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    Attack Of The Adorableness | Valentines' Event


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    Attack Of The Adorableness | Valentines' Event Empty Attack Of The Adorableness | Valentines' Event

    Post by Hikachu 10th February 2016, 2:56 am


    Army Of One

    Valentines’ Day.

    14th February — one of the most precious day for people to spend their time with their loved ones. The weather was slightly warm yet a bit chilly from the harsh gales that blew across the undulating lands of the Desert Village. A perfect day, isn’t it? The beige coloured curtains engraved with golden patterns were draped loosely over the large windows before a breeze blew through the hall, blowing them in at one end and out the other like flags, the shadows reflecting on the marbled floor. The sound of boots clacked against the ground and resonated through the silence that filled the entire hall, its owner no other than Hikari Starr, the current guild master of Sabertooth. The thought of Valentines’ Day lingered in her mind as a sigh escaped her lips for being clueless about love and the sole meaning of relationships. With her elbow propped up on the railing placed at the edge of the balcony and her chin resting on her palm, the young woman pondered what she should do for the day, to reward her fiancé while staring out at the beautiful scenery of Ace of Spades that was unfolded before her eyes. The rose haired woman was definitely not the type of person to celebrate these sort of romantic dates, however, reflecting upon how her paramour had treated her during the period they had been together, she felt the sudden need to do something sentimental for him. Besides, they had already been engaged and the least she could do for him was to go on a lovely date with him, shouldn’t she?

    The cool breeze that swept across the vicinity of the town of Sabertooth caused her pink hair to sail behind her like a kite, her cloak gently billowing above her calves. Indigo orbs glided upwards into the endless blue sky and a content sigh would leave her lips upon witnessing the sight of a beautiful day. Pushing herself off from the railing that was supported by numerous and a variety of gargoyles, the woman slipped away outside of her guildhall to search for her paramour.

    The Market.

    It was the only place Chelvaric would love to visit inside their whole town, apart from her own room, since there are tons of fishes being sold out to the customers and no doubt, he was a lover of those aquatic creatures; fishes. With a few guards trailing behind her, the pinkette proceeded to the market which was as usual, packed with people. Loud chatters of vendors selling their stocks and laughters of men drinking and chatting about their usual endeavours brimmed up the entire town. Some who caught sight of her would bow graciously towards her, as she would greet them gratefully in return, to the citizens of her town. The clamour of fish market could be heard even at this distance, followed by a low and calming voice bargaining for the price of a fish, whose owner was no other than Chelvaric. A smile was etched onto her plump, rosy lips upon seeing him before she approached towards her fiancé. ”Are you buying fish again?” The young woman bent over slightly, her hands clasped behind her as she whispered just a couple of inches away from his ear, wanting to startle him by her sudden appearance.



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