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    entertaining  Empty entertaining

    Post by Saria 30th January 2016, 12:26 pm

    job details:

    Saria was excited to finally be on her first job. She decided to take this one because it seemed to be easy and not as dangerous as the other ones. Before going to the hospital she deliberated on how she should go about entertaining the kids. "Maybe I could summon my bear and have him juggle!" She said with a happy expression on her face. "Yeah, I'll do that." She started packing a bag full of plastic balls for him to juggle.

    After deciding on what to do for her job, she left the guildhall and headed toward Magnolia. The trip there took longer than she thought. "That trip was exhausting." She said gasping. "Maybe I shouldn't have walked all the way here." She thought to herself." She started walking toward the hospital. And on the way there, she encountered a strange looking man headed to the hospital, just as her.

    She assumed that he was headed there for the job just like her, but then she thought of the possibility that he was just going to visit someone. When she finally got to the hospital, she saw the man go into one of the rooms and said hello to the woman in it. She thought to herself,"Yes! It appears that I'm the only one who wanted to take the job!"

    She went around and ask one of the hospital workers if they had seen a nurse named Gladys. One nurse told her that she could find Gladys on the third floor with the children. She walked up the stairs and finally reached the third floor. She quickly caught sight of Gladys, as she was the only nurse nearby that matched the description. She walked up to Gladys and said, "Excuse me? But would you happen to be the nurse that requested a job to be done?" She said. Gladys responded with a nod, and then said, "Are you looking to do it for me?"

    Saria nodded, and then said "Where are the children?" The nurse pointed toward the room a few doors down from where they already were, and then said "Thank you for coming on such short notice, but are you sure your experienced enough with your magic for this?" She said looking disappointed. Saria responded with a "yeah".

    The nurse asked Saria to show her what she planned to show the children. Saria agreed, but then she thought to herself "Wait, do I have to teach him how to juggle? Oh no, I hope not. If so I'll have to come up with something else quickly. But first I have to make sure if I need to." She proceeded to sing the song of the bear. She sang, "Fur as brown as dirt, eyes as black as night, tail as short as grass, prowling yes you are, I summon you grizzly bear, come to my aiiiiiiiiiiiddddddd."

    After finishing the song, the bear appeared before Saria and the Nurse. The nurse applauded at the bear being summoned. Sensing that they were claps to make a fool out of her, Saria took the balls out and made the bear juggle them. First making him juggle one ball, then two, then three. The nurse applauded again, this time seeming sincere.

    Saria asked if that would be enough to entertain the. But, sadly, the nurse said that Saria would need more than that, as that act is only a few seconds long. The nurse suggested that Saria have the bear ride a unicycle. Saria agreed. She asked the nurse where she could find a unicycle. The nurse said at the stall selling all kinds of entertaining things. Saria headed toward the stall and noticed that it was packed! The line had about 30 people in it! She hoped that the line moved quickly and she get what she needed quickly. she got in line, what she was hoping for, didn't happen. The first person was getting what he wanted for a long time.

    She started brainstorming. She thought that there must be a way for this line to move quicker. She thought to herself, " Maybe if I tried to sneak my way to the front of line? No one would notice. Maybe being small is a good thing, but, that would be awful. That's cheating. I'll surely find a better way to get this over with. Maybe I could kindly ask the person in front of me to kindly buy me a unicycle, after I show him the money of course."

    She got out of line and proceeded to the man in the front of the line. Once she reached the man in the front of the line, she showed him her money and then said, "would you be kind enough to buy my unicycle for me? I need it to entertain the children at the hospital." The man looked at her and said, "why do you need a unicycle to entertain them? Are you some kind of wizard?" Saria said, "Indeed I am. I plan to summon my grizzly bear and have him juggle while riding a unicycle for the children."

    "Show me your little trick, and then I'll buy it for you." The man said. "very well", Saria responded with. She began to sing the song,"Fur as brown as dirt, eyes as black as night, tail as short as grass, prowling yes you are, I summon you grizzly bear, come to my aiiiiiiiiiiiddddddd." The bear appeared before Saria, the man, and the people in line for the stall. Everyone shouted in awe. She threw one ball at the bear and made him juggle it, then she added the second one, and then the third. The bear juggled all three balls and the people applauded.

