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    Dual Blades

    Yoruen Jinryu
    Yoruen Jinryu

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    Dual Blades Empty Dual Blades

    Post by Yoruen Jinryu 21st July 2021, 6:07 am

    Magic - 2,000-word thread for 2nd magic

    Magic Name: Dual Blades
    Magic Type: Caster / Solitary (+25% to MP Cost Reduction)
    Description: Magic swordsmanship utilizing dual swords where Tor channels pure magic energy through the swords to increase the damage and speed of each strike. The magic energy that covers the blades and released as magic energy waves appear as translucent light blue magic energy. If he doesn't have access to his weapons, Tor is able to use create energy weapons to wield. In even more dire situations when he can't create the energy weapons, Tor can still use this with bare hands as a last resort, surrounding his hands with magic energy instead.
    Unique Abilities:

    • Equip Energy Edge: Tor channels magic energy into his attacks, be it armed or unarmed and through that is able to increase his physical damage by 60% and gains a passive 5% HP regen.
    • Equip Energy Armor: A transparent layer of magic energy covers Tor's entire body, reducing spell damage against him by 50% as well giving him a 5% MP regen.
    • Slice Apart: Once per post, Tor is able to add a "Negation" effect to any of his spells. The scope of the negation effect depends on the spell that he uses it with, and can only be used to negate an enemy spell of equal or lower rank than the spell he combines the negation effect with. He will also need to expend additional MP equal to the enemy spell he is negating, on top of the MP of his spell that he pairs the negation effect with.


    Signature Spells:

    Normal Spells:

    Advanced Spells:


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