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    Cordelia Beaumont
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    Post by Cordelia Beaumont 23rd February 2020, 8:16 pm


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    “Goddamnit, aren’t you ready to go?”

    Kessicia glanced out of the corner of her eye to the doorway. Down the stairs was the gentleman noble that was meant to be her date tonight; a young man that was bringing her to the ball. The snotty man thought he was getting a piece of arm candy that he could show off and treat as he liked. Unbeknownst to him, his father and step mother had hired the Priestess to help sway him to change his attitude.

    She sighed softly through her pursed lips and glanced at herself once more in the mirror. She’d been asked – or perhaps more ordered – to wear a single, revealing dress so that her body could be easily shown off to his friends. Nothing like that would bother the succubus of course; the freedom of nakedness was one of the virtues she believed in and preached. But based on the man’s overall attitude basically from the moment he had arrived seemed to hint at a tough challenge. Then again, she had intentionally led him astray by dressing herself down and trying to look as frumpy as possible.

    But now she emerged, a single black dress hugging her body tight. With a simple layer of make up adorned, she walked down the stairs carefully in her heels. The man came around the corner, a snarl already on his face. But then he stopped as he took sight of her, his fighting words cut off as he laid eyes on her form. “I trust you approve then?” She said with a slight smirk, reaching the bottom step and stopping there, so that she stood before and above him.

    “It’s… acceptable,” he grumbled, finding some footing in his rebellion. But before he could continue, her finger came up and gently placed itself on his lips, silencing him.

    “A darkness has hold of your heart, darling. It wrenches and twists around, turning your emotions into anger, hatred and loathing. You cannot see that it is changing you for the worse and, if you continue down this path, will take you down into pits where I will be forced to punish you in a manner you won’t enjoy. How lucky we are that fate opted to bring us together early, so that I may assist you in ridding yourself this anchor about you.”

    She let that sink in for a moment before she pulled her finger back, watching him carefully. A small sheen, a glimmer, of her magic had been loosed from her upon contact and by now, it would be taking hold of his heart. Unlocking doors within the walls of his pain. He held stoic for a moment before his head dropped. “I’m… I’m sorry. I lost my mother when I was younger and after that, everything changed. And I just wanted it to stay the same and I… I wanted her back. It hurt to think she was really gone.”

    Kessicia nodded softly and reached out, pulling him close to her chest and embracing him. “A dark moment has struck you but you found the courage to speak out against it, opening your heart and mind to me. I thank you for your truth. And now, I believe, we can journey to this ball without issue. But to ensure a pleasant evening, I will help you release some pent up tension during our ride there.”

    His brow furrowed. “Release some tension?”

    Her smile warped slightly into something more impish. “My mouth isn’t just good for speaking the good word of the Lord. Come… let us go outside to the car and I will show you the brilliance of my teachings…”

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