    "Nice trick." The man said, looking very impressed. "It gets better, I just need the unicycle." She said. The man took Saria money and asked for one unicycle and paid the vendor. "Thank you very much!" Saria said, a bit excited. "I should be the one thanking you, my son is in that hospital, he says that it gets boring sometimes, but the wizards come and make it fun. I was on my up there to try and help just in case none of the wizards wanted to be bothered by this quest, but I see that I don't need to." The man said, sounding pleased.

    Saria looked at the man in awe. "You're amazing! It seems that you were the only person interested in going to entertain the children. Originally my intentions weren't to entertain the children, I was doing this for the experience, I just wanted to become a better mage. You did this as a completely selfless act. You wanted the children to be happy! You're an excellent role model. You're one of the things that we admire in Sabertooth!"

    "Thank you." The man said. "Well, I'll be on my way!" Saria said. "wait! Could I come and watch? I would like to see the happy expression on the kids' faces!" Said the man. "No problem." Saria said. Seeming very happy. Saria and the man went toward the hospital, before arriving there, Saria said,"What's your name? I need to remember it. I would like to encounter you again." "Azuma, and you?" The man said. "Saria" She said.

    The man said,"That is a beautiful name. But I do have a question. Aren't you a bit young to be venturing out on your own? You don't look like your a day over 11." The man said curiously. Saria got angry. She shouted,"I happen to be 18 years old, I'm not a child, I'm a teenager, I'm old enough to be on my own!" Because he was such a nice man, Saria didn't throw anything at him.

    "I apologize. You just look so young." The man said. "Well I'm not that young. I can handle myself." Saria said. "I believe you." The man said. "Do you have any other tricks that you'll show the children? I don't think just one would be enough." The man said. "Well, I never really thought about that. I thought one would be enough. I thought that this would be a fairly easy job. This must be an excellent hospital, the children must usually be entertained for a while, considering I need to do more than one trick." Saria said. She began to think to herself, blocking out anything the man could have possibly said. "Maybe I could summon the spikes and have them clash into each other to make something pretty. To do that, I would need a soft surface. Maybe I could get a bed of flowers. Shah! That's what I'll do!" Saria thought.

    Saria started to run toward the flower shop she passed on the way to the hospital. She shouted to the man "Go on to the hospital, I'll be there in a little while, ask for a nurse named Gladys and tell her that I'll be there shortly, I have to do something before I go back!" The man shouted back "Okay!" Saira ran past a variety of stores, gun stores, magic stores, card stores, clothing stores, but mostly clothing stores, they distracted her the most. She finally reached the flowers store and bought some cherry blossoms.

    She ran back to the hospital passing the same stores she recently saw. The sun was almost getting ready to set so she had to hurry back. On the way there she seemed to be extremely clumsy, tripping over pebbles, and sometimes, people. After falling a countless number of times, she finally went back to the hospital. It seemed to be more full than when she went there the first time. A lot of the new faces looked like parents of the children that she was supposed to entertain. She couldn't remember where the children were so she asked the nurse and headed up to the third floor.

    Upon reaching the third floor, she saw a countless number of people. And the hall seemed to be more decorated than before. There were streamers and signs and balloons and flowers. Azuma and Gladys approached her and said," We decided to help you a bit. We decorated this floor and asked some of the parents of the children to come and show support!" Thanks a lot, I'm sure the kids will love it!" Nakigame said.

    "I'm sorry for seeming a bit ungrateful before, I just wanted to make sure that you would actually take the time to make sure that your act would be entertaining for the children. And you seem to have done just that. And I thank you. You're a very kind young lady." Saria went into the room with the children and sang her bear song, she had the bear juggle and then ride the unicycle and then do both at the same time. The children applauded this. Then she spread the flowers she bought on the floor and made spikes out of them, then she had them slam into each other to make beautiful sprinkles of flowers. The children looked amazed at this. One child walked up to her and said,"Thank you for the excellent show!" The rest of the children followed with a "Thank you" Saria responded with," Your so very welcome." When she was finished, the nurse and Azuma thanked her again. And Gladys gave her her reward. After that Nakigame returned to the Sabertooth guild hall.

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