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    Predator Dragon Slayer


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    Predator Dragon Slayer Empty Predator Dragon Slayer

    Post by Katsumi 21st December 2021, 6:46 pm


    Magic Name: Predator Dragon Slayer
    Magic Type: Slayer
    Lacrima Proof: Post 752
    Description: This magic is similar to other dragon slayers with a single difference: This one creates a ravenous hunger within the wielder. Flesh and bone start taking on different but delectable scents. Those with weak wills cave under the constant bombardment. They are driven insane with the need to consume, to eat, to feast. A rare few manage to resist this urge and become a truly formidable force upon the battlefield. The ability to reinforce muscle, bone and flesh can make a Predator slayer a menace. Predators beware those that retain their intelligence.
    Katsumi hates this magic but since there is no way to remove the lacrima without killing her, she must deal with having it. She has to admit that she finds it useful on occasion. However, since it was a pure accident that brought it into her, Katsumi wishes that it had found somebody else. The constant hunger is driving her insane...
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