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    I thought we were in Rose Garden, not Sakuramori!~ Solo Job ♥




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    I thought we were in Rose Garden, not Sakuramori!~ Solo Job ♥ Empty I thought we were in Rose Garden, not Sakuramori!~ Solo Job ♥

    Post by desirée 22nd August 2017, 9:14 pm


    It was a warm, sunny Saturday morning, and Desirée decided to wake up extra early to attend Black Rose's daily breakfast. As she awoke, she decided to switch up her outfit choice and slip into a beautiful silky kimono she had kept from a photo-shoot. She wore this on Fiore's Next Top Model, and it brought back very good memories. "I wonder where Nova is now.." Desirée thought, tightening the kimono around her waist. She woke up kiwi from her bedside chair he calls "his bed," and slipped on some beige sandals. "You look so nice Desirée, where are you going?" Kiwi asked, curiously. "We are going to breakfast, Kiwi! Are you excited?" Desirée asked, petting him on the head. "Yes! Thank you for waking me up for this!" Kiwi exclaimed, twirling around on Desirée's bed. She motioned him to get off, and proceeded to pull the white sheets up to make it. Kiwi helped her set the pillows on the bed, and proceeded to sit on Desirée's head. She grabbed her hoop sitting on her dresser, and slipped it inside her purse. She also grabbed her wallet, and put a few extra jewel inside to cover the cost of breakfast. She picked up her purse, and proceeded to go downstairs to pick up her diary to continue writing a new song. She noticed from the windows there was a vibrant pink reflection coming from outside, confusing both her and Kiwi. Desirée continued to walk to the living-room and slid the diary inside her purse, along with a few ballpoint pens of the color pink. As she walked out the front door, Desirée and Kiwi gasped in awe.

    "What in the world has happened here on this day?" Desirée exclaimed, confused. "I was thinking the exact same thing!" Kiwi said. There were cherry blossom trees everywhere, covering every inch of grass. "This must be a special celebration of Black Rose! Let's hurry to the guild hall!" Desirée exclaimed, while beginning to jog down the street. "Where is everyone?" Kiwi asked. "It's so early, they must be sleeping in!" She said, defending her case. All that could be heard was the sounds of the rustling blooms inside the trees, which made the town sound silent. "I wonder if this is what Sakuramori looks like.." Desirée wondered, curiously. Desirée had always wondered what it looked like, since it was a mysterious land owned by Black Rose. It had tales of vicious monsters inside, and rumors have been told that some guild members go in there to train. Desirée did not know if she ever was going to do that, but she was curious what it was like inside there. She was scared of monsters, but always wanted to go up the ranks as a powerful wizard. The cherry trees are supposed to be beautiful there, too. The scent of fresh flowers was everywhere, which made the town feel at peace. Desirée began to pick some white and pink lilies growing around these trees, which she would put around the tables in the guild hall for special decorations. "I have to help out with this event somehow!" Desirée exclaimed, while Kiwi was still on edge. After making a few more turns in the city, Desirée finally made it to the guild hall.

    As Desirée walked in, she realized that the hall was practically empty besides a few guild members, as well as waiters and waitresses. Desirée and kiwi sat down at the bar, and proceeded to look at the menu. Desirée and Kiwi began to talk about the different types of foods that were present. "What do you think you want, Kiwi?" "Umm.." "Kiwi, you can have anything you want within reason." "Chocolate milkshake!" "Hmm.. I think I want to have some seasonal vanilla-berry vegan crepes. Doesn't that sound yummy, Kiwi?" "Yes! I want to take a bite!" As the waitress came around, they ordered their food. "You look nice today, Desirée! Any plans?" the waitress asked, grinning ear to ear. "Nope! Just felt like looking different!" Desirée exclaimed, hugging Kiwi. As they waited for their food, Desirée took empty glasses from the bar and began to put the flowers inside, while filling them with water from a pitcher. She sat back down, and began to enjoy her meal. As she sliced into the crepes with her butter-knife, the warm vanilla paste began to leak out onto the plate, as well as blueberries and strawberries. She began to wipe up the paste with her fork, and spread it around the crepe. She then put it inside her mouth, causing her to gush in delight. Kiwi was floating in the air, chugging his chocolate milkshake. It looked to be swirled with two different types of chocolate, as well as having a beautiful pearly whipped cream with a typical cherry on top. "Do you want the cherry, Desirée?" Kiwi asked, in which Desirée resulted in popping it into her mouth. Kiwi flew down to Desirée's plate, and took a bite of her crepe. "So good!" Kiwi exclaimed, returning back to his milkshake.

