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    Oberon Sutharlan


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    Oberon Sutharlan Empty Oberon Sutharlan

    Post by Oberon 23rd February 2021, 6:34 pm

    Name: Oberon Sutharlan

    Oberon Sutharlan ANP2NTZ

    Gender: MaleAge: 630 (23)Birthday: May 15, X261
    Zodiac: GeminiSexuality: BisexualAllignment: Chaotic Neutral


    Born with a silver spoon in his mouth, Oberon is outwardly spoiled and yet not pretentious. It's very easy for him to be outwardly down-to-earth, but his pretentiousness and general feelings of superiority will never truly leave his inner consciousness. For Oberon, he finds it easy to get along with people as he is generally charismatic and genuine in his conversations. Whether or not he is kind and caring, however, generally depends on his mood or if he just woke up on the wrong side of the bed. For the most part, he sees humans and other races as a spectacle- a play for his own amusement. And he has no qualms interfering with said play just to make things a little more interesting (chaotic) to watch. Oberon's empathy can rage anywhere from helping a take down a dark mage, to being said dark mage that needs to be taken down. Through his various disguises and general ability to remain undetected, he finds himself more honest through his anonymity. They're all colors on the spectrum, really. To put it simply, Oberon's a spoiled asshole that wants to watch chaos unfold.

    Through his general upbringing and nature of his royal blood, Oberon finds himself extremely dedicated to his race of Fae. What he would never mention, however, is how he has elf and human blood coursing through his veins. It's an embarrassment for him, to think that he shares the blood of the common rabble of Fiore. If you were to ask him of his race, he would just laugh and say it was a mystery, for even though he would probably proclaim himself Fae, he's not the type of person to just give everything away about himself. Oberon likes to think that mystery suits him, and general vagueness about his characteristics generally serves him well whenever he needs to skip town after pulling some of his charades. Through his upbringing in the nation of Seven, Oberon naturally speaks with the Savantí accent. With his royal upbringing, however, comes with a lot of perks. Education was a core aspect of his life as a young scion, for it would have been unbecoming for a prince to be uneducated and illiterate. For this reason, Oberon is well-versed in the many languages spoken and is well-versed on the history of both his homeland and the other surrounding nations.

    Specifically, Oberon is both well-versed and well-practiced in the Savantí culture. Much like the elven and human residents of his homeland, Oberon feels a close tie to nature and all that it encompasses. He has studied the mythical beasts and tales of monsters residing within the Coillearnach Seacht, and is thus able to wax poetic about his verdant homeland. Given his general tendencies and sense of homesickness, Oberon can usually be found stalking around a forest and generally just lounging about in meadows of flowers. Large industrial cities generally stress him out given how weak his natural bond can feel with all the concrete and paved roads. He does his best to avoid them, but he is perfectly capable of functioning within them. From his Savantí culture, Oberon is a fierce protector of the forest and all of its mirth- he has no empathy or sympathy for those that choose to willingly harm it. He has no mercy for them either, turning cruel to protect mother nature if need be. Thankfully, however, this type of response is rare from him- normally directed at fire mages burning forests or large pollution types of events. For the common litterer? Oberon would probably just make their wallet or clothing disappear.

    Author's note: Oberon has no canon affiliation with the official royal family of Seven, instead a figurehead of an original race hidden inside Seven.

    • Wealth - From his royal blood, Oberon has equally opulent tastes.
    • Nature - As part of his Savantí culture, Oberon has a strong connection to nature.
    • Trickery - A mischievous soul,  charlatan at heart, Oberon is always up to something.


    • Barbarianism - From his royal blood, Oberon has high expectations for those around him.
    • Poachers - As part of his Savantí culture, Oberon protects wild animals.
    • Heroes - Oberon views them as even more dishonest than himself.


    • Power - From his royal blood, Oberon has a strong lust for power.
    • Ecology - As part of his Savantí culture, Oberon has a strong motivation to protect earth.
    • Fae Race - A race driven to near-extinction, Oberon vows to carve out a sanctuary for his kind


    • Humanity - From his violent past, Oberon has a deep-rooted fear of humans.
    • Industrialism - Oberon fears as though the technological rush for innovation would leave him behind.
    • Rejection -
      Changing everything about himself to fit in, rejection hits Oberon the hardest.

    General Appearance

    Oberon Sutharlan NOTTIhn

    Height:5'6''Weight:120lbsHair Color:Blonde
    Eye Color:Blue/PinkSkin Tone:Pale WhiteBlood Type:O-


    Oberon takes on many appearances in his life, flickering through them like outfits in a wardrobe. But he does have a default - a setting under which he was born. This form is a short lithe man, one with long flowing blonde hair and pointed ears. His skin is fair, unblemished and mostly perfect. A royal upbringing is good at preventing scars and such. Well-versed in beauty regimens, Oberon makes himself look good without jazzing himself up with magic, though he is likely to do both after a particularly rough night or if he's just feeling lazy. His skin is puffy and his cheekbones are subtle. His face has a soft look to it, elven features blending with fae to create a more muted Savantí look. His eyes are large and round, plentiful and giving to its soft pastel blues. In this form, the clothes he wears are often both elegant and comfortable. He wears not but the finest silks in his true form, nothing but the finest jewelry either. Gold bands decorate his arms and wrists, and his hair is framed by equally opulent circlets of gems and gold. When casting his non-disguise magic, Oberon's blue and pink fairy wings become visible, a side effect of his magic source and origin. He can summon his wings at will, with them taking the appearance of monarch butterfly patterns and shapes.

    Oberon's other forms and aliases can be found Here

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    Post by Saraphina 23rd February 2021, 10:26 pm


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