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    Flame Dragon emperor

    Kite Wilhelm
    Kite Wilhelm

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    Flame Dragon emperor  Empty Flame Dragon emperor

    Post by Kite Wilhelm 4th November 2021, 10:28 am


    Magic Name: Flame Dragon Emperor
    Magic Type:
    Description: “Fire is superior to all, for it is both the life giver and death bringer.” Long ago when dragon’s use to roam the land of Ishgar there were very few creatures and beings that could not stand before the might of the average dragon. There were some that would stand above their dragonic brethren due to power, status or both and were typically referred to as kings. Despite their mighty power there was always going to be beings that even the dragon kings would find themselves unable to best and that would be the ancient gods that existed in the mortal realms. That was the way of things for a long time until one dragon king dared to challenge the successor to the original creator of fire Akhator, Alev. Normally there would be very little any of dragonkind would be able to challenge a god of creation or anyone of their lineage but one Dragon named Seavus Interitia. He not only stood as a challenge to this god but managed to do something no dragon in history was able to do. During the fight he has lost ground and was starting to lose but the tides turned in his favor for he was able to manipulate the circumstances for the flames of this god to be eaten. After devouring the god’s flames the dragon swelled with energy both replenished as well a new power. Unaware of the danger this presented for Alev he attempted to overpower the dragon with his flames once more but this would prove to be the god’s undoing as the dragon consumed it. However with no hesitation Seavus wouldn’t stop at just the flames the god attacked with but it would continue to drain the fire from the god that constituted it’s existence. Before long the god Alev was no more and only the ascended dragon Seavus remained alive. The dragon would rule over the others with many challenges coming his way and all falling to supreme power that he wielded. Only during the extermination of dragons at the hand of Acnologia did he go into seclusion. With the time of the dragons coming to an end he would do as the gods would come to do and let the other mortal races do as they will.

    It would be several centuries before the Dragon Emperor would let his existence be known to the world after so much time being silent. However it would deliberately reach out to the former demon and guild master of Sabertooth. In the void Kite and later Kenna and Bjorn would face off against an impending invasion. Kite was without magic during the main battle but thanks to Kenna utilizing the her new found powers from the God of Creation, she reignited the Flame
    Magic within Kite’s soul. No one can be sure what it was that caused it to happen be it the flames within Kite’s soul, Kenna’s godly abilities or possibly both but something acted like a beacon for the Dragon Emperor. As the embers of the demon of Sabertooth were rekindled into a proper flame for a short period of time. Despite the void being I. Between him and the Dragon Emperor, it managed to roar loudly only for Kite to hear it. Kite had no clue what it was or what it could be but for no reason he could comprehend somehow knew that he was being called for and thus was drawn to something or someone.

    Before returning to the guild Kite was compelled to travel. The reason he would give Kenna was to enjoy his new found freedom. What he didn’t tell her was that he was being drawn to the source call. He had idea if he was going in the right direction but he would find himself on a secluded island south of Fiore. The Dragon Emperor would bestow him with the very magic that earned him the title the Dragon Emperor.

    Unique Abilities:

    • Dragon Emperor’s Power:Kite gains a 60% passive buff to his Mana Pool

    • Dragon Emperor’s Boon:Having the origin of his magic be the cause of a God’s death as well as consuming and assimilating the gods magic into his own a God Slayer and Demon slayer naturally and can consume them back. Naturally a dragon slayer cannot consume his magic however he has the capacity to allow them to. By doing so the dragon slayer consuming this magic gains a 25% additional mana recovery.

    • Dragon Emperor’s Supremacy :With Kite taking the mantle of Dragon Emperor he discovered that he no longer needed to rely on ethernanos to provide him a means to use his magic. He can create and use his magic in areas blocking the use, or otherwise devoid of, magic. (Still utilises the MP system for spells) Due to having become Empowered by his magic, Kite gains a passive buff of 60% in spell damage.

    Normal Spells

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    S rank Spells:

    Advanced Spells

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    Signature Spells

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