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    ☽ frosted tempest ✧ diamandis & kurofaustΩ intro ☾ Empty ☽ frosted tempest ✧ diamandis & kurofaustΩ intro ☾

    Post by desirée 20th June 2021, 10:25 pm

    ✧ The winds that cascaded down from the white skies thrashed through the basin of the Phoenix Mountains and Terra Ignis, its delicate snowflakes dancing through the frosted tempest like fairies within the forest; it was one of the stronger snowstorms that the ex guild-master was able to witness within her arrival within the nostalgic realm, Earthland. It had been about three days since she had wavered through the illustrious weaving of the in-between of dimensions in the form of her abrupt arrival, finally having healed from the wounds that she sustained from the battle against what had brought her to the lands of Ishgar once more. A giant demonic entity that had invaded the hidden realm of Chrysalis, the ethereal crystalline realm that resides tucked deep within the folds of reality in the planet's atmosphere, it was as if the effects of the battle had spanned far deeper than the illuminant flesh of the dimension's queen, having singed the eternal visions of wretched eyeballs and twisted spires of hellfire deep into the area of her brain that produced the feeling of fear. Now having gained the utmost fear of worms that were to resemble the elongated creature of hellfire due to its attempted upheaval of the holiness of her ethernano, it was a great thing that she did not require sleep as did most of those that resembled human beings- she was sure that it would slither through the shadows of her dreams, despite the lethal fate that it had encountered at the end of her royal predecessor's holy blade. Yet, it was now clear to the rose-haired girl of scared light just what her father's unholy summons wished to achieve in their prime, being the destruction of the endless expanse of the realm of gemstones and the mystical world of Earthland in the name of evil.

    "W- whoa, it feels like it's getting colder and colder!" Diamandis would shiver as she would wander the path that was said to lead to the guildhall of Silver Wolf, the white parka that was sprawled across her body fluttering with each pile of snow she would attempt to trudge through- she had not felt the feeling of cold like this in years, and though this aspect of the mortal world was beautiful to witness, the chilly sensation was something that she did not miss in the slightest. This was not true for the tiny companions that accompanied her on this journey into the snowstorm, however; the two bio-luminescent organisms and the stellar baby mire wolf waded gently through the piles and began to frolic joyously beside the divine mage, reminiscent of the lands they once called their homes. Cradling what appeared to be a large, pink stuffed animal of extreme plush proportions that appeared to resemble a species similar to the wolf she considered her own, the otherworldly queen would look upon the winter wonderland that was her surroundings, her prismatic eyes fluctuating into the color of a deep blue.

    Trembling within the thick bundles of cloth and faux-fur that was interwoven through her winter clothing due to the frigid temperatures, Desirée would sigh as she would delve into the intrusive thoughts that would creep into her cerebrum; this would be the fourth time she had sought out a guild, and it felt as though each affixment was more and more emotionally driven. It was exhausting, but she did not have any other choice but to pursue friendly convergence while she found herself roaming the world of magecraft. Though she had everything she ever wanted within Chrysalis, the stellar realm that she had attained aristocratic control of, the currency of Earthland was something that she had needed if she was going to make a life here once more. Her wallet was empty, and her visits to the domain she was born within would not be short ones- she was the reason the shades were creeping into the dimensions linked to the planet, and it was now her destiny to halt their manifestations. It was her destiny to slaughter the demon that was once her human father, the man with the dark dreams of destroying the joy strung through the magical world. But first, she would need to regain her place that she had left so many years ago. A place within the ethereal society and the guilds strung throughout its landmarks of awe, where she would be able to find others with morals and ideals similar to those she held so close to her heart.

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    note: this guild intro is open to all members of silver wolf, though it would be greatly appreciated if others wait to join until @KuroFaustΩ has replied to this thread, as we are doing a joint intro! thank youuuu loves ☾


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    Post by Guest 26th June 2021, 10:06 am


    It had been some time since Faustein had gone on his last two adventures, both being ones that had taken him all the way to a region of Earthland known only as the “Cursed Lands”. The first of these had involved accepting a request from a group of despondent families who called this accursed region their home with the task therein involving the investigation of the mysterious disappearances of their kith and kin all of which had been associated with a certain strange house located some distance away from their homes where he had met with them. So, Faustein had gone in, investigated the mystery in question while fighting his way through waves upon waves of statues which seemed to only move when he was not looking directly at them. It had taken a while to do so due to the sheer number of them and because he had flown solo on that job, but finally Faustein had managed to destroy all of them successfully along with their leader, a giant ogre statue. Alas, he had been too late to save the victims of the disappearances because by the time he found the ogre statue’s hidden dimension and entered it, the previously missing victims were all long dead and turned into mere skeletons. So, he left said cursed house and reported his findings to the families who were his clients, and of course had to wait there while they all bawled their eyes out in despair before they were ready to hand him his considerable service fee, but eventually he was able to wrap up that job and head on home.

