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    Kotomi Kadenkouji
    Kotomi Kadenkouji

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    Gaeluna Empty Gaeluna

    Post by Kotomi Kadenkouji 18th October 2020, 7:42 pm


    Legendary (+) Pet

    Fae Princess

    Combat Pet

    Proof of Purchase:

    Gaeluna is one of the rarest fae to exist, as her only purpose in life is the preservation of life. Unlike her fairy brethren, who protect nature and seek to prank upon mortals that wander into their realm, the Princess of the Butterflies is perfectly satisfied leaving any and all manner of creature alone -- a watcher from the trees. She spends her days among the butterflies, tending to the hundreds of flowers she has planted over the years. At night, she can be found gallivanting among the moths, lost in the dance of her mind. Such a creature seems unlikely to act as any kind of ally but her home, the great forest of Illanthria, was destroyed by wicked and corrupted fae. With her kingdom gone, Gaeluna has made the unnatural decision to seek out someone that she can find sanctuary with. In time, she hopes that this connection will lead her to the fae that burned her home to the ground so that she may seek answers for their actions.

    Gaeluna Cfo1Abz


    Name: Blessing of the Butterflies
    Rank: User Rank (Up to A)
    Category: Auxiliary
    Type: Single Target, Buff, Regeneration
    Damage: N/a
    Range: Melee
    Speed: Melee
    Duration: User Rank Max
    Description: Gaeluna raises her hand and butterflies begin to fly from her wrist, flapping their vibrant, sapphire wings. The butterflies encircle the target, twinkling pollen falling from the enchanted insects that are imbued with magical energy. This pollen blesses the target, with their spell healing buffed by a user rank active buff and the target’s HP slowly regenerating 5% of their maximum HP once per post for the duration of the ability.

    Name: Forest Guard
    Rank: User Rank Advanced (Up to B+)
    Category: Defensive
    Type: Multi Target, Buff, Anti-Piercing
    Durability: 1x User Rank Advanced Multi Target Damage
    Range: User Rank Advanced Multi Target Range
    Speed: User Rank Advanced Multi Target Speed
    Duration: User Rank Advanced Max
    Description: A soft, comforting light emerges from Gaeluna’s form, highlighting the entirety of her body. Butterflies emerge from behind her back and flutter to the aid of the pet’s master, as well as any allies within range, up to a maximum number of total targets equal to or lower than the number of the spell's maximum duration in posts. As they get closer to the target, the butterflies seem to come together, merging into one giant creature before they wrap around the target. The massive butterfly dissolves into pale blue magical energy, forming a shield that covers that target completely. This shield buffs the target’s spell durability by a user rank advanced active buff for the duration of the spell while also providing an extra layer of defense that is even capable of protecting against piercing spells.


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    Gaeluna Empty Re: Gaeluna

    Post by Saraphina 25th October 2020, 7:03 pm


    Gaeluna Usxrmza


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