    As they finished their meals and put their plates ontop of the garbage next to the bar and job bulletin, a crumbled piece of paper struck Desirée's eye. It was torn in the corners, and had messy handwriting sprawled across the paper. "Stop the evil mage blockading Rose Garden with her cherry blossoms, before it is too late," it read, resulting in Desirée gasping. "I thought this was a festival the whole time!" Desirée exclaimed, running to the waitress to pay. "Do you know anything about the cherry blossom mage?" Desirée asked the waitress, in a panicked voice. "I saw someone walking down the streets a few hours ago, and they looked kind of shady. She was wearing a solid pink dress, and had short pink hair. That may be her, but I'm not exactly sure!" the waitress said, and Desirée ran out the building with Kiwi. She noticed the cherry trees seemed to be getting larger in quantity. "This is as beautiful as it is evil." Desirée commented, feeling one of the trees. It was a beautiful shade of auburn-red mixed with brown, creating a beautiful color. The blossoms were extremely vibrant and pink, and were constantly falling onto the ground. While this was beautiful, it was also as deadly. "We have no idea where enemies may be, so let's watch out." Desirée said, running behind a tree. While running, she slipped on the petals, falling right on her butt. "Ouch!" Desirée exclaimed, getting back up to walk instead of run. (180 / 200 HP.) "Are you okay, Desirée?" Kiwi asked in a worried tone. "Yes, Kiwi. Just a scratch." Desirée exclaimed, as they began to walk farther down the street.

    While they began to walk farther down the street, they came to realize that trees were blocking the doors of other resident's houses. "How terrible!" Kiwi exclaimed, while starting to tremble in fear. Desirée tried to hit the trees with her fists, but it did not change anything. These trees were deemed as "unbreakable," therefore the only way she could get rid of them was defeating the mage. "We need to look for clues in order to find the mage, Kiwi." Desirée said, which kiwi gripped onto Desirée's arm tightly. "I'm scared, Desirée! I don't want either of us to get hurt!" Kiwi cried, wiping away tears onto the petals of the blossoms on the ground. Desirée cradled Kiwi, and consoled him. "Don't be scared, Kiwi! We got this~" She said, and Kiwi regained hope. "I will help you as much I can, Desirée!" "Aw Kiwi, don't be so sweet! We need to stay on guard!" "Right!" Kiwi exclaimed, sitting on Desirée's shoulder. The town's bells could be heard, and it was now 9:00 am. The sun was finally fully out, therefore they could see a lot better.  The trees began to glisten a beautiful coral-pink color, and they could faintly hear the sounds of drums. "What could that be?" Desirée wondered, as she hid behind a tree with Kiwi. As she listened closer, it sounded to be festival music. There was also faint singing, which sounded very well sung. As they crept closer, they saw four pink girls dancing and singing, while playing the drums in the middle of the street. They looked to be wearing dresses and crowns made of cherry blossom petals, as well as their drums. They were chanting "Fill the town! Fill the town! Make the town beautiful! Strike them down! Strike them down! Down with Black Rose!" Desirée gasped, and gripped her hoop. She walked out to the two girls, which stopped playing their drums.

