meeting you again, that’s for sho~. Seems beauty runs in the family, doesn’t it?”

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