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    No One Gets a Free Pass

    Iroha Ikegami
    Iroha Ikegami

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    No One Gets a Free Pass Empty No One Gets a Free Pass

    Post by Iroha Ikegami 12th May 2020, 5:50 am

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    Everyone was clamoring for a passport. The gates to different countries had been opened and with it, tourism was booming. Now there were opportunities overseas as well as within Fiore itself. The docks were crowded with people and they couldn’t wait, couldn’t line up fast enough to get something they would probably never even use. Pictures were being taken and processed on the spot, identifications issued. It was even possible to get your passport digitally connected to your iLac for those that were lucky enough to have one.

    Strictly speaking Akemi Kageyama already had an ambassadors pass to many of the more peaceful countries, but being seen using that would make her entirely to noticeable. Different names and different faces would make traveling for business much easier, but it would also require having to trick whatever tracking system the government was using in order to verify the passports. Of course any time any official document was issued, there would be people trying to forge fakes and use them for illicit deeds.

    People like her.

    So, as the populace gathered around the docks, she slid away from the group into an alleyway just down the way. She had to pay for this, of course, but this was a quid pro quo job, and she’d done her part by acquiring some piece of data from a doctor’s computer. Acquiring it had been a lengthier process than she had expected, but she’d done her side of the deal well enough. It dangled from a bracelet on her wrist like a keychain, daring someone to try to snatch it. Like an anglerfish baiting prey, she hadn’t had the opportunity to test herself recently, and if someone decided to mess with her, it would be interesting to see what she could get away with before anyone noticed.

    Unfortunately that didn’t happen this time, she merely waited in the alley, resting her back against the wall with her boot pressing on it, until a small boy walked up to her. He must’ve been eight or nine, wearing pauper’s clothes and a small cap that had once had a hole in it, thereafter hastily patched up with mismatched cloth. He was practically a stereotype. She watched him as he approached her. “I’m alone,” She said kindly.

    The little boy’s eyes widened as though this was the first time he had heard a human speak and he ran back down the alley. A moment later, three men came from the same direction, the middle of which was walking with the confident swagger of someone who owned the place. The other two had the appearance and odor of someone who had once been a middle ranked boxer before being asked or forced to throw a fight. They still had considerable muscle, but the one on the left was clearly putting on weight. He would be the slower one, easier to use as a shield, while the other would attempt to punch at her through him.

    She stood up straight and dangled the data in front of him. “What have you got for me? You promised me a lovely surprise.

    Right,” Said the man in the center, “Well we’ve got this scrambler.” He pulled forth a small box that looked like it contained a ring within. Akemi opened it, revealing what looked like… a small dot. “It’ll match the glamour you use to alter your appearance and generate a new name based on your physical appearance. You look like a guy one day, maybe your name’s Harold.”  

    Or Ernie.” Akemi offered. She applied the dot to the interior of her iLac and pressed a few buttons to activate it. Sure enough, it looked exactly like the appearance she had taken on, giving her the name of Reina Salzen. She nodded in appreciation.

    Eh… sure,” The boss said, clearly missing the inside joke, “Whatever you like. You can be whoever you want. Do you have your side of the deal?

    She slipped the bracelet off and handed it to him, “The entire folder is in there along with some supplementary material. Names, addresses, settlement amounts. Even some pictures of his nurses that I wasn’t expecting to find. It’s all there.

    Good. That’s good.” The boss said with a smirk of satisfaction. Akemi was already turning to walk away. His smile dropped and he half reached after her.  “Don’t you wanna know what I’m planning on using it for?” A villain with no one to tell about his master plan was hardly a villain at all.

    She waved her hand dismissively, “Nope.
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