    "Who are you?" Desirée asked, nervously. "We are the petal dancers! We love these trees!" They exclaimed, dancing around in circles around the trees. "Wait! Who are you? State your name and business! Now!" One of the girls exclaimed, while they stopped dancing. "I.. uh.. I am Desirée Blooms." She said, not wanting to reveal her guild to them. "What a pretty last name! Do you want to be a petal dancer? You would fit right in! I love your kimono! The colors are lovely!" Another exclaimed, talking way too fast for Desirée to understand. "I'll pass. Are you causing this commotion?" "What commotion? The trees? No! That is our master, Mistress Blossom. She hates Black Rose and wants to ruin their city, just like us!" Another petal dancer exclaimed, twirling around. "Wait! You called this a commotion? We will have to kill you!" All the petal dancers said at once, and began to channel their cherry blossom magic. A big ball of cherry blossom petals began to form behind them, as they began to sing. They seemed powerful, but Desirée noticed a flaw in their magic. They were all working together to use it, and they were all punched together. Therefore, an AoE summon would be very useful. "From Chrysalis, I summon thee: Turquoise!" Desirée yelled, gripping onto a beautiful light-blue crystal on her hoop. A flash of blue light appeared, and a girl in a green bunny-costume appeared. (MP: 85%)

    Turquoise Appearance:

    Amethyst Appearance:

    "Hi Des, can I do something for you?" Turquoise asked, cradling her puppet, Bun-Bun. "Yes! Please attack these pink petal girls with all your might!" Desirée commanded, and Turquoise agreed. Turquoise ran towards the girls from the far distance they were, and chunked Bun-Bun towards them. When it hit the ground, it detonated, hitting all of the petal dancers in the blast as they were charging up their attack. (Petal Dancers HP: 120 / 160) "You are going to pay for that one!" They all screamed, as they were beginning to charge up a smaller ball of petals. "Run Desirée! They are going to throw it!" Turquoise screamed, as Desirée and Kiwi ran towards the sides. Turquoise ran too, but was struck with the attack. (Turquoise HP: 20 / 100) "Ouch!" Turquoise exclaimed, falling onto the ground because of the strike. She pulled a 2nd Bun-Bun out of her pocket, and began to prepare for a 2nd attack. She started to run towards them, once again, and chunked bun-bun towards them mid-charge. It detonated, catching all the petal dancers in the blast. (Petal Dancers HP: 80 / 160) "You dumb bunny!" The petal dancers screamed, beginning to charge up another attack. "Des, I'm going to be defeated soon, but do not worry!" Turquoise yelled to Desirée, throwing her last bunny. This flew over the petal beam, detonating onto the petal girls. (Petal Dancers: HP: 40 / 160 ) However, the beam struck Turquoise, causing her to be defeated. She popped into a stuffed bunny, and sunk into the ground. (MP: 95%) "Yay! We defeated the Crystal girl! Now where is the Black Rose girl?" One asked, but they were clueless. Desirée and Kiwi were hiding behind one of the thicker trees, which was blocking their vision. "From Chrysalis, I summon thee: Amethyst. Desirée whispered, which resulted in a flash of purple light from behind the tree. (MP: 80%) "Yo. Need me to do anything?" Amethyst commented, in a smug fashion. "Defeat those petal dancers!" Desirée exclaimed, curling in a ball behind the tree. Amethyst began to charge up her scythe by spinning it, which made the cherry petals fly into the updraft from the trees. The petal girls began to charge their cherry blossom ball, but it wasn't as big as it used to be. As Amethyst launched her sound attack, she jumped, riding the updraft into the air. This barely made her dodge the attack, but her sound attack hit the girls. (Petal Dancers HP: 10 / 160) "You will pay for that one, purple!" Shouted one of the girls, which were nearly passed out due to the magic energy they used and the damage they had taken. Amethyst began to charge her last attack before her time ran up, and launched it as the petal girls launched theirs. The sound attack went under the petal beam, barely hitting the Petal Dancers. Amethyst sunk into the ground due to her time running up, returning to chrysalis. Laying on the ground were all four of the petal dancers and their drums, which appeared to be passed out. Desirée and kiwi moved the four dancers to the sides, and placed their drums near them. "We defeated them!" Kiwi exclaimed, happily. "I'm just glad you are unscathed. My ass still hurts, but it was extremely noble for Turquoise to accept defeat in that battle. For now, we should rest." Desirée exclaimed, slumping over on a tree. Some of the cherry trees began to disappear, but not all of them. As they got up and continued walking down the street, they came across Desirée's house. "Desirée, can we go home and rest some more?" Kiwi asked, tiredly. "Sure, but we need to find and stop the mage eventually." Desirée answered, and they walked inside.

