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    Catch The Gingerbread Man!


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    Catch The Gingerbread Man! Empty Catch The Gingerbread Man!

    Post by Shazam! 20th November 2016, 10:53 am

    At first when the latter took the job down from the notice board a smirk slapped his face. "A gingerbread man has mysteriously come to life" The flyer read, he was confused at the request but decided to take it anyways making his departure from Divide Island. Docking one of the many smaller vessels Remus splish-splashed his way to the set destination of Magnolia Town, a perilous and long journey.

    Many, many, many hours passed by before he slowly but surely arrived at the busy port of Magnolia. Merchants, sailors, other mages and even civilians made themselves known on the dock. Throwing out the hefty piece of rope meant to keep his boat safe another sailor helped him tie it to the weathered post. Remus got up and out as steady he could due to the now rough waves in the sea pushing him back and forth, making his way from the busy port he walked up to the cobbled steps a few meters in front of him. "Now let's get this over with, where are you gingy?" The boy asked quietly as he paced into the center of the town, ever so observant.

    Time ticked by as the sun hesitated during it's turnover into the night, during his deep search Remus had yet to spot the gingerbread man which further pushed his suspicions into this job being a hoax placed by another guildmate. Cursing himself for his eagerness into wanting to do more missions. "Uhh...a wasted effort it seems. I cannot beli-" Remus was cut off by sudden movement in an alley to his right, the clean dusk air had a scent of something sweet laced in it as he moved closer to the alley fists at the ready. A smell of...he sniffed...ginger! Within mere moments a life-sized creature exploded from out of the shadows and into the sky, Remus glared up at the figure as it sailed across him dropping bits of baked goodness from itself.

    Well. He found it. The gingerbread man landed swiftly on the concrete below, but with the force of his height whilst in the air a small crack formed over his left leg. "DO YOU KNOW THE MUFFIN MAN!?" A shrill yet powerful voice escaped the being as it flailed its arms about vigorously. A confused look was dotted on Remus' face so much so that his jaw was left open, the gingerbreaded monster took a step forward and yelled out once more "THE MUFFIN MAN, THE MUFFIN MAN!" Remus could take the deafening screeches no more so he leapt at the weird creation with a strong roundhouse kick, but to his amazement the being ran off still spouting his nonsense. "Damn it..." He sighed before kicking off the ground with his incredible speed. Following his enemy from rooftops to floor to alley put Remus' stamina at breaking point. He had to end this. Quickly.

    Just as he flipped over a chimney the gingerbread piece had so effortlessly bounded over the boy took a roll and quickly clapped his hands as three void pockets opened up around the two, the creature seemed bewildered by his void magic. Thankfully, Remus needed his target distracted and with that shot out six bolts in quick succession. The gingerbread man was broken out of his trance and decided to make a move "WHERE'S THE MUFFIN MAN!" he screamed out, however one of the bolts effortlessly caught his right leg causing him to stumble and miss his footing on the roof. Another bolt struck him mid-air in his left leg which was already weak due to his fancy introduction, the boy watched the food item fall to the depths below in almost slow motion. With a piercing CRACK. Remus sighed to himself as his odd deed was finally over with. Sliding down a few tiles and into a backflip he made his landing silent and sauntered over to the noew broken body of the gingerbread man.

    "The muffin man...I just wanted to go see the m-" Remus allowed the other bolt to strike the being in its chest making bits of the creature fly upwards. It took a while but eventually he got the main bits of the baked biscuit i.e the legs, arms, and head. In his arms he carried the bits and made his way back to the still busy pier, he almost fell down the stairs as he lost his footing but of course he styled it out pretty well. "Get your free cookie bits, courtesy of the muffin man!" Remus grinned slyly as hundreds of the civilians and workers rushed to get a hold on the treat. It was free after all.

    After the treats had been devoured and shared out evenly Remus looked onwards to his boat which was still docked and swaying awaiting the long trip back. Dusting himself for crumbs he headed back from the port and into the boat, untied the rope and set off back to the guild happy as happy could be.

    Spell(s) Used:
     Name: Shot from Within
    Rank: D
    Type:  Offensive
    Duration: Instant
    Cooldown: Two posts
    Description: Remus will clap his hands then expand them outwards as if he is about to hug someone, then certain areas around him will darken and open up holes into the void. Due to the ranking of this spell only three holes will open up. Upon opening a large bolt relatively the same size of his arm will shoot forth from the holes and strike the enemy via tracking causing D-Rank damage each successful hit. Currently they can reach 30mph in speed and 15 metres becomes the range before they dissipate.

    Strengths: Powerful blasts if hit in succession.

    Tracking is helpful as it can put enemy in places he/she doesn't want to be in

    Weaknesses: If the opponent moves away 15 metres spell becomes slightly useless.

    Inability to move when casting this spell.

    Bolts can crash into each other or be redirected.


    W/C Ended at: 831


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