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    Charity Service


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    Charity Service  Empty Charity Service

    Post by Nadarr 2nd October 2020, 10:56 am

    Felcia would be around the capital Sitting at a Table sighing deeply as she was having to do community service that she was assigned still while she had enough community service time to get away with not having to do it anymore she wanted to be safe and apparently having more time would serve her better in the eyes of the law so here she was now at what would appear to be a charity drive. Her job was simple get people to look over here and give interest to the charity. When we should we just having a clone of herself to sit here and keep an eye out at the desk while she was out doing other things but according to the powers-that-be she's not allowed to use the clones for these situations even though they are one in the same which it makes sense to her but it was what it was so Felicia Prime would be sitting at the table. She would look at the angle was on the street having pamphlets at the table not too interested in this charity as she didn't really understand what they were about themselves she wasn't against them but she didn't really know much about the organization but that wouldn't stop her I'm doing her best effort after all she did everything with her best effort. So with that you would stand up looking around the streets briefly wondering why no when was interested as she then decided to take one more aggressive approach she got up from the desk moved around and then stopped a group of people that glanced at it.

    "Hey there, I could not help but notice you were glancing over at my table are you interested at all in helping this charity organization?" Shoot a spring a hand on her hip standing there looking over them as they cite we stopped a bit and confusion but stared at her as well.

    " it's not that we're not interested it's just our contribution won't make the difference…" they said looking at each other for looking back at her.

    She gave her side shaking her head relating it to the best thing she could think of her own experience.  " listen I know it may not seem like you make a difference whenever you do something minor like this you won't even know what happens but I assure you it does, every little bit helps whether it's a charity organization or helping keep the world safe every little bit helps I assure you and I promise you if you donate and give an interest to the charity you will make a difference"

    She pauses they look her in the eyes as she lowered her sunglasses to them then bathe them inside walking back to her table and sitting down in the chair gesturing at the table weather her Ward got to them or they were just caught off guard by her they walked over and signed her protection and donated some money to the charity she smiled nodding a little bit as they walked away leaving her with some sort of accomplishment towards it as she smiled leaning back her chair what is she got any more signatures are not today that wasn't her prerogative at we she was able to change their minds of at least one group of people and that's all that mattered for her. It's a small things after all.

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