    As they walked into the living-room, Kiwi slumped over onto the couch. "I'm going to go change into some comfier clothes, I'll be right back." Desirée said, walking up the stairs into her room. As she walked in, she took off her sandals, and fell onto her bed. She was so exhausted because of all the battling and walking she had done today, and it wasn't even halfway over. She changed into a flowing green dress, which was very plain and simple. She began to fill the dress pockets with her purse belongings, so she wouldn't have to carry the weight of her purse on her arm. She slipped on some plain white sneakers, and headed back downstairs. "Hey Kiwi, do you need anything to drink?" Desirée asked Kiwi, tiredly. "Some water, please!" Kiwi asked. Desirée walked into the kitchen, and grabbed two glasses. She filled them with water from the pitcher in the refrigerator, and brought the glasses into the living-room. She began to scan the living-rooms bookcases for any clues to this mage that was terrorizing her town, but she could not seem to find any. "What are we going to do, Kiwi?" Desirée wondered, covering her eyes with her hands in frustration. "We could always search the giant backyard for clues." Kiwi suggested, which caused Desirée to boost up into the air. "Exactly! Come on, Kiwi!" Desirée exclaimed, walking out the back-door. Kiwi and Desirée gasped again, as the entire yard looked practically like a cherry blossom forest, as the entire yard was covered in pink. "Well, let's begin looking." Desirée exclaimed, walking deep into the forest.

    The forest looked magnificently beautiful, which made it hard to believe that it was being caused by an evil mage. "Her magic is very beautiful.." Kiwi exclaimed, catching a petal in his tentacles. As they walked through the forest, Desirée began to think of the possible outcomes of who or what this mage could be, as well as what could happen because of them. "Could this mage be from Sakuramori, and could be trying to make this modernized land back to what it could have originally been?" She thought, which scared her. "The petal dancers seemed to say that it was targeting the Black Rose guild, but how could this mage be alive for that long?" She thought, which scared her. Desirée and Kiwi began to approach the ponds, which reflected the cherry blossoms perfectly. It was very beautiful, but there were no clues to be found. (MP regen to 90%, HP: 180) They sat down on a fallen tree that was laying near the water, and Desirée rested her feet inside of the pond. There seemed to be koi that came with the cherry blossoms, as the regular fish were typically bass. These seemed to swim around Desirée's feet, which made her feel at peace. These koi were golden, and seemed to not be afraid of Desirée and Kiwi. There were also pink flamingos on the other side of the pond, which were perching on fallen logs. Typically they were cranes, which was interesting to her. "It's such a shame that these peaceful animals do not know what is actually going on.." Desirée said, tying her hair up in a ponytail. "We should look around for more clues." Out of nowhere, Desirée and Kiwi became bound to the ground by vines of cherry blossom petals and wood.

