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A Distant Memory - WarriorCats Rp (PB)


A Distant Memory - WarriorCats Rp (PB) Empty A Distant Memory - WarriorCats Rp (PB)

Post by Goldenbird 15th October 2020, 2:48 am

A Distant Memory - WarriorCats Rp (PB) 5nM8gfc

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StarClan disappeared.

AshClan burned.

LeafClan, NightClan, and RainClan are constantly at odds. Between predators and politics, there isn't much time to relax.

Everyday life is a distraction. Beyond petty grievances, blossoming romances, and dear friendships are the realities that no warrior wants to face: Their ancestors are silent and one of their own was wiped out.

Will StarClan ever return? What caused the fire that destroyed AshClan? How many survivors are out there?

As leaders and medicine cats mask their fears and push forward, the Clans' foundations are cracking.


*Three Clans with individual rituals and assessments

*PG-13; members 16+ preferred


*Opened August 2020

*Loose 100-word minimum on in-character posts


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A Distant Memory - WarriorCats Rp (PB) Empty Re: A Distant Memory - WarriorCats Rp (PB)

Post by Althea 16th October 2020, 12:07 pm

linked back, thank you~!


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