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    Model Mystery part IV: Clues for the MC


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    Model Mystery part IV: Clues for the MC Empty Model Mystery part IV: Clues for the MC

    Post by Lilynette 7th September 2020, 4:44 pm

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    Lilynette watched and waited for Beldhor to exit his home. She had “concealed” off to the side, peaking around the corner of his home with nothing but her eyes and bosom visible. She, of course, was unaware of all that. She was might have just reached C-rank, but she was still as novice as one could be. Confidently, overly so, but novice.

    Ever since she had found the talking lacrima in Beldhors’ place a few days ago, Lilynette had been eyeing the mission request board in hopes for anything to appear from the magic council or local authority about the models that had been going missing over the past couple of days. She had gotten lucky this morning while making her daily run passing by mission request board on her way to the guild bar for her morning mimosa and discovering the mission. She practically snatched it out of a girl’s hands as she squealed with excitement. The Magic council had set out a request, offering 5000 jewels to anyone who had any clues to the disappearances.

    Truth be told, Lilynette was little disappointed with herself. She had changed her trajectory towards a life of a mage so that she could start feeling some form of enlightenment. Would an enlighten person have waited for the magic council to post a request or would they just have gone out and done the right thing?

    Lilynette quickly snapped out of her existential crises as she saw Beldhor’s front door swing wide open.

    This is it! she thought to herself, crouching down as she watched Beldhor walk out of his home and get into his car.

    As the engine started and he began to drive away, Lilynette reached into her purse and pulled out a brick. “This otta do it,” She smirked, slamming the brick into the man’s windshield.

    “Hey! What are you doing!”

    A voice screamed from behind her. Shoot, neighbors, I forgot about those. She quickly scrambled her way through the broken window and flat on her face into Beldhors kitchen. “Ow…” She muttered, putting her hand on the kitchen table in front of her and using it to bolster her voluptuous body up from the ground. “Now, where was that lacrima?”

    She quickly made her way towards and up the staircase, her eyes rolling into the back of her head as she looked down the hallway before her. “I forgot how many frigging doors there where up here.” She complained, letting out a sigh as she made her way down the hallway.

    “Hello?” she whispered, slowly creeping down the hallway. “Creepy floating voice? Are you still there? Pssssssssst, creepy floating voice g-”

    “Help… me….”

    “Eeek!” She squealed, forgetting how terrifying the voice had been in the first place. She noticed a strange glow appear beneath a door, just like last time. “There you are.” Lilynette opened the door and slowly walked towards it. A red glow filled the room, coming from the lacrima floating a good meter and a half off the ground.

    She took a good look at it, “Oh my goodness,” The woman muttered to herself, holding her hand up to her mouth as she noticed a girls face floating around the center of the orb. Lilynette reached forward, grabbing onto the lacrima.

    “Lilynette? What the hell are you doing here?”

    “EEeeeeek!” She squealed, letting go of the lacrima and summoning her lineages sword into her hand.

    “Holy sh-, Lilynette calm down! I know what this looks like, but let me explain before you chop me in half!”

    “Explain? Explain what? Explain how you’ve been imprisoning models in lacrima? Where are their bodies? What are you doing with them?”

    Beldhor let out a sigh.

    “Lily, it’s not me… It’s my grandfather…”

    Her eyes opened wide as the words slowly began to process. “Grendal?” She whispered to herself.

    He then began to explain.
    - - - -
    “So… Grendal has been possessed by the old spirit of Jack the ripper?” Lilynette asked him, trying to comprehend what he had just noticed. “Yeah… I was there visiting when he opened a package of unknown origin. There was a flash of light, but then, nothing. My grandfather said he was fine, and I think that he thinks he is. But I caught him red handed, sucking the life out of that poor girl. He doesn’t know what he’s doing though. He chased after me and I managed to lose him. Next morning he acted like he had no memory of anything.”

    “Hmmm….” Lilynette muttered, crossing her legs as she tried to come up with a plan. “I got it!” She shouted, slamming her sword into the hardwood floor as she got up from her chair. “I’ll tell the magic council that the culprit is someone who lives in Magnolia, throwing them off the case *cough*while still getting my reward*cough*, and we can go to Ace of spades and confront him.”

    Beldhor let out a sigh. “My grandfather is a S-class mage who is possessed by a madman, you think we can take him on in a fight?”

    Lilynette merely smiled, turning around and making her way towards the front door. “Don’t worry about a thing sweetie,” she flirted, turning her head and giving him a seductive wink. “I know a guy who’ll be able to help us out.”

    Model Mystery clues: Yeah, its jack the ripper. Total f***ing shocker.


    Model Mystery part IV: Clues for the MC 6d1n2ap
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