    Boss Appearance:

    "Hello, Desirée." said a voice standing behind them, which sounded familiar. "Who are you? Let me go!" Desirée screamed, fighting the vines. "No. You are a terrible person." The figure said, with a furious voice. "Why are you taking it out on Rose Garden?!" Desirée screamed, while tears were rolling down her face. Kiwi was also sobbing, unable to move. "Because this is Black Rose's home. And because you are in it." The mage said, resulting in a sinister laugh. "What did I do?!" Desirée shouted, trying to break free from the vines. "It is no use trying to break free, you are stuck there until I command the vines to break." "What do you want from me? What did I do? Why are you targeting me?!" Desirée questioned, tears pouring down her face. The mage boosted herself into the sky, hopping in-front of Desirée so she could see her. She landed, back turned to Desirée. "N.. No... Nova?!" Desirée exclaimed, tears pouring even more, "Is this about the competition?!" "Why yes it is. Now let's have another one now. We can duel. If you win, I will leave Rose Garden and leave you alone forever." Nova said, laughing. "And what if you win?" Desirée asked, nervously. "I kill you, in one of the most brutal ways ever." "And what if I decline the duel?" Desirée asked, while crying. "I kill you brutally here. As well as your pet, right before your eyes." Kiwi began to cry even more, while wheezing of nervousness. "You can hurt me all you want, but you will never hurt Kiwi... I will defeat you, Nova." "Fair enough. But beware: my cherry blossom magic is extremely powerful!" Nova exclaimed, laughing in sinister ways. Nova backed herself up with cherry blossom petals, and let Desirée out of the vines.

    Moonstone's Appearance:

    "From Chrysalis, I summon thee: Moonstone!" Desirée exclaimed, gripping a beautiful iridescent blue stone on her hoop. A blue-purple light shone from the sky, as a woman popped out. A small moon formed in the sky, which shone a beautiful blue-purple. (MP: 80%) The winds began to pick up, blowing petals everywhere. "A summoner, wow." Nova remarked, watching Moonstone spawn. Moonstone began to charge her moon attack, and the winds began to pick up. "Aww, she's charging. Time to cancel her atta- ACK!" Nova screamed, as the winds caused her skirt to flip upwards, revealing her panties. Moonstone slammed her moon into Nova, causing a direct hit. (Boss HP: 340 / 400) "Desirée, you little-UGH! I HATE YOU! Petal make: lancers!" Nova shouted, forming seven long and thin swords to form around her. "I will protect you Desirée, because I love you!" Moonstone shouted, jumping infront of Desirée to take the attack. The attack struck Moonstone, causing her to take the damage instead of Desirée. "Moonstone, why would you put yourself in danger for me..?" Desirée asked, and tears began to form in her eyes. "Because I love you! Idol BFF!" Moonstone exclaimed, which made Desirée giggle. "Watch out!" Kiwi yelled, as a tree began to fall during their conversation. They barely dodged it, but successfully did not get crushed. Moonstone and Nova began to both charge attacks, and Desirée ran towards the sideline to not be in the fire zone. Nova launched a petal bomb, which bounced onto Moonstone and Attached. However, the moon launched right before it attached, so it hit Nova. (Boss HP: 280 / 400) The bomb detonated, and caused Moonstone to be defeated. She rose into a small crescent moon, and exploded into stars.

    Appearance of Opal:
    Appearance of Pink Calcite:

    "You IDIOT!" Nova shouted in anger, since she was harmed greatly by Moonstone. "From Chrysalis, I summon thee: Pink Calcite, and Opal!" Desirée shouted, pushing herself for the battle. (MP: 50%) Desirée had never summoned two Crystals at the same time before, so it began to deplete at her health. "Opal, use Wing Shield when she is about to attack. Pink Calcite, run 150 meters away from Nova, and snipe her as much as possible." Desirée commanded. "Yes Ma'am!" They both said, while Pink Calcite sprinted to the back lines. "She seems stronger than I thought.." Nova thought to herself, as she began to charge another ability. As she launched her beam attack, Pink Calcite shot her in her shoulder, and Opal activated Wing Shield, which blocked 50/60 damage from the beam. (Boss HP: 220 / 400) Pink Calcite ran to a different location, and began to charge as Nova did. Opal began to fly to get to safety, but forgot to pick up Desirée and Kiwi! Nova fired her shot, and hit Desirée. Pink Calcite shot again, and landed another hit in Nova's chest. Pink Calcite and Opal's times ran out, so they each poofed. This eased Desirée's pain of having two out at once, but made her lack as much power as she had at that given time. (Boss HP: 160 / 400) (Desirée's HP: 60 / 200) (Kiwi HP: 340 / 400 ) "Desirée! I will heal you!" Yelled Kiwi, jumping into Desirée's body. He began to emit his energy, which healed Desirée for 35 health. (Desirée's HP: 95 / 200)