    Then there had been the second of his two most recent adventures which had him once again wandering the “Cursed Lands” region, this time to meet with a powerful vampire who had requested the destruction of a coven of vampires of which he had been a member at some point but was later banished for disobedience and free thought and had his precious locket taken away by the leader of said coven. So, Faustein found the home base of said coven, aka a structure called the “Haunted Guild” and had entered it after which he had fought his way through several waves of enemies by his lonesome since he had flown solo on this job just as he had with the last one. Finally, he had faced the leader of the coven, aka the “Count”, in single combat and after a protracted struggle, had successfully destroyed him and retrieved the vampire client’s locket for which he had been rewarded handsomely with a lot of jewel, but also been granted the boon of being turned into a powerful vampire by the client biting him after which he had left for his home in Fiore once more. Naturally, since he did not want his newfound vampirism to take hold just yet, Faustein had proceeded to suppress it until some future point via self-administration of a special anti-vampiric suppression drug that he had developed sometime in the past when he had an encounter with a similarly powerful, but antagonistic ancient vampire.

    Since finishing up this most recent job, Faustein had once again returned to the grind of his daily life in Fiore. That is, he had gone back to working further at his profession as a practicing, full qualified physician-scientist mage yet again since this was the field in which he had established himself and been maintaining his position and renown in as one of Earthland’s preeminent authorities, the other being cutting edge magical and scientific research. Of course, his daily life would not be complete without his true love beyond all else, namely his ongoing and ever-burgeoning mad science research, though it was considered as “mad” in the eyes of others in his acquaintance, but not by him, of course. Thus, time began to march onwards yet again for him from then and all was relatively peaceful for some time after that once more, with him managing to start making some more major progress in his next series of even more exotic and not exactly ethically/morally viable research projects. Alas, this period came face to face once again with yet another rather abrupt intermission, which came in the form of the dissolution of Elysium, the guild that he had been a part of for so long.

    What in the world happened while I was away...for it to have led to the dissolution of Elysium? This is unexpected, indeed...

    Faustein mused silently as he read over the notification that had just come in about Elysium's unexpected disbanding, but then the orders came from on high, so now he did not exactly have a choice in the matter and was once again guildless, which of course meant that he would have to relocate his lab elsewhere. Thus, his search began for a suitable guild to join so he could once again have that backing that was of paramount importance to his research efforts. It took a while from then till present day but finally, he managed to settle on joining the independent aligned guild called Silver Wolf, his decision to do so being informed by the fact that Silver Wolf was known to be a guild which encouraged research and exploration of ancient artifacts, mysterious relics, arcane tomes, and the like and so, was the perfect fit for his new guild association.

    Alright, so now that I have settled on a suitable guild, it is finally time to go find the guild hall for said guild. From my investigation, it seems my destination is somewhere in or near the Phoenix Mountains and Terra Ignis...

    With that in mind, he started to ready himself for the journey ahead and at the end of this process, he donned his signature physician-scientist’s outfit which also donned as his custom light armor suit as per his usual protocol. After that, he finished by putting on his smart holographic glasses and strapping his spacetime manipulation chronograph to his left wrist as per the first of the final steps of his usual job prep protocol once again just as he had done on his most recent job. Once that was done, he holstered his iLac and took his military grade backpack with the rest of his field equipment and other on-the-go tools and items inside and set off to exit his lab/mansion yet again just like with his previous job. After exiting his lab/mansion, he headed over to the area of his mansion where he kept his S.P.A.T.E, aka his personal all-terrain train, stored and maintained and started it up after loading it with his equipment and so on, letting it take him all the way to the Phoenix Mountains and Terra Ignis.

    It took a while to reach there due to the distance involved, and once he arrived, he noticed a flurry of snowflakes coming down and plenty of snow and frost coating everything around in the vicinity. It was then that he noticed someone walking in the distance ahead of him and so he released the train into high gear, causing it to rocket forward with a loud, echoing steam engine "choo choo" sound as was typical of such vehicles.

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    Once within earshot, due to his vision being enhanced by his SHG-IV, aka his magitek smart holographic glasses, Faustein noticed that the person was a woman who was dressed in a luxuriant white parka but seemed to be averse to the chill seeping into everything due to the cold environment around them, if her exclamation was any guide. So, he called out to her with an invite

    "Ahoy there!! You seem to be in a state of discomfiture, miss!! Would you like to come inside this train and ride with me?! It is considerably warmer and more comfortable here and while I am not certain of your destination, it would undoubtedly be safer and more convenient to travel in a heated vehicle like this one, methinks!! So, what say you?!"

    He spoke thus, ensuring to activate the vocalization module installed in his body's throat region to set it a few degrees higher output than the baseline so his voice could be heard over the ambient sounds of the cold environment around them. Then, he fell silent and waited to see what the woman would react like to his invite.


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