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Innovo Weyr- 10th Pass AU Pern RP


Innovo Weyr- 10th Pass AU Pern RP Empty Innovo Weyr- 10th Pass AU Pern RP

Post by bettafish 9th December 2018, 4:19 pm

Innovo Weyr- 10th Pass AU Pern RP Innovo_ad

Founded on the Southern Continent two Turns before the 10th Pass, Innovo Weyr struggles to pick up the pieces after a particularly disastrous and unprecedented Threadfall as well as the death of its first Senior Weyrwoman. With many of its Wingleaders dead and its Weyrleader dragonlost, the remaining leadership must fill the power vacuum and repair the damage left behind by the previous Weyrwoman's ineptitude.

Furthermore, the appearance of oddly-colored firelizards has heralded the hatching of what some Weyrs call 'aberrant' dragons whose hides are of equally strange coloration. This contributes to the political friction, and leaves the questions of how and why. With both the dragon and wher queens of Innovo preparing for their next mating flight or run, the Weyr waits with bated breath to see if the trend will continue, or if it died with their last queen.

Noncanon Dragonriders of Pern, LGBTQA+ friendly! Several high ranks are available, and as aforementioned, we have upcoming queen clutches for both dragons and whers. We're accepting of DRoP veterans and to those new to the setting, and we would be happy to have you! We have a cbox and a Discord server.

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Innovo Weyr- 10th Pass AU Pern RP Empty Re: Innovo Weyr- 10th Pass AU Pern RP

Post by ivyleaf33 10th December 2018, 3:23 am

Linked back.


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