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Shadow Over Pern


Shadow Over Pern Empty Shadow Over Pern

Post by Ceridawn 23rd November 2021, 5:02 pm




You have to understand, you have to believe me! We did everything we could, we never thought this would happen!

We didn't think it could.

We didn't think anything of Between, it was a place to travel through, nothing of substance, nothing to worry about. It was normal for pairs to disappear Between; you lose your way and don't make it out the other side. We never knew we were being… hunted.

It started with more Betweenings. And not just weyrlings, but older pairs. 'Distracted' we thought. Then the senior Gold of our weyr never came back from Between… she was well trained, had done the jump for decades, there was NOTHING to distract her… but she was gone. Then… whers… whers cannot Between, but Handlers were beginning to report their whers being 'dragged', the feeling of impermeable cold, and suddenly… they were just gone.

We should have known then, but it still took us Turns, Turns of more disappearances, and then… We had begun to limit Betweening, using it only under extreme duress. The rumors of those we had lost beginning to Reappear. But twisted, grey, showing up only at the corner of your eye before they were gone again.

Come to find out Between is not just a place between places, it is cold, dark, lifeless and yet not. The force of Between empowers its own dark creations, twisted, grotesque, life-stealing creatures that were once our friends, our family.

Then The Queen returned, and war was called. Some quirk of creation meant she retained some semblance of intelligence, and in her Hive stirrings of Need grew. The Betweenlings were no longer content with fighting over scraps of life tossed to them, they needed more and under her rule, they could take it. In a fortnight they'd devoured old Igen Weyr, the riders and handlers there nothing to the Betweenling's might and hunger, their lifeforce fueling their ability to stay in our world, and their bodies now fodder to become Betweenlings themselves.

We gave them names even as we learned to fight them. Night is when they are strongest, and they fear fire and flames. We don't understand why, but their attacks come in waves… Starting small, forays into our world to seek out their places of attack, cresting in a grand crescendo over a month long period, before they return Between with their spoils. Perhaps they can only remain in our world so long?

So far we've begun to make our strongholds, and it has been two Turns like this. Our numbers dwindle, and even with our best and brightest doing anything they can to bolster the ranks of our dragons and whers, creating flame-based weapons for riders and handlers and common folk alike, we can't stop every attack.

We beg of you... Help us...

-Multiple new ranks and pet species!
-Introduction of unique dragonkin abilities!
-Fun and fast paced battle system!
-Monthly contests and events!
-LGBTQ welcome! This extends to dragonkin!
-Frequent and consistent plots.
-Player run/staff-assisted Hatchings!
-Multiple high-ranking openings!

Right Now
-Weyrleader Flight!
-Upcoming clutch on the sands
-First Wher Clutch coming soon
-Monthly contests
-December events
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