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    Enter the Garden (Solo)


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    In Progress Enter the Garden (Solo)

    Post by Louie Fri 27 Nov - 17:33

    Enter the Garden (Solo) NPUJdle

    Who we are and who we need to be to survive are two very different things.


    If he was given the opportunity to start his life over—to give it another shot—would he take it? He told himself that he had led a life without regrets because everything he chose to do couldn't have been the wrong choice. But, if he were given the chance to step back into memories and do things differently, would he? It was a difficult decision to make. The fear of changing the future and losing what you held dear to you today was often enough to deter people from considering the possibilities, whether they'd be better or worse off.  

    Some people were born with tragedy running through their veins and were doomed to sink deep into sadness and regret the moment they took their first breath. It ransacked the world—the deaths of entire families, violence, rape, inferiority—the tragedy had become so commonplace in people's pasts that it almost felt predictable that everyone had that sort of baggage somewhere in their timeline. But Louie's family were all alive and healthy, and he came up from a rich background, never missing a meal or missing out on the very best resources. His education was supreme, and the opportunities he was given in Napedia were so spectacular that people all over the world tried to immigrate and abandon their lives just to get a taste of it. He had never known poverty, hunger, physical abuse, boredom, and yet...

    . . . . . . . . .

    Just a few weeks ago, Louie had shown himself as none other than Prada during one of his exciting heists, this time on the Holy Castle, and had stolen a precious artifact. Eden's Crystal, a lacrima that could supposedly transport you to the Garden of Eden under the right conditions and granted you truths and wisdom that mankind had sought after for millennia. Honestly, Louie wasn't interested in any of that. He wasn't seeking out "pure wisdom" or any other truths that people had wished for so deeply, but his greed for all things—material and otherwise—was unmatched. He made conquests to seize the things that he didn't have, and sometimes he did it to blow off steam. He craved adventure and ransacking the world of all of its prizes, adding it to his collection of achievements that no one else had, or could have, like a dragon collecting a mountain of gems and treasure. His insatiable greed combined with his wicked power left many innocent men, women, and children on their knees before his simple, destructive quest.

    Although Louie had opened the gates to the Garden of Eden, he hadn't expressed any interest in actually entering it yet. He had planned on waiting for another time to truly savor the fruit of his labor, but ever since the heist, life hadn't treated him kindly.

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