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    Model Mystery part III: Girlfriend for a Day


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    Model Mystery part III: Girlfriend for a Day Empty Model Mystery part III: Girlfriend for a Day

    Post by Lilynette 5th September 2020, 8:58 pm

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    “Oh my goodness, Lilynette you are just such a delight!” Exclaimed Mrs. Highforge as she served Lilynette yet another serving of her rabbit pie. “Why thank you,” she responded, smiling as her gaze made its way towards Beldhor. He was had barely said a word all evening. She had ran all the way to Ace of Spades and back to Magnolia just to snag his job off the walls of the guild. She had spent all of yesterday with him, and the only plan they could find do-able was for Lilinette to do all of the talking.

    So far, she had explained to the parents just how they met, which she hadn’t really lied about. She told them that they met through his grandfather, Grendal Highforge, who was an acquaintance of Lilynette’s. Not a lie at all, she had even gone out of her way to write him a letter explaining the situation, so which she quickly received a lacrima back with him laughing his ass off in compliance. He thought it would be quite a fun joke to pull on his son and daughter-in-law anyways.

    She had told them how they met through modeling and how she had quit her 14-year long career as a model to pursue a life of an adventurous mage. So far, these people knew more about her than any of her old modeling friends did.

    “I’m sure your parents are so proud of you,” Mr. Highfordge proclaimed, a little drunk.

    Lilynette’s smile shrank just a bit as the topic of her parents came into conversation. “I actually never met them,” She said, “It’s alright. My time at the orphanage is what motivated me to take off as a model! I can attribute a lot of my best qualities to that.” She smiled.

    “Oh.. I’m sorry to hear that…”
    Mr. Highfordge responded. “Ow!”

    As Mrs. Highfordge rammed her elbow into his side, she looked towards Lilynette. “there is no shame in that, sweetheart. You made such a good living for yourself, and your following your heart. Any parent would be proud of you. Who knows! If we had found you in that orphanage, we might have adopted you right along with Beldhor! You could be siblings instead of lovers, ha!”

    Lilynette smiled. She had assumed that Beldhor had been adopted, but she had never made any note of it.

    “That would explain why there is such chemistry between you too. The life of an orphan, the perseverance you both acquired, that must be what gives you both that spark.”

    Lilynette smiled. Mrs. Highfordge was right, maybe not a romantic spark, but there was certainly some unspoken tension between Beldhor and herself.

    “If you’ll excuse me,” She spoke, excusing herself from the table, “I need to visit the powder room.”

    She stood up from her chair and made her way up the stairs to the bathroom. The sun had set and her stomach ached from the amount of food she had consumed. She thought she was going to be sick.

    She brushed past all the various doors that lined the hallways, but as she reached for the handle of the bathroom, she heard a strange noise.

    It sounded like something was scratching on a wall.

    “Hello?” Lilynette replied. “Is someone there?” She asked.

    She turned her head, but no one was around. “This is a pretty old house, probably just the air conditioning. Ooo, or maybe Beldhor has a dog.” She shrugged, opening the door to the bathroom.

    “Help… me…”

    Lilinette froze. It was faint, but she had certainly heard someone speak just now. She turned around and noticed a faint glow beneath the door. She slowly walked over, and nudged it open.

    A strange red orb levitated over the center of the floor.

    “A lacrima?” She asked herself, getting a bit closer to it.

    “Help… m-“


    Lilynette could feel her heart began to beat out of her chest. She had to exit the room. She quickly made a bee line for the door and shut it quietly behind her, quickly sprinting into the bathroom across the hall.

    *Knock* *Knock* *Knock*

    “You alright in there?” Beldhor asked.

    “Yep!” She responded, flushing the unused toilet and turning on the sink. “Be out in a minute.”
    She sprinted downstairs and grabbed her bag. “It was great meeting you two, I’ll see you again, okay?” she hurried, trying to exit the house as soon as possible.

    “Leaving so soon?” Asked Mr. Highfordge.

    “Yes ma'am, I think the rabbit disagrees with my stomach. I completely forgot that I’m allergic! Gotta run!”

    And with that, she was out the door.

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