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    V Is For Valentines [Event]

    Vasco Forte
    Vasco Forte

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    V Is For Valentines [Event] Empty V Is For Valentines [Event]

    Post by Vasco Forte 12th February 2021, 10:02 am

    V Is For Valentines [Event] J4kRoFsU_o

    Free admission to a theme park? Why sure, count Vasco in. Despite the obvious fact that he was without a date, the Meliora Vitae mage still nabbed the opportunity presented onto him. Soon enough, however, the young mage did realize of his mistake. It became more and more apparent to him that perhaps Loveland Park, much to his displeasure, was meant to be enjoyed by "quote" lovers; what a shocker.

    As such, Vasco roamed the theme park by his lonesome as he passed by couple after couple, each pair clinging on one another as though they were monkeys on a tree. Not that he was bitter for not having a relationship, however. What truly annoyed him was the inability to partake in particularly interesting rides and activities. After all, what's the point of his free park admission without fully immersing himself for the entire park experiencing.

    "Hey, hey~" Beckoned one of the park employees; an almost comically muscular man clad in pink tank-top. "Need a partner? Come test your luck and step on up~"

    The kissing booth stood before him, one he could only assume to be manned by the very same man who had called for his attention. The booth itself was a giant wooden box painted in pink adorned with red lip shaped patterns all over its exterior. Oddly enough, the entire booth seemed more like a repurposed confessionary taken straight from the church. Vasco, for a brief moment, assessed the situation; weighing both pros and cons for the sake of his theme park experience, and by extension, himself.

    "No need to be shy~ It's totally free! Some partners here are very open minded, if you catch my drift. There are also other single souls roaming out there, so don't be discouraged~" Whoever he was, he sure made the right pitch. Vasco swallowed air both out of nervousness and anticipation as the burly man in pink nearly swayed him without much effort.

    "Eeeehhh..." He trailed off, not quite sure as to how he should respond just yet as he still toyed with the very idea on his head. "I might need a hot second to consider the offer."

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    Serena von Edelweiss
    Serena von Edelweiss

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    V Is For Valentines [Event] Empty Re: V Is For Valentines [Event]

    Post by Serena von Edelweiss 21st February 2021, 10:07 pm

    The lights of the theme park reflected off of Natalia's golden eyes, she was alone watching couples walking together. She was there not for romance or fun, in fact she was only there due to her uncles wishes. Apparently one of her uncles associates found Natalia attractive, so her uncle being the scumbag he was, threw Natalia under the bus and offered his Niece for a night of "romance". Natalia was prepared to go along with whatever the clients wishes was, after all she couldn't exactly go against her uncles wishes.

    She had been waiting for about two hours now, yet her date had yet to arrive. She remained at the agreed location not moving an inch waiting for her uncles associate. Eventually upon her long wait Natalia received a message on her lacrima phone. It was her date apologizing that he couldn't make it. Natalia politely messaged back telling her uncles associate that it was alright. For a moment Natalia debated if she should call her butler to pick her up, but eventually decided to stick around and explore a bit.

    Natalia wasn't trying to bring attention to herself, but she couldn't avoid turning a few heads while she walked around. She paid no mind, her looks was an asset to her after all. After walking for a few minutes she arrived at the kissing booth. Natalia watched silently as one of the park employees attempt to convince the man to join in the festivities.

    "If you're not comfortable with this particular attraction, there are other games and activities that can be done." Natalia chimed in as she stepped right next to the young man. She brushed her light crimson red hair behind her ear. She turned to look at the young man.

    "No date I presume? If so that would make two of us." Natalia mused, she spoke in a calm collected tone. She held herself with an aura of confidence without seeming to be prideful or boast. Her eyes wandered looking through the crowd as she curiously waited for the young mans response.

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