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    Where does one wear the guise of a monster?


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    Where does one wear the guise of a monster? Empty Where does one wear the guise of a monster?

    Post by Luceam 14th January 2021, 10:37 pm

    During their travels between sites of the legendary dragons, they made few stops that were few and far between, however this one was less avoidable. During a recent stop at a village where Luna was stocking up on herbs and other supplies she got into a conversation with a rather hysterical elderly lady about a rampant beast that took her husband, son, uncle, nephew, third cousin, all in that order. Luna tried to remain calm but everyone in the small village had stories to tell about the beast, some personal, others were full on myths. The most grandiose of which was that the beast killed the family that inhabited the once joyful and prosperous castle that it now inhabits. The only commonality in any depiction was that the beast was more then capable of killing a whole castle, as at that point all tales diverge. Anyone who had an account for what this beast even looked like, there was a story that completely contradicted it. Luna could only gather no one has seen the creature itself in a long time and thus when she was finished she explained the rumors she gathered to Akeya before managing to reach a point for the pair to stop and at least check out the story.

    The two would be traversing the haunted forest as this time Luna was reading off her ilac instead of a book, scroll, tome, flier. She was reading an article about the castle in question. "While this region of Fiore is inhabited by the darker, chaotic, and more twisted parts of supernatural and magical beings and mysteries, there are three significant points in which the darkness thrives. One of which is our present destination, the Haunted castle, no one remembers exactly what happened. The Haunted Castle is said to be a dwelling of darkness that even drives Master shadow magic users so mad that they begged to be stripped of any magic potential, and even mages on par with the saints were never heard from again." She said as she finished memorizing the article and put her device away looking around. The ominous atmosphere of the world around was quite tense as the dark sky made things hard to see. The Nature fae knew there was not much reason to fear but she could feel the life force of beasts twisted into chaos.

    "Countless mages died in the process of finding what lies inside the castle. The cursed magic has prevented any attempts to demolish the castle, rumors suggest that if the castle were to receive major damage, the walls would appear fixed even if they are only restored to a state of disarray. The place is so impossible to work with that Fiore considers it condemned and no one knows who even has a claim to it, not that anyone would last long afterwards." She explained going through the information helped try to put her mind at ease. The twisted and darker nature was riddled through all life in the area making her on edge but she was able to try and remain calm. "I doubt anything could live in that castle for long as it's a well of chaos." She said as the castle was in sight, she kept a calm demeanor about her as she recalled her previous experiences. "I once attended a two seminars about this region, the first was when I was Aurora's Guild Master, you'd be uninterested in that one as it was glorified reminder to use common sense and don't let new mages come out to places like this unprepared after a joint assignment from multiple guilds went wrong and masters of the whole area were called. Second however, was a meeting arranged by the colloquium of nature sages, which is essentially an international group of various scholars that study the magic of the earth, they summoned me by accident thinking they grabbed my mother."

    She rubbed her neck awkwardly as she recalled the rather confusing experience. "Long and short of the discussion was it was about resettlement of species being endangered by this dark plague, or even how to lift it. They believed four great dark tragedies stained the land, the village far north, the abandoned guild hall, and this place house the sites of three." She explained recalling the harsh debate on if cleansing was possible. "Cleansing something like this is impossible... So our best bet is to avoid doing anything unwise."

    As the two got close to the castle, Luna mentally fortified herself for whatever would lie on the other side of these doors and get through the abandoned castle. She took a moment to sense for any life force, but her perception was twisted by the castle, she was essentially blind to the inside of it. "I can't sense anything on the inside, I fear magical senses might not be reliable inside."

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