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    Find Those Puppies!

    Coco Winters
    Coco Winters

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    Find Those Puppies! Empty Find Those Puppies!

    Post by Coco Winters 3rd May 2021, 2:51 am

    Sister Lillian had originally come to Magnolia to offer relief to the victims of the most recent attack upon the city. A devastating Blow from the darkest parts of the world that she was helping to solve oneday. However she has gotten asked to do a bit of a task. One of the city Folk who weren't as affected we're helping with the Reconstruction however modular Chagrin they ended up leaving the gate open and a litter of puppies started swarming around Magnolia. Lily and not liking anyone to be in the shop offered to do her best to help locate the the little bundles of Joy before they could impede construction progress and so they would want to get hurt and all the construction. She was certainly up to the task. as she started to walk around the city of Magnolia looking for these puppies there was a sound of hammering and sawing all around it was during one of the building reconstruction efforts that she found the first puppy the little sucker was already hard at work eating one of the poor construction workers lunch it's heading a bag. she went up and grab the puppy as it was chewing on a sandwich in the bag its head poking up the bags on it as she giggled slightly removes the bag. one down and one to go. She returned to the owner with the puppy who was now nice and full and continue her search for the other ones. The next place you would find her puppies she found two of them at once they were hiding sleeping nice and cozy behind a set of lumber turn up into each other like a game yang symbol it might have just been one of the cutest things Lillian is seen in a long time looking at the sky for a long before between now and grabbing them they gave a small yawn each before looking at her their Happy Tails wagging in anticipation for William picking him up. She would return these ones to the owner as well the last puppy though was a little trickier than the other ones last puppy she found who's being held by a small boy who wanted nothing more than to keep this puppy for himself she gave a very small saw as her job was to return the puppies home taking a moment to think about it she smiled and took the small boy to the owner of the puppies.After a brief moment the owner ended up just giving the small boy a puppy finding a horse the parents are okay with it to help the boy get over the trauma of what happened to Magnolia. Well and smiled seeing the good kind act and thanked the man for it. With that though the poor puppies were found and lonely and job was complete for the moment now back to providing relief for the city of Magnolia and giving it her God's blessing.

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