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    City of the Undead


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    City of the Undead Empty City of the Undead

    Post by Magicite 21st October 2021, 9:35 am

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    There's more to the undead curse than being too late to help the person who wrote him the letter, it turns out. Spirit was relieved to have defeated the spreading undead in the area of the Abandoned Cabin. After some thought, he decided to look into the curse itself in order to figure out where it came from. His efforts culminated in him arriving in what appeared to be a big, deserted metropolis. However, it turned out that the city wasn't completely deserted. There was one lone survivor, a former banker who eventually became the city's burial master. When Spirit entered the city he was barely able to sense him. If it hadn't had been for the fact he could not just sense magic but see it, he might have never known he was there.

    Spirit would listen to the man's story while assisting him to a chair. Although the man's arm was well bandaged, the material was severely saturated with blood that appeared to be fresh.

    "In this cemetery over there, I've buried every single one of the city's residents. Regrettably, I had no choice except to slaughter all of the dearly departed myself. *coughing*... *expanding* I got bitten myself this morning and had to cut off my own arm to avoid being cursed. I'm hoping you'll be able to assist me because I won't be able to protect myself. Pay attention, young man. Even if you aren't one of them. Jewels are in my possession. I'll pay you to clean up the area completely. I'm not sure what's going on, but I recall a cursed guy wandering in from the forest to the west, newly afflicted and not totally changed, mumbling something about a guildhall. While in the hospital, he fully transformed, and no one had the stomach to kill him before he'd spread the curse tenfold."

    Due to a lack of blood, the man was beginning to lose the battle to stay alive. Spirit didn't have any health potions with him, but he did have Emerald. With her magic, she could at least keep him in check. With a nod to Emerald, she turned her attention to the injured guy. She would breathe out bubbles that would float in the air and land on everyone as her chest swelled and her small wings flailed wildly. The individual would immediately feel better and his body would begin to heal. Despite this, the blood loss was so tremendous that he passed out. Spirit didn't look forward to the headache he'd have when he awoke, but at least he'd be alive. The two would leave, after safely concealing him.

    With Emerald's Bubble Barrage in action, the two of them would acquire a healing factor while simultaneously being energized, allowing her to use it again with more effectiveness. With that in mind, he'd back away from Emerald and activate his Combat Clairvoyance to boost his prowess if the situation arose.

    As he stepped out of the building, the sun began to drop, and the quiet, dead town was enveloped in darkness. He accepted it with a big breath. He didn't mind the darkness since becoming a Cavern Dragon Slayer. It didn't make him feel scared, but rather the contrary. As the sounds of the undead approached, he slowly let out the air he had taken and glanced forward. In the dark, his lifeforce shone like a light for them.

    As the undead neared him, he could see the magic within them because to his signature spell Clairvoyance. It appears that there were a total of twelve people. Five huge pale purple and transparent ghosts with no legs hovered about when they came into view. Five zombies shambled in front and below them, their rotten flesh and exposed bones hinting at how long they had been dead. A sixth zombie, however, towered over the others, standing at least ten feet tall. A man stood in the middle of them all, with the exception of his poor complexion and a noticeable, unhealed bite mark on his forearm, who didn't look like a zombie. He was well-dressed and appeared to be in command of the zombies around him.

    Spirit would notice the undead approaching from the west, possibly from the forest and the murmured guildhall.

    The man would speak from twenty meters away.

    "I'd like to welcome you to the Undead City. You can delight in the fact that someone as remarkable as you will be admitted to our ranks. But, but, but, but, but, but, but, but, but, but, but Is that a tiny dragon? A zombie dragon would be ideal for the master. Or maybe he'll turn her into a dracolich? In any case, my buddies here are hungry, and you are alive. Now is the time to die."

    Spirit had an uncanny ability to remain cool in high-stress situations. While his face didn't reveal it, his eyes were filled with passion, love, and anger all at the same time. The man felt it would be smart to put on a show of might, but all he did was gather the undead for him. By lifting a finger in front of him, Spirit would trigger the divergence of his magic, casting Flash of Solaria - Red mixed with Vanquishing Darkness, but first he'd cast Blinking Star as he teleported next to the man who dared to recommend Emerald be converted into a mere zombie or dracolich. Light infused with his spell as a burst of magic erupted throughout the area.

    Except for the one who spoke and dared to make a proclamation towards Emerald, all the undead would perish quickly. While he sustained a lot of damage, the fight was far from finished thanks to the Light Element incorporated in his spell. Emerald's wings began to shine brightly as she focused on the threat, her eyes twinkling as she pressed the element of surprise. She let forth a shower of gleaming, shimmering liquid that fizzled like frothy bathwater when she opened her mouth. The man caught off-guard was now attacked twice, but he was also being weighed down by the shimmering liquid and losing his magic reserves.

    When Spirit teleported, Emerald was left behind, and she would keep a safe distance away as Spirit fought the man. With Spirit's speed combined with the man's lowered speed, he had little chance for the remainder of the fight. He'd finally kill the man with Gloves of the Lightning Dragon as he began to wail, trying to activate a spell. Whatever he was about to do would be thwarted by the sound of his spell being cut off by a guggle of blood.

    Flying over and landing on his shoulder, Spirit and Emerald would look to the west. It was time to investigate the source of the curse and to see who the Master was.

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