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    War on Asgard

    Vandrad Ragnos
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    War on Asgard Empty War on Asgard

    Post by Vandrad Ragnos 13th March 2020, 8:54 pm


    There’s no fair or unfair in battle.
    ( There is only victory or in your case, defeat. )
    War on Asgard RJtajUnz_o

    Finally. A job that looked like a challenge.

    He’d been in a bit of a rut when it came to jobs that were providing a means of pushing himself. Ever since Desierto, he had ascended his power to a new plane and his strength was far beyond what it had been before. A new transformation had overtaken him in his rage and it still unfortunately took great amount of anger to trigger it again. There were a few times that he used memories to try and spark it; missions gone bad when he was in the military and the times he’d worked with Mercury. Unfortunately the missions were all catalogued in the back of his mind and didn’t have the same spark as before. And his times with Mercury seemed less and less aggravating the more he focused on them. That, in and of itself, was strange and so he had chosen to forgo thinking about her at all. Safer that way – he didn’t want to wander down any rabbit holes in his psyche more than he already had.

    So instead he found himself just trying to make himself angry. It worked once or twice but it never lasted. He managed to get his hair to change color but that was about it. After a time, he simply gave up and returned to his regular training. The transformation would come at some point; he just needed to get his mind off of it and stop focusing so hard. Luckily for him, it seemed his luck was turning for the better. As he came down after breakfast and checked the mission board, he found one of a very interesting nature. It looked completely different from the other postings; its edges were frilled and slightly torn, as if it had been abused in transit. The lettering also seemed to glow with some kind of magical effect.

    That was intriguing enough but as he pulled the poster down and began to read, his interest piqued. It began with the tale of Michazuchi, a famous warrior-mage from the history books. Dubbed ‘Thundergod’, his power was revered and feared across all of Earthland. But primarily, most of the legends focused on his weapon called Daishi. No one knew much about it but rumors spread that it appealed itself to its wielder and granted them power beyond their comprehension. Unfortunately the weapon was lost when the legendary man died, his grave lost to time. He’d read the tales as a child – one of the many fairy tales that passed by his adolescent mind with promises of adventure and excitement.

    But that’s what it had been; a fable. But now this mysterious client was claiming a wizard had been passing through the Silent Graveyard and may have stumbled across the grave itself. He lacked the courage to venture any further than the entryway, but the word had spread enough that now it had caught this client’s attention. He wanted someone to go and fetch it and bring it back for him to take. It was an interesting offer, but it provided an alternative as well. If he were to liberate the weapon himself, it could provide just the boost of power that he needed. Of course, that provided a problem in terms of breaking the contract with the client but he would have to figure that out later. The promise of power was far more alluring at the moment; that and the possibility of facing whatever dangers lay in the Cursed Lands. He’d heard stories of the horrors that walked through the forests and over the dire, deathly lands.

    The only catch was that he’d be partnered with someone else. It was almost too much of a catch until his eyes scrolled down and found that Sabertooth was providing the partner. So not Silver Wolf then. He felt relief… and a tad bit of disappointment. He shook the feeling off and signed himself for it, agreeing to the terms. Now it was just a matter of getting to the Cursed Lands and meeting up with his newest partner.

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