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    City of the Undead

    Coco Winters
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    City of the Undead  Empty City of the Undead

    Post by Coco Winters 14th October 2021, 6:47 am

    As the moans of the damned could be heard Aurora walked to the window looking outside of it seeing a mob of the dead coming into to town. The tremors from the grave keeper could be heard from behind her as a grin came on her face. "Grave Master...stay put...you will live to see the morning...I'm gonna clean this town so your work isn't wasted." She said standing up looking back at him her eyes turning red as they lingered into town she made for the door. "Lock up behind me...and under no circumstances will you come to help me." She said as the man stuttered. "B but if you die‐" she would cut him off swiftly. "IF I DIE THEN YOU NEED TO LIVE ON AND GET HELP MORON NOW LISTEN AND SIT PUT!" She said growling her commanders aura coming out as her hair turned a Fiery orange color. As she got a bit scared and stopped talking. "It be a shame to lose someone with your strength...don't waste your lives and the lives of this town clear." She said as she turned around to walk out, she could feel his agreement so there was no need to look back as she walked out to the main street where spirits and ghouls where lingering. Her hands and feet lit up, it was time to work.

    As flames took her she looked as she got there attention as they started to rush her. She would meet there enthusiasm by running toward them as two Spirits reached her first she went to claw through them however her strikes when through and to her surprise it hurt her. She was a quick study though as three more came in to try to passed her. "Astral Flame claws...Scroching strike!" She said lashing out as both flame claws struck at the two spirits and this time her magic coated hands made contact causing them to let out a loud wailing noise as they vanished. She spun around quickly to now see the five ghouls closing in on her. She smirked, it would take more then mindless brute strength to kill her a lot more. "Flash step" she said teleporting past all five of then leaving a trail of fire behind her scorching them all to fall to the ground. As she was turning to the two remaining spirits there was a loud crash as she say a nearby build crumble.

    As a massive Zombie brute came crashing through barreling towards her as it went to slam its fists down on her, even with her speed she barely jumped in time as it shattered the streets below her causing it to crack and crumble, this was one foe she could mess with. "Flame Empress Roar! " she beloved out as a fiery lion like Visage shot out of her into the brute exploding on impact as she landed she was surprised to see the monstrosity still moving as it roared picking up a rock hurling it at her. As the rock flew at her she grit her teeth.  "Flame Empress Solar Flare." She said making the rock explode rushing it with her Astral claws. As she rushed the brute like creature she would see it going down for another slam attack.  As it's fist made contact with the ground she jumped clawing into its arms with her Astral claws. As the dug in burning it it pulled her in close to it. As she reeled back her fire it turned able as she smacked the thin clear in the head. It fell back in a heap onto the building. As she leaded on it she heard a clapping sound as she turned her head.

    She saw a fine dressed pale looking man clapping. Speaking in a raspy voice. "Well done taking out my monsters….I can't wait to kill you and make you into my puppet." He laughed a little lingering towards her. She face a smirk clenching her fist cracking her knuckles.  "Is that so...fine you win I'm your puppet but if I win...YOUR A PILE OF ASH!" She said rushing toward the Necromancer looking being. As she got close his hand started to glow sking falling away, his finger bones becoming claws as he swiped to counter attack.  She slide low barly dodging the strike. "Flame Empress Solar Flare!" She shot him point black as fire lingered on him. To her surprise it seemed to actually do nothing.

    The Being stabbed into arouras gut as she felt curse magic taking hold. The being laughed until it felt Auroa grab its wrist grinning.  "Flame Empress Scorching Earth!" She said shooting a point blank fireball into its face blowing them away from each other landing on her feet with the help of her fireclaws.  She'd need to get healed so the curse lingering as the lingering fire kicks across the grown the being started to burn under it as it yelled cursed her rushing her. She grins rushing back clenching her fist.  As she reeled back her fiery fist aiming to strike. At the last minute however she fainted. Dodging at the last second and threw a Flaming punch sending it onto its back.  As it landed on its back the Flames on the ground consuming it it gave on final yell as it turned to ash on the ground fading out of existence.

    She smirking holding her wound where the curse was in effect she took a deep breath walking to the building as she walked to the building, she needed to heal, the curse wouldn't kill her but it would she can't go fighting with being healed.  She took a deep breath going to rest and heal.  She was glad that she was able to fend off the attacks and keep the grave keeper, he was a good man who cared for his town.  He would be able to leave safely now.  Once she was rested up though...she'd be finishing this once and for all.


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