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    Find Those Puppies


    Find Those Puppies Empty Find Those Puppies

    Post by Guest 12th April 2019, 7:32 am

    There never seemed to be a moment where somebody did not need help with something in Magnolia but that was perfect for Leliana. No sooner had she returned from her job with the man who had a fear of trains then she had quickly took on another albeit, quite a simple one. A litter of seven puppies had managed to get out of their home and were apparently running all over the place, a thought which made the mage smile and she had happily taken it on. With her spirits, the task would not be that difficult and as soon as she had agreed to the task, Leliana had called upon Blaziken and Greninja in order to find them and they had got to work straight away. They were professional if not all that happy with the task, given their liking for combat but the respect that they had for their mistress overruled that. The bond that they had with Leliana was immensely strong and they were aware of her pacifism. That was part of the reason why they respected her in a way, where as most mages seemed to take the aggressive approach to things, Leliana did not and attempted to find a peaceful solution if she could.

    The two spirits decided to make a challenge of it and so Leliana found herself sitting outside the owners house, playing the role of referee and scorekeeper while her summons searched. The mage was happy with the arrangement and simply let things go, playing with the puppies as they were found. After a while, she summoned Ninetails as well, who took an instant shine to the litter and quickly the fox was acting motherly towards them, much to Leliana'a delight. It was not often that she spent much time with the eldest of her regular summons as Blaziken and Sylveon took most of Leliana's time but the relationship between herself and Ninetails was a mother and daughter one in truth, with the mage as the latter. Whenever the black haired girl needed to talk, the vixen was there for her, not as cheerful a figure as Sylveon was but kindly in her own way.

    After about half an hour or so, all of the puppies had been found and the water frog had won by a single puppy, much to his delight and Blaziken's annoyance. The opposing looks on their faces managed to get a chuckle from Leliana. Greninja was quietly pleased while Blaziken looked like he was about to blow his top. The mage wished that she had a camera, as it would have made a fine picture. Anyway, the job was done and the owners were delighted with the result, paying the mage the agreed fee and taking the litter back inside. Blaziken and Greninja shortly disappeared but Ninetails stayed behind, sitting beside her mistress and watching the scenery.

    "Blaziken is going to be a nightmare to live with," Ninetails said with a sigh, "The angry look on his face when he lost was priceless though."

    "Greninja looked pretty pleased with himself," Leliana answered, "For him anyway."

    "Oh, he'll be rubbing that win in the chicken's face for a long time, trust me," came the vixen's coy reply.

    After licking Leliana's ear affectionately, Ninetails then returned to her realm, leaving the mage alone. For a minute or so, she simply watched the world go by, before standing up and making her way down the road towards her next job.

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