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    Saint's Edict

    Francois Prideheart
    Francois Prideheart

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    Saint's Edict Empty Saint's Edict

    Post by Francois Prideheart 1st July 2021, 11:19 pm


    Primary Benefit I Character can have up to 4 Summon spells active at once. +75% to Spell Durability and Spell Damage


    Auxiliary Benefit I Both Unbound Eyes spells gain +1 abilities equal to spell rank.


    Magic Change purchased here
    Gain the following benefits from his lineage, Champion of Spirits
    1 additional signature spell slot
    Two additional advanced spell slots ranking up to H+ and S+
    Sacrificing an H rank spell slot for an additional H+ rank spell as specified below

    Promises of power and grandeur awaited the young Francois as magic seemed to bow down to his whims. His curiosity for the marvels of magic sparked his interest in everything magical. It would later be known to everyone that the young Morgan was a prodigy - one who is incredibly gifted and talented in the arcane arts. Nay, perhaps Arcanos has favored the young prodigy as some would say. He was regarded highly in his capacity to bend ethernanos to his whims, like a maestro leading the orchestra. Combined with his nigh impeccable intellect, he was able to graduate ahead of his brothers to further his ambition as the most powerful wizard.

    Applications of magic theorems and arcane sigils allow him to cast spells of any element and of any effect, ranging from the more positive life magic to deadly black magics - all taught by his tutors. His relationship with them is great, even after graduating from the most prestigious magic academy in Fiore. His journey as a wizard has also afforded him connections with other entities, be it elementals, spirits, or daemons, and had the opportunity to be taught their magics. He is able to seek their counsel or help in times of need with only a whisper and they will portal themselves to his location.

    Even after graduating with the highest of honors, there is only so much he can learn from the institute. He wanted to grow more, and after much research, he was able to delve into the fonts of magic - Earthlands ley lines. His exposure to this raw magic granted him several boons, most notable of these is his ability to bring forth his esoteric eyes that unlocks his hidden potential. These eyes have bestowed upon him knowledge of magics not known to man or those lost in the pages of history. Truly, he’s blessed.


    Magical Secret - Font of Magic I Being able to tap unto the ley lines of Earthland, Francois is granted access to almost limitless supply of ethernanos as well as a stronger magic. He is granted a 60% increase to his Spell Damage and maximum MP.

    Magical Secret - Eyes of the Runekeeper I Francois' study of arcane languages has afforded him the ability to read most of what the common folk believe to be 'indecipherable arcane jargons', allowing him to read arcane scriptures or magic of similar caliber with no hassle. Behind this mundane skill is his ability to sharpen his magic sensory that it allows him detect magic from objects, which is useful for navigating areas filled with magical traps. For languages unique to other characters, this ability only applies with prior consent from involved parties. His connection to the ley lines grows stronger as he is granted a 60% increase to his Spell Damage and maximum MP.

    Magical Secret - Multicast I Francois' limitless supply of magic afforded him the means of casting multiple spells at once, limited only to single target/burst type spells with a 1 post duration. His connection to the ley lines grows stronger as he is granted a 60% increase to his Spell Damage and maximum MP.

    Passive Spells:
    Normal Spells:


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