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    Facing Fears (Exam- Private)


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    Facing Fears (Exam- Private) Empty Facing Fears (Exam- Private)

    Post by Catrinette 5th September 2018, 7:23 pm

    Why, oh why did it have to be fire? Was her guildmaster some type of mind-reader? And a sadistic one at that? Or was it just a really good guess on his part? Fire was one of the few things that Kiyoko was afraid of. And here she was, standing in front of a burning building, being told that she had to go run inside it. Not just run inside it, but fight someone. To the death. The fighting and death parts didn't really scare her, though. She was a member of Nightmare, and if she died she would respawn under the guildhall. Technically, the same was true with the fire, so she ought to be able to get past this. Funny, though, it didn't work like that.

    She swallowed hard, staring down the scene in front of her. She really didn't want to do this, but she had to if she ever wanted to be a respected part of this guild. And she needed to do it quickly. A burning building was bounds to draw attention, and she didn't want her exam interrupted. She took a deep breath. She might be terrified, but she wasn't going to show it. She waited one more moment to steady her nerves and then, extremely unenthusiastically it must be said, charged in to the blazing structure.

    It took every ounce of will Kiyoko had to ignore the heat and smoke as she frantically searched through the burning building for her opponent. She was just starting to lose heart when she spotted movement out of the corner of her eye. There! She wasn't going to waste any time, so she crossed right to the mage waiting for her. He raised a hand, probably about to cast some particularly nasty spell on her, but she was just a tad too fast for him. She grabbed his wrist and dragged him forward, off-balance, and landed a heavy blow to the face before dancing away herself, almost in time to avoid his return undercut. Almost.

    The blow took her breath away for a moment, but she knew she didn't have time to waste, so she went for it. It must be said that in a fight, especially in one with an opponent that was half a foot taller and a good fifty pounds heavier than her, Kiyoko sometimes fought dirty. This was one of those times. She kneed the man in the groin, causing him to double over in pain. As he did so, she grabbed him by the hair and smashed his head into the wall. Repeatedly. Oh, he struggled of course, but in the end he wasn't able to break free in time, and she left him on the ground, a battered and bloody mess. Funny how head trauma could take even the toughest of opponents down so quickly. If you counted five or six strong hits as quick, that is.

    Some might shirk at such carnage. Kiyoko was not at all bothered. Of course, he, like her, would resurrect. All nightmare members did. But even if he didn't, anyone dumb enough to pick a fight with her ought to expect a violent end, and she turned away from the gruesome corpse without so much as a second thought. It was time for her to get out of here.

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