    Appearance of Onyx:
    Appearance of Bismuth:

    Nova began to breathe harder and harden, as she was also getting warn out. "From Chrysalis, I summon thee: Onyx!" Desirée shouted, grasping a black stone on her hoop. (MP: 35%) Onyx spawned with black smoke, and bowed. "May I assist you?" Onyx asked, happily. "Attack her!" Desirée ordered, as Onyx did. Onyx began to sprint around the battlefield, as Nova was charging another attack. Onyx missed her cross and chain, and was shot with a powerful ball of petals. (Onyx health: 40 / 100 ) Onyx then sprints to the other side, and strikes Nova with her cross and chain. (Boss HP: 120 / 400 ) "YOU FOOL!" Nova shouted to Desirée and Onyx, in which she struck Onyx with an instant vine attack that defeated her. She rose up as an angel, and poofed into feathers. "My turn~!" Kiwi shouted, flying towards Nova with rapid speed. Kiwi passed through Nova, emitting good energy, which harmed her. (Boss HP: 80 / 400) "Good job Kiwi!" Desirée shouted, while gripping onto Bismuth's stone. "From Chrysalis, I summon thee: Bismuth!" Desirée shouted, which resulted in a beautiful blue light shining from the sky. (MP: 20 %) "How many of these dumb crystals does she have?!" Nova thought to herself. Bismuth sprinted towards Nova mid-charge, which let Bismuth land an easy hit on Nova. As Nova was hit, she launched it, injuring Bismuth. She then used an instant vine attack, which defeated Bismuth, which shattered into a million glass pieces. (Boss HP: 40 / 400)

    Appearance of Garnet:

    "From Chrysalis, I summon thee: Garnet!" Desirée shouted, almost out of breath. (MP: 10%) A red light appeared overhead, which formed into the legendary lava hunter: Garnet. "Aye! What do you need, lassy?" Garnet asked. "Take her out!" Desirée commanded. "I will get a copy of yer head!" Garnet yelled, while sprinting into battle. When she was sprinting, Nova began to charge, which got cancelled after the swift attack from garnet. "I hate you!" Nova yelled, while Garnet began to sprint around the field to dodge attacks and regain the ability to use her weapon. Nova shot a beam of petals at Desirée, which almost was a fatal blow. (Boss HP: 20 / 400) (Desirée's HP: 35 / 200) Garnet sprinted up behind Nova, which delivered the final blow of the fight. This caused Nova to fall to the ground due to lack of energy. (Boss HP: 0 / 400) "I got yer head! Wooo! Bye now missy!" Garnet exclaimed, while running out of time after the blow. (Boss HP: 20 / 400) (Desirée's HP: 45 / 200) Desirée limped over to Nova, and stood over her. "I never wanted this, N.. Nova.." "Fine.. You win.. I will leave this disgusting place alone forever. Bye.." Nova said, while being pushed up into the sky with cherry blossom petals. She then was carried by them far away from Rose Garden, over the sea. Immediately, all of the cherry blossom trees began to disappear, and the regular trees turned to normal. Desirée and Kiwi limped all the way to the guild hall of Black Rose, informed the guild members, and fell asleep in one of the booths due to exhaustion.

    4312 / 4000 ♥


    I thought we were in Rose Garden, not Sakuramori!~ Solo Job ♥ IY2eFxu

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