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    Cleanup duty

    Miku Kensho
    Miku Kensho

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    Cleanup duty Empty Cleanup duty

    Post by Miku Kensho 17th February 2021, 3:22 am

    Miku woke up to a big shock as she heard something rather interesting news, the town was suffering some form of waterborne infection. Miku didn't partake in consuming any water or anything not imported into town for her own safety and left her motel right for the guild hall where low and behold, her father albeit not him not knowing about their relation, recalled what Miku disclosed in an earlier conversation regarding a resistance to mental effects and asked how that worked for nausea and dizziness. When Miku explained she was more resistant to dizziness Mura waisted no time in explaining that there was a bacterial infection and handed Miku a device. Since Miku had some form of resistance, she was tasked with finding the source and using the device to cure the infection in the town's water supply. So not wanting to disappoint her father she eagerly accepted the task and began following the river towards the caves. Miku was donning her dark Clock Dress as she had the tube on a strap over her shoulder as she walked through, keeping her gunblades holstered and ready at a moment's notice. She was not sure what to expect on this job. 

    She looked around as she could see the cave up ahead as she saw the large mouth opening. She could smell the scent of the nauseating scent from the water grow stronger and stronger as they got closer towards the source. To prevent the nausea from getting to her Miku let her mind wander back, far back to her early years as she recalled some of the fondest memories of her youth. "I remember when Mira and Toki begged me for a nice picnic in the woods. Dad was out on some job, Mom was somewhere not even the devil would look and how could I say no to the twins. They were so excited.... She said as she reminisced on some of the good memories of her life. She recalled playing in the woods, a nice small barbecue lunch, it was all well and good. It was at this point Miku had crafted her first Gunblade and figured with the lessons she had from both parents she could protect her younger siblings, and much to her chagrin she was wrong and they were at the mercy of a Vulcan until at the last minute the Vulcan was cut in half, and from behind the Vulcan was the unsurprising figure of her father sheathing his golden sword expressing disappointment in his eldest child, though in time he was understanding.

    Continuing further down the trail towards the cave, Miku started to recall rumors from her time that surrounded the cave.

    "Can't believe I'm back here, rumors said there was a monumental jackass that thought this was the town's garbage dump, glad it was long since cleared-" She said as she would start to come across a large mount of rubbish and gunk blocking her path as she continued her sentence. "Ten years ago... right I'm back in time about 60 years. Damn I look good for a woman of Infinity minus 60 though." She said resetting her mind back on track as she looked at the pile, not yet willing to be deterred as she looked at the materials that made up the pile as she was doing a cost analysis in her head. "Each Age Shot ages something up by a decade to two decades... Decade Drain is self explanatory..." She thought before she could hear squeaking as she started to frown realizing the problem got more complex as she knew Age Shot and Decade Drain wouldn't necessarily affect the rats as they were sentient.  However for the moment she did the math in her head. "Ply wood, plastic, metal, fluff, cotton, glass... and already decomposing food scraps. Good news is most of this stuff, especially the tin and similar metals will need about fifty or sixty years give or take, so three to five shots, which would drag wood and other stuff before that, then I can use Decade Drain after three or five shots... Which should restore the juice in the tank with what's left and make it easy to charge right through the cave. Then I got about six minutes to administer dad's cure before consequences catch up and hit the town. Then I can take down the rest of the rubbish."

    However Miku had to note that the rats were going to be a problem and she couldn't afford to have any delays as she looked at the mash of filth. She knew that once she got started she would practically be begging for the rats to come and get her as their precious hovel would rot out of existence around them. She knew that they would come right after her before she would be in in hot water as the rats would surround her but she would need to stay within the area while decade drain is in effect to finish the job while fending off the rats. She sighed as she prepared herself as she pulled out both her gunblades and aimed them towards the pile as she readied her stance. She took a deep breath as her crimson eyes glowed with their yellow clock form before she would fire a gun calling out loudly "Age Shot!" as magic seals appeared in front of each barrel, and every shot turned into a beam of light striking the massive pike and she would repeat this process six times before running out of breath and taking a moment to catch her breath as she was starting to sweat a bit.

    Each shot of the spell caused the pile to age more rapidly as time accelerated, she could watch as all the food scraps rotted into nothingness as decades passed in minutes, the wood, paper, and cotton falling into accelerated decay, and the metal slowly joining the lot. She watched as the giant pile started to crumble into ash and bits. The organic trash the rats feasting on withered within a minute as the rest of the pile rotted and decayed away. However in the midst of the crumbling Miku could hear squeaking as rats started to swarm out of the dwindling remains, some ran away but lost of them ran towards Miku in a attempt to save their fleeting hovel. Miku would jump back and to the side, avoiding the rats while trying to shoot at them with her gunblades as her red aura started to expand and engulf the area as Miku invoked her decade drain. The trash heap started to wither further as the environment seemed to age and any ethernano within the trash quickly moved into Miku's body as the rate of decay hastened. "Long as I carefully avoid them, won't be a proble-" She said starting to get confident before the trash heap seemed to explode with a deep roar coming out. Miku would look over at the pile as out from deep underneath came forth a rat tat on it's hind legs, stood eight feet tall with heterochromatic green and red eyes, pitch black fangs and seemed to be covered in blood before springing to all four legs and charging at Miku.

    "A fucking Rat Goliath? Alright big boy... Oh wait girl, you want to dance?" Miku jumped back as she converted her right gunblade into it's blade form while shooting with her left, missing the Rat by a hair multiple times until a shot hit the shoulder. The rat got close as Miku would run towards it, jumping over the rat before jumping off it's head, landing on it's lower back and continued jogging as she knew she couldn't afford to get too far from the decaying pile as she had a time crunch to stick to. "Shit, shit, shit, shit! I don't got time to spare to play with him. I gotta get the injector in quickly before the consequences of my actions actually hurts someone. If the decay is spreading quickly the bacteria would be too, and evolving at that... I can't afford to be playing- that's it, I don't need to be the one playing with it. She thought as a smirk would cross her face as her  clock eyes faded for the moment and her natural red eyes seemed to glow in the dark cave, meeting the giant rats as it turned around. "Alright big girl, you really want me to play predator? Remember your place rat..." She said as their eyes locked and the rat froze for a moment, shivering as now it felt like it had many times before, scared of a larger predator even though its mass tripled that of the human before it. The rat couldn't look away as it felt a overwhelming sense of fear. Only the sound of crumbling and decaying garbage for nearly a minute before the rat would hear a familiar sound of a feline growl. The rat would tremble looking to the side as they saw a rather large Siamese cat charging towards them from behind. Following a squeal of fear, the giant rodent began to run away, but the feline was hot in pursuit.

    Miku watched as she couldn't help but admire the sheer simplicity of that. "Gain all the power you want, you can't change the nature of a being, a prey will always fear their natural predator..."  She said as she removed the tube device from her back and removed the cassing revealing several large needles before she would walk to ground zero of the pile of the decayed waste as it had all faded into nothingness leaving the rats homeless. Miku slammed down the device before undoing a cap and pressing a button and caused a blue liquid to be shout out from the device that quickly spread into the waterflow, working on curing the bacteria as the drug was distributed with a countdown. "Screw this... Age Shot!"" Miku would then cast the spell on the device as time would intensify for the device and the drug distributed at a accelerated rate before Miku would giddily leave the cave. "Well, now to go find a shower... and weld myself in there."

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