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    Aphelia, the Secret Neko Maid! (Seika)


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    Aphelia, the Secret Neko Maid! (Seika) Empty Aphelia, the Secret Neko Maid! (Seika)

    Post by Ran 23rd June 2020, 10:07 am

    On the agenda for today was a very special journey to a hidden location. Even though it was mostly concealed from the majority of the world, Seika had discovered a secret place in Fiore where people were a little bit different. They had cat ears, and cat tails, that were supposedly non magical and completely genetic. This had absolutely stunned her! There was a way for her to become a cat without magic! (At least, that was her interpretation of this newly found fact.) Another giant exciting thing about the settlement was how a few of the citizens seemed to resemble one of Aphelia's human forms. For that reason, Seika had become convinced that Aphelia was somehow related to these neko people. It wasn't a long shot! After all, Aphelia was a bubble flame spirit, but her family was descended from actual animals that had been imbued with the power of magic. So, Seika had decided that today was the perfect day to visit the village and figure out exactly if it was detectable that Aphelia had a true final form of a neko. The feline herself was nowhere in sight, but Seika could sense her in the area. For these reasons, she pulled herself out of bed and began to get dressed. Today, since they would be going to a new location and meeting new people (who had cat ears and tails!) she wanted to look the part. Even though it felt a little bit silly, she pulled on a fake cat tail and cat ears underneath some of her most casual clothes. A pink pleated skirt, with white floral print on top and a gingham white and pink collared t shirt worked very well. Also, leaving behind her normal pink sweater, Seika chose to wear her yellow sweater, which was a little bit less thick and had more of a shape. Instead of being like wearing a baggy blanket, it was more of an actual cardigan. Now with all of her outfit put together, Seika dashed out the door, not forgetting to grab her glasses off the nightstand.

    Still half shoving them onto her face, the girl made her way downstairs, where she saw Aphelia sitting on a table alongside some of their guild mates. Without saying another word, she bounded over to them and snatched up the cat, ignoring the yowl of protest that came out of her jaws. "Aphi! Today we are going to go on a mission! So let's gooo!" Half skipping, half making a mad dash for the door before the feline could get any ideas about teleporting herself away, Seika jumped through the first portal she saw, squeezing her eyes shut and picturing the place where she wanted to go. Luckily, they landed right in front of the village. It was up high in a mountain, or at least, that was what Seika assumed with how thin the air felt. She tried not to hyperventilate, but the sudden change in air quality from the damp air of Sin to the high and dry atmosphere here was odd and hard on her body. Ignoring it, she put down Aphelia and gave the cat a lovely smile. "Aphi! So, we're going to meet some neko people today! I heard they're really friendly to visitors, um, but their town is really far away, you know. We're up here and all. Ooh, look!" She pointed behind the cat at some trees. Even though it wasn't particularly a remarkable sight, just a forest, from up here, the view was absolutely breathtaking. One could see everything for miles. Aphelia seemed to be marginally impressed, but her expression was still absolutely dreadful. She glared at Seika, unwilling to leave her side and simply teleport away without


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