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    Ruler of the 9 Rings (WIP)


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    In Progress Ruler of the 9 Rings (WIP)

    Post by Lilynette 6th September 2020, 12:26 pm

    Ruler of the 9 Rings (WIP) GuFFFbu

    Magic Name:
    Terrain of the 9 Rings
    (Asmodeus's Favor)
    Magic Type:
    G-d Slayer Magic
    Ruler of the 9 Rings (WIP) 2763.png?v=2.2+50% passive increase to Strength, Speed, and Spell Damage.
    Ruler of the 9 Rings (WIP) 2763.png?v=2.2Greatly enhanced senses of Hearing, Sight, and Smell.
    Ruler of the 9 Rings (WIP) 2763.png?v=2.2Ability to Consume Magic of Earth, Darkness, or Hellfire (being any fire that is mixed with darkness) to regain MP as well as activate the Force Ability
    Ruler of the 9 Rings (WIP) 2763.png?v=2.2Inherent Damage Resistance to their slayer element based on the rank of spell/ability as follows:

    Ruler of the 9 Rings (WIP) 2763.png?v=2.22 Ranks above Character: 0%
    Ruler of the 9 Rings (WIP) 2763.png?v=2.21 Rank above Character: 10%
    Ruler of the 9 Rings (WIP) 2763.png?v=2.2Same Rank as Character: 25%
    Ruler of the 9 Rings (WIP) 2763.png?v=2.21 Rank below Character: 35%
    Ruler of the 9 Rings (WIP) 2763.png?v=2.22 Ranks below character: 50%
    A few hundred years ago, a desperate and dastardly human made a deal with Asmodeus, the Lord of the Nine Rings of Hell, to gain ultimate power in hopes of accomplishing every dream and whim they could ever have. It was a purely selfish endeavor and the person was absolutely despicable, but their determination was something the evil god could work with. He provided the person with a lacrima containing his condensed power, which would forever taint the person, their bloodline, and anyone who would come into possession of it for all of eternity.

    While not all in possession of this lacrima have their appearance tainted, those that do might grow horns and see their skin take on a darker, ashen tone. Their pupils might become slit and take on bright colors, and they might even sprout a tail. They are generally demonic in appearance, that might always be present in any combination, only when using the lacrima’s powers, or perhaps never manifest at all.
    Ruler of the 9 Rings (WIP) DDnUnn3

    Unique Abilities:

    Traits of Asmodeus:
    Ability 2:
    Ability 3:


    Signature Spells:


    Ruler of the 9 Rings (WIP) 6d1n2ap
                                                                                                                           source credit to Kirinismywaifu
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    Ruler of the 9 Rings

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