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    Entertaining the kids (Job)

    Zagar Nyx
    Zagar Nyx

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    Entertaining the kids (Job) Empty Entertaining the kids (Job)

    Post by Zagar Nyx 20th August 2020, 2:34 pm


    Zagar had been appalled when he had read the wanted on the job add. Kind of monster demanded more money to help sick kids feel good and laugh? He immediately claimed the job for himself and stepped through his spatial gate and to the hospital. After showing his insignia to the Nurse and the wanted ad, he went over his little routine to help the kids feel better and some were accepted while others were rejected out of being too exciting. Finally with his act accepted he decided to enter with a bang. He opened a gate between the office and the room and stepped through and to the surprise of the kids, out of a white gate he had created.

    The well dressed man cleared his throat as all eyes rested on him, he bowed, whipping the top hat off his head. "Ladies and gents, I am the magnificent Zyx and I am here for your entertainment." He ended his introduction with a eruption of two doves who flew out of his hands, around the room, and through the floating gate which closed. He smiled at the gasps and giggles of the kids who had watch the doves. Zagar got their attention with a deck of cards which he began shuffling in one hand, weaving the cards in and out and flicking them high into the air to catch them back in the deck. A rotation of his wrist and the deck vanished to be replaced with a coin. He could tell he had their attention as all eyes were glued to the coin.

    He flicked the coin and it raised into the air and vanished, with a flick of his left wrist the coin reappeared in his hand to the applause of the kids. "Okay kids, time to see how sharp your eyes are, ready?" With a nod from the kids, he flicked the coin high into the air, on the way down his arms moved, his hands flashing beside each other and the coin vanishing. He held out two fists and watched the kids. "Okay kiddos, which hand?" The kids talked before they all agreed on the right hand. His hand opened showing the coin. "Nice eyes, let's try again." He flicked the coin again, it went the same height and came down, this time his hands moved faster, snatching the coin out of the air and held out his fists.

    This time the kids took a little longer before deciding on the right hand again. He opened his hand showing the coin much to the applause of the kids in the room. "One more time?" He asked to the loud response of yes. Zagar decided to give them a real show this time and flicked the coin high into the air, as it came down, Zagar's arms blurred as he moved them through the air several times, the glint of the coin vanishing, reappearing, and vanishing again. He stopped and showed his fists to the wide eyed kids. This time the voices raised as they argued back and forth and finally landed on the left hand. Zagar winked and opened his hand revealing it was empty as was his right hand. Holding up a finger, he pointed to a boy in the bed next to him who was hiding a big grin. He opened his hand showing the coin.

    Act finished he bowed to the applause of the kid and opened a gate, stepping through and back to his guild.

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