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    Lost Book of Erbagos, The Stormcleaver

    Iroha Ikegami
    Iroha Ikegami

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    Completed Lost Book of Erbagos, The Stormcleaver

    Post by Iroha Ikegami 29th September 2022, 7:34 am


    Magic Name: Lost Book of Erbagos, The Stormcleaver
    Magic Type: Lightning Dragon Slayer Proof Here
    Description: Erbagos The Stormcleaver was once an ancient and powerful dragon. However, after eras of madness and conquest, he simply retired to a magical tower. Pension and everything. There, and from that point onward, he took the form of an elderly, eccentric wizard (because what's the point of being a wizard if you can't be eccentric) who studied magic and spent the rest of his existence transferring his knowledge and essence into a lacrima which took the form of a tome, which was then intentionally hidden away in an old and dusty library to be forgotten. Eccentric.

    Time and time later, the library was discovered by a Rune Knights recon team and, discovering the potential value of an entire library lost to the ages, the books were recovered and delivered to the Engineering department for research and study where a young recruit was tasked with sorting them. She opened the wrong book... which quickly became the right one. 

    Unique Abilities: 
    • Ability 1: Nerve Recovery: Erbagos grants its bearers the ability to receive and send small electric signals within the body that speed up the ability to recover injuries to the body. Once per turn, Iroha heals very small wounds in herself, or can cause an ally that is near her to regain health equal to the same amount. 

    • Ability 2: Electro Stimulation: Despite Iroha's physical weakness, Erbagos' electrical powers allow Iroha's strength to increase in small bursts, with the potential for extreme damage to herself. She can put a temporary restraint on the safety limiters that the brain impresses to keep muscles from tearing. As such she can, for just a moment, increase her physical strength immensely. Examples of this include a single leap into the air to avoid an opponent’s attack, or one incredibly powerful punch. Doing this for more than an instant will cause the muscles to stretch or quite literally tear themselves apart, resulting in permanent damage. 

    • Ability 3: Lightning Rod: Purely lightning based magics of any kind that are sent to an ally are instead redirected to Iroha. She cannot devour those attacks, but the damage is reduced as normal. 

    Signature Spells

    D-Rank Spells


    C-Rank Spells


    B-Rank Spells


    Advanced Spells





    I think I've studied this.
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    Completed Re: Lost Book of Erbagos, The Stormcleaver

    Post by Medeia 29th September 2022, 8:19 am


    Lost Book of Erbagos, The Stormcleaver QlhAT3Z


    Lost Book of Erbagos, The Stormcleaver Medeia123

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