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    Talk It Out Or...? [D-Rank Mission]


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    Talk It Out Or...? [D-Rank Mission] Empty Talk It Out Or...? [D-Rank Mission]

    Post by Addre 15th March 2020, 12:16 pm

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    This was… intense. There was a suicide bomber threatening to erase an entire office building with his bomb lacrima vest. It was on an emergency by the Rune Knights, and JJ got a call from his iLac that he was among those wizards who were nearby the area in Crocus at the moment as he was on his way back to Amber Island. The reason that he was called up was because that the Rune Knights needed a third-party negotiator to talk sense into a man who had threatened to blow up his workplace after getting fired. It was definitely a matter about civilians’ lives on the line, so JJ was quick to arrive at the location of the threat.

    And there he was, the man who walked around with a remote in his hand and with a thick build under his shirt. JJ could spot him out of the window, and after showing the Rune Knights present his identity as a wizard - and as a member of Dies Irae - he was quickly sent in to work as a third-party negotiator who was going to talk the suicidal man out of his intention to blow away all his previous co-workers.

    JJ had to be careful and consider his words when talking with a man with a remote ready to blow himself up. Those types of people had nothing to lose, in the end… other than their lives.

    He started by not showing himself to the man, but instead hiding next to the door that led to the office room where the man and other co-workers as well as the boss were located. “… E-Excuse me-“ JJ spoke up, only to have a flurry of shouts thrown back at him from the suicidal man: “D-D-DON’T YOU- I WILL BLOW THEM UP NOW!”

    “You’re better than them. You shouldn’t throw your lives away because of them…”

    “And what do you know?! Show yourself, you bastard…!!!”

    He was definitely not up for debate. JJ slowly walked out to the room and revealed himself to the confused maniac. His eyes widened upon seeing the tall man with a white jacket and cap. “… You don’t look like a Rune Knight… go away. Get out of here, now, or I’ll blow myself up and take you with me!”

    “… Okay, but first, let me just take my money from the Boss’ safe,” JJ suddenly spoke up as he pointed towards the Boss’ office. The man with the bomb vest on him looked the same way, and before he knew it, the remote on his hand was taken by JJ. In a flash, he lost his threat… and upon realizing that, he began crying. It was dealt with quickly, but JJ felt… bad about the man in front of him, kneeling down and sobbing into his thighs.

    The vest was taken off of him by the Rune Knight, and just as the suicidal man was being taken away on carriage, he noticed that there was a note stuck to his hand. He took the note and opened it, and his eyes widened a little…


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