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    Òrd Empty Òrd

    Post by Cordelia Beaumont 14th March 2020, 8:32 pm

    Òrd Zn0FU27J_o

       Name: Òrd
       Rank: Mythical Weapon
       Type: Hammer
       Proof of purchase: Purchase
       Description: An ancient weapon crafted by the gods, Òrd is a single-handed, double-headed hammer with a leather-wrapped handle and a leather wrist strap. It was forged out of a unique metal whose ore can only be found in the realm of the gods. Infused with lightning from a great and violent thunderstorm that was raging during its forging, it allows the wielder to blast charges of lightning at their opponents or even to create storms.

    Òrd was originally forged for a god called Odros, master of storms and sky. He used the hammer to channel his power and fight against the wicked demon forces that warred with his brethren eons passed. Though there are no written accounts of what happened, legend says that Odros was eventually struck down by a powerful and cunning demon king. Unable to wield the holy weapon himself, the demon buried it with Odros' corpse beneath a mountain of molten lava. While the god's body was destroyed, Òrd survived, waiting for the day it would be dug up and discovered by someone worthy of wielding its powers.

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