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    Faerie Legacy


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    Faerie Legacy Empty Faerie Legacy

    Post by Oberon 25th February 2021, 1:49 am

    Lineage Name: Faerie Legacy
    Wielder: Oberon
    Purchase: Acquisition




    Fae Luck: Born under a lucky moon, Oberon is blessed by the sylvan gods of Seven granting him 100% additional Jewels gained per thread. With his sylvan spirit, Oberon is capable of cutting his share of the blessing by 50% in order to gift an additional 50% to all other participating characters. This benefit does not apply to events and can only be applied to missions. After completing a job, Oberon earns an additional piece of equipment, following the Job Tables for the grade of equipment earned corresponding to the rank of job. Equipment earned this way cannot be sold or refunded to any shop or any other player. Equipment earned this way can, however, be freely traded amongst the player's own characters.(2 Effects)

    "Bow to your betters."

    Eminence: With the potency of his Faerie magic, Oberon receives a 1.5x multiplier to spell damage, spell range, and spell speed at the cost of being unable to buff spell durability, spell healing, or physical strength. (3 Effects)

    "Your human blood is a disadvantage, I apologize for your misfortune."

    Sylvan Knowledge: Educated with the finest sylvan tutors, Oberon receives 2 additional signature spell slots per magic capping at S rank. From the depth of this knowledge, he is also granted two advanced spell slots per magic, capping at H+ and S+ respectively. Oberon gains an additional requip slot. (5 Effects)

    "I was taught by the finest arcane scholars in the world, and yet you question me?"

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