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    Catch that Thug


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    Catch that Thug Empty Catch that Thug

    Post by Nadarr 2nd October 2020, 10:59 am

    Felicia would be out doing a job that she found to be monotonous and something she didn't particularly enjoy doing today and I was cleaning up trash on the streets as part of her ongoing community service, more so she had to do that she didn't want to necessarily be doing. Not that she hated doing jobs like these but picking up trash and exactly have any Thrillers or excitement to it other than walking around the city. Needless to say her day wasn't going very well it was quite Bleak and dull as she had a bag and one hand walking around looking for various pieces of trash and garbage to pick up. As she was walking on the street she's only heard a scream if you look behind her. Someone snatched someone's person was not making a run for it, what's the most exciting thing she could think of what she did want something better to do than pick up trash sure she gave a grin set her trash bag down and started off with a Chase. Archie chase down the purse Snatchers running after I'm through the streets moving people out of the way as you've and she couldn't help but give a small smile I need Simon to her was better than what she's been doing lately she was happy to be feeling useful again genuinely useful better than just being another bystander, she hoped her days would be full of more excitement in the coming future however this would do for now she ran down the street quickly.

    The tasting and long however as she eventually got a to him and slammed her handbag into him being shipped into the ground make him fall flat on his face and stomach sitting a little bit on the pavement below. She assumed that this man wasn't really expecting anyone to chase after him and he was very much relying on the element of surprise in this situation as he should have bought him a heel on his back looking down at him shaking her head blowing her sunglasses to get a better view for a second before making a clicking noise with her tongue and putting them back up looking around. Eventually the woman would walk over to her seeing her bag on the ground and the robber she smiled warmly as Felicia would lean down and grab the bag handing it to the woman smiling as she got things profusely something she wasn't used to, back in the old days there wasn't really any thank-yous it was the jobs done you're here to do the job so if I'll kind of nice for once to be thanked for a deed she did. As a woman walked away Felicia waited for some Rune Knights to finally show up and take the sky away before she sighed deeply the thrill now over she went back to her trash bag and got back to work. Another day in paradise...or something like that.


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