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    Facing One's Fears


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    Facing One's Fears Empty Facing One's Fears

    Post by Mitsuo 19th March 2021, 8:48 pm

    It was quite a lovely winter day in Fiore, the sun high in the sky warming everything as the snow became blinding around them and the young Fairy Tail wizard didn’t care a single bit about that. He had been assigned a job by Vandrad to test his mettle, and he could honestly say he had never looked forward to any job less in his entire life. As he and the miners travelled to their destination over the couple of days it took to get there, it would simply lead to make Mitsuo more and more unhappy as he began to imagine the creatures that he had been sent to deal with. There were a few things in life that Mitsuo feared, but there was one fear that stood above the rest, and it was because of that, he assumed, that he had been sent on this task for he was told that there were giant spiders in the mines and he would need to deal with them...

    Every chance his brain had on the trip, it filled his mind with preposterously sized spiders. The brush of a leaf? Clearly a spider landing on him. Snapping of twigs? There’s a spider around. He was completely white and the miners weren’t feeling overly confident in the skills of the wizard who kept screaming and crying at every gust of wind going past him. He wasn’t putting anyone at ease, that was for sure, but to be fair he wasn’t at ease himself either, not even close. When they finally made it to the mine he would take a second before going in to throw up around the side of the entrance before ensuring that all of his clothing were tight so that smaller spiders ideally wouldn’t be able to crawl onto them, and he pulled a face cover over his mouth and nose just in case before moving into the mine.

    He could feel his body shaking, sucking in air and “stress eating” in the most slayer like way possibly as he could feel his senses sharpening, eyes adjusting to the darkness and the smells of the mine beginning to fill his nose. He could hear the skittering of legs and smell the scent of the creatures in the darkness, but as he couldn’t see the spiders yet he was able to temporarily convince himself that that wasn’t what he was dealing with. He would reach into his bag and pull out a blindfold, realizing that with his hearing and smell he might be able to trick his brain into thinking it was something else and therefore deal with his fears, however briefly this would work for. It wasn’t going to take him long to find out.

    His hearing and smell dialed in even further, cutting off his sight allowing him to truly focus as he would draw his Cutlass, the Blade of Atlas and move forward. He would quickly realize the biggest flaw with this plan once he had gone past where his vision would allow him to see, and that was that he didn’t know the layout of this place...and smelling a wall wasn’t that easy. He would run his fingers along the wall with his left hand, the sword in front of his body with his right as he made his way along, eventually running into a larger cavern where the movement he had been hearing seemed to be. He would feel something change about the wall, and it didn’t take him time to realize what it was...the wall was moving. He stifled a scream, quickly removing his hand and hearing the legs coming towards him.

    His plan was inefficient, but fortunately it had taken him enough time to make his way here that he had been able to build up a lot of power, having continued “stress eating” the air around him and building towards being able to activate his slayer force. He would activate this, feeling the power surging through is body before casting Momentary Wind on him, making him much faster as he began to get to work. He quickly began to realize the futility of his plan, but he had tools that would be able to execute it properly, and even though the thought sickened him, he would pull his blade in towards his body, resting his hand over it before saying “LAW OF ATTRACTION” the cadence of his voice likely still shaky but loud enough to hopefully help him not worry about how disgusting the thing that he had just made happen was going to be.

    Law of Attraction would draw all of the enemies in the area towards him, everything in the chamber being pulled in before dropping to the floor as he would hear the tremendous skittering of legs while he pointed the blade to the ground and said “WEIGHT OF ATLAS!” There was slightly more confidence in his voice this time as gravity increased now around him, and he could hear the squish of millions of tiny bodies, causing him to move his hand to remove the blindfold and take a look around him. The floor was littered with the dead unmoving bodies of tiny spiders and Mitsuo would sigh with relief, thinking to himself that they hadn’t been that big before catching the sound of a massive set of legs above him skittering across the roof. He was shaking as he looked up, seeing the massive and likely very angry spider mother above him.

    Mitsuo’s sword would drop to the ground, covered in the disgusting ichor as he would clap his hand over his mouth to stop a scream, his eyes immediately darting around before realizing that it was likely much faster than him. He would lean down and pick up the sword before trying to run, watching the massive creature run along with him before remembering that the men outside were counting on him to kill this monstrosity. He would breath in deeply, focusing wind magic in his mouth before exhaling his Sky Dragon Roar! The Spider would be tossed from the roof and he would run towards it, using the sword to quickly cleave all four legs on one side, watching as it would roll to the side before he would dodge and remove the other four, the limbless spider simply a hissing giant torso at this point. He would activate Dark Ecriture Darkness Orb and Darkness Spike simultaneously, the two spells crashing into the thing and causing a massive scream before he would finish it with the sword, activating the Steelbreaker ability and cleaving it in twain.

    Mitsuo would throw up once more, taking a second to catch his breath before listening to see if he could hear any more spiders. It seemed that he had killed the majority of the infestation, and it was likely that it would only be the more regular small spiders at this point, but he would work his way through the remaining hallways for the sake of being thorough. He was quite happy that he only came across a few more, and nothing like the mother though several much larger spiders than the smalls, dispatching of them fairly quickly as he had officially checked out, unable to deal with the stress anymore, before going back above ground. The miners were disturbed by the sight of Mitsuo, as he was covered in the guts of millions of dead spiders, and he would tell them that it was safe now before walking away from the group and collapsing, the stress overtaking the young mage now that he had a chance to reflect on the situation...he hoped he would never have to do anything